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WWE Main Event on Ion Telvison Review 10/10/12

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The shows starts the same as last weeks permerie with the Miz and Micheal Cole standing in the ring welcoming you to WWE Main Event on Ion Television. Right away the Miz and Cole get to the matter at hand the main event Randy Orton vs The Big Show. We get another great video package highlighting Big Shows career followed by a per match interview from the Big Show. Next is a video highlighting Randy Orton career followed by his per match comments.

Randy Orton vs The Big Show

Orton enters the arena first he looks ready to go Que commercial break, return from commercial and we see Orton waiting on Show to enter the arena is music hits and as he is making his way to the ring Cole and Miz talk about there match a few weeks ago on Friday night Smackdown. Que the bell and this match is off to a great back and forward start Show pins Orton in the comer and sets him up for his slap. Orton reverse try to chop the bug man down then show goes for a reverse and gets a body slam in Orton gets mo-mention again and try to get on top in the match. Orton slides to the outside and try to walk away Show stops him and goes for a chest slap he hits it. Outta nowhere Orton counters and pushes Show into the ring post which Show hits pretty hard queue second commercial break. We return from commercial and Big show takes control and hits a head but which takes Orton down. Show takes a breather and then stands on Orton chest. Show allow Orton to get up then knocks him right back down. Orton gets momentum going it dose not last long the Show caught Orton in a Ber hug. Orton gets Show down to one knee trying to escape Show hits with a elbow to the rips. Orton now is headbutting Show trying to escape and dose throws Show into the ropes, Shows own momentum sends him sailing over the ropes queue third commercial break and we are back from commercial Orton throws Show back into the ring and begins to chop down the big man Show counters try for a pin only a two and chops Orton in the rips again Shows in control now and stands on Orton chest again. Orton try to counter shows catches it and works on the rips again Orton is getting offense now hits the ropes Show counters with a sidewalk slam now Show is clawing at Orton rips. Orton is slowly working his way up to his feet now hitting elbows but again show counters and throws Orton in the comers and runs into him Orton counters with a dropkick then try for a pin Show kicks out and drags Orton to the comer post to work on his legs Counter show a count now begins Orton decides not to waist time throw show back into the ring and hits a third rope DDT. Orton goes for a pin no god the crowd is chanting RKO and Orton set up for it and hits it. Either by instinct or Momentum Shows goes outside the ring now Orton is setting up for the rko again but show counters with pushing him into the ring apron. Show drops a elbow on the rips then goes into a submission. Again works on the rips with three elbows and apply s his submission again. Orton is trying to work outta of it and gets out but show hits a choke-slam 1, 2, 3 its over Show wins.

Matt Striker is in the ring for post match thoughts from the Big Show. Show basically say at "Hell In The Cell I will become the words largest champion."

Overall match thoughts 4 outta 5 stars

Return from Commercial Break
Matt Striker is in the back with Sheamus Matt ask for his thoughts for hell in the cell and says "Its gonna be a fun night fella and I plan to leave Hell In A Cell with my World Title".

We are back in the Arena now and Kofi Kingston make his way to the ring for a one on one match????

Kofi Kingston vs Michael McGillicutty

We return from the commercial break and the match is already started so far its been back and forward Kingston throws McGillicutty into the corner and then sets up for the boom drop hits it attempts then to go for trouble in paradise but misses and hits the SOS for the win.

I give this a two outta 5 stars it was a wtf match

Miz and Kofi Kingston Promo

Miz asks how the match was Kofi says Fun. Miz says fun fun this is a wrestling ring not a vacation. I am a wrestlemania Legend and talks about Monday attack. Kofi Kingston says you think I can not compete at your level maybe there is a dagger hiding behind this smile. He then says that he wants a match next week on WWE Main Event for the intercontinental Championship Miz accepts and Kofi says sounds like fin.. Miz try to cheap shot Kofi, catches it and hits the trouble in paradise.

Overall thoughts great show tonight can not wait for next weeks show to see what happens. Hope you guys enjoy my review of the show tonight.

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  1. dub's Avatar
    Another good Main Event. I find myself looking forward to this show every Wednesday now along with NXT I really like the format of the show. They give really good in depth looks of the wrestlers main eventing (The Orton/Show video package was just as cool as the Punk/Sheamus) Miz and cole do a great job hosting and for the most part we've seen some top tier matches thus far (Punk vs Sheamus was CRAZY). Although the ending to the Show/Orton match was kinda weird (I really think it was a botched) It was still a good match overall. I kinda didn't get the Kofi/Mcgilicutty match either. I thought the WWE would let Mcgillicutty get more offense??? But oh well, I guess it was pretty much a filler to add to the Kofi/Miz US title match and I can't wait!
  2. King MC's Avatar
    The only part of the show I didn't care for was the interaction between The Miz and Michael Cole. For the past few years Michael Cole has been singing The Miz's praises. That's been his dude. Now, he's playing the part of a "face" commentator, and that's fine. However, shouldn't he still like the Miz? The Miz never did anything to him, so why is Cole insulting him now? I think Cole would work better as a neutral commentator. That way he can like who he likes regardless of if they're a a heel or face.
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    The show had way too many commercials, and too few matches. Saturday Night's Main Event was 10 times better than this weekly crap!
  4. awesomeone22's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment guys. and there are more commercials because Ion lives off of that its not a powerhouse like NBC is
  5. Vondraco's Avatar
    OK ... not to be picky, but I'm gonna be picky. Overall, good writing. A bit of a wall of text on the Orton/Show match, maybe try to break that up a bit. And please, please, PLEASE ... "que" isn't a word. "Queue" is, or "cue" is; I think you meant the latter. Several other typos but you'll get better. If you're using a standard keyboard, the apostrophe is just next to the ENTER key.

    Again, good writing overall and I appreciate the effort. Well done.

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