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Rick Starr

The Splash: Rick’s Picks on Bound 4 Glory 2012

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Welcome back one and all splashers to another edition of the Blog Splash! For those who have watched the B4G series over the past couple of years, it is the most exciting tournaments in pro wrestling today. As TNA fans know, Bound 4 Glory is finally approaching this Sunday. I try not to “predict” PPV’s in general. However in this case, I think TNA has made some of their outcomes pretty predictable on their own.

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow
We have been seeing this match been developing for several weeks. It’s no surprise that Joey Ryan got a TNA Contract, never mind, a match with Al Snow. My guess is Ryan has been up in Ohio Valley working on his development skills over the past few weeks, to ready himself for this big match.

While Al Snow is a legend in the business, I’m guessing they will give this match to Joey Ryan, for the obvious reasons.
Rick’s Pick: Joey Ryan

Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher (champion)
These two former tag champions have locked up for the Knockouts Title before, and Miss Tessmacher successfully defended it last month. While Tara is now heel, and has defeated Tessmacher in a non-title match on Impact. I’m still not sold that a title will change hands; Tessmacher has only had her title just less than 2 months. I could be wrong, but I’m going with the champ retaining her title on this one.
Rick’s Pick: Miss Tessmacher (Still Knockouts Champion)

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (champion)
This belt, never mind its recent name (The Television Title) have always had a problem establishing legitimacy. Devon was Television Champion for several months, until his contract with TNA ran out on August 28th. This left the title vacant, and after a great tournament, we had a new champion: Samoa Joe.

While I would like to see The TV Title jump from person to person, to build some legitimacy, Samoa Joe has only had the title himself less than 3 weeks. Also Samoa Joe has had a rough year, pushing other superstars up the ladder. He most certainly deserves to have a title around his waist a bit longer.
Rick’s Pick: Samoa Joe (Still Television Champion)

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm W/Special Enforcer: King Mo
I have yet to see the real purpose of “King Mo” being in TNA. From what I gathered, the Bellator Fighter is mostly with TNA, to cross-promoting the two companies. In short TNA is trying to do with King Mo they could not do with Bobby Lashley, when he was with Strike force. I think at the end of the day, if Mo will have to choose between the two, he will pick Bellator over TNA. Right now for the moment, he doesn’t have to…

As far as to who will win the match between Roode and Storm? It’s a crap shoot there. This is Roode’s first PPV Match back, and he could certainly use a win to get him back in the game. On the flip side, James Storm was also on top of the B4G series, but just fell short thanks to Roode. Losing to Roode, would be the preverbal slap in the face. Either way, I’m expecting this match to be a great one!
Rick’s Pick: Rick Tosses a Coin

Styles & Angle vs. Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Daniels & Kazarian (champions)
With Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money Inc, and several other tag teams broken up, TNA’s Tag-Team Division had gone to hell. TNA has slowly started to build the division back up early this year, but they still have some work ahead of them.

This triple-threat tag match is a bit tough to call, but I’ll take my stab at it. I don’t see Daniels and Kazarian holding on to the titles. While Styles and Angle have held the titles on more than one occasion, I think they are just in this match just to make things interesting. This leads us to Guerrero and Hernandez. I have always been a fan of Hernandez throughout his career; however I’m not entirely big on Guerrero. While Guerrero has never impressed me in the WWE, he has yet to impress me during his little time in TNA. Regardless of how I feel about Guerrero, I am going with him and Hernandez.
Rick’s Pick: Guerrero & Hernandez New tag Champs

Aces & Eights vs. Sting & Bully Ray
While this is not the main event, this is clearly one of the biggest matches on the card. The Aces & Eights story should culminate This Sunday at the PPV. Who will the leader be? I was betting it would be Matt Morgan, since he is back with the company. But it appears they have different plans for him. So I’m at a loss at who he could be.

Of course several people are suspecting someone on the TNA Roster helping the Aces & Eights. Needless to say it’s come down to Sting and Bully Rey. I am going with the obvious pick, Bully Rey. However some of my friends still think that Sting is the turncoat. Regardless of who is the turncoat, I’m expecting a couple things: First I’m hoping that the leader of the Aces & Eights is finally revealed, and secondly I’m expecting the Aces to win this match.
Rick’s Pick: Aces & Eights

"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries (champion)
This is another tough match to call. A lot of people thought Hardy’s title matches were far behind him, when he hit rock bottom at Victory Road 2011. Yet he got his title shot by winning the B4G Series and became the #1 Contender. I have also been a huge fan of current TNA Champion: Austin Aries. He earned my respect, when he was in the X-Division. Then when he became the World Champ, I saw him go to a whole new level. But since this Aces & Eights story-line started, Aries have sort of fizzled out a bit. Maybe TNA is pushing the group instead of its champion, or it could just be that Aries is just getting a bit dry. Only time will tell.

So who do I think will win this one? As much as I would like to say Hardy, I don’t think he’s deserved it just yet. There are other guys that deserve a title reign, so I’m guessing they will keep the title on Aries a bit longer. Also If Aries does in fact win; It will help solidify him as a big time wrestler.
Rick’s Pick: Austin Aries (Still World Champion)

That’s it for this edition, as always feel free to post your thoughts and comments. I will do my best to respond to all of them. Until next time..See you when I see you -Rick Starr

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  1. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    Hopefully Hardy suffers a serious injury during this match and we never have to see him on a wrestling program again. Would be funny if he pulled a Victory Road again, but seeing as how the people that run TNA are fucking morons they'd probably just push him even harder.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog n my predictions will be almost same...except that I'll toss the coin even for their main event...

    Then I'm not so happy with TNA on TV Championship thing...instead of crowning Joe on an impact episode, they might have waited till BFG where Joe/Magnus are the finalists...then, it would have been better in terms of guessing who will I'm thinking Joe will win as obvious thing..f they do stupid thing n Magnus wins, the entire Joe's domination in BFG series will be meaningless...
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with them all except for 3: Jeff wins; Kaz + Daniels wins; James Storm wins!

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