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Biggest moments in the history of TNA Bound For Glory!!

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A ppv that stands out in everyones mind among all others: Bound For Glory. No TNA ppv compares to it. Bound For Glory is TNA's Wrestlemania ppv event. The ppv began in October of 2005. Best ppv overall when you talk about up and down card: I'd probably say 2007 had the best. In any case, to provide hype to Bound For Glory of this years, decided to create a biggest moments list. This is my opinion, may be a bit biased towards what wrestlers I respect, personal favs, impact of the moment, and if I liked the moment personally. Biggest moments in the history of TNA Bound for Glory:

Honorable mention: Sting regains power of TNA BFG 11; Dream match booked: Abyss vs Mick Foley BFG 09;Velvet Sky wins her 1st KOs title BFG 11

10."There" here BFG 10-The impact mainly helped it get on this list. Not for the heel turn of Hardy along with that shock factor. It wouldn't have been on this list at all. Hated "There" who the members were. A bunch of guys who couldn't wrestle, past their prime, and so forth. Not a fan of Jarrett's which is well documented. Hogan can't go and the respect I had for him before he came to TNA has been getting thinner. Same as Bischoff. Ended in a disaster with Garrett's fued with Legacy, Victory Road debacle, but it was a huge moment none the less.
9.MEM is formed BFG 08-1 of the best storylines TNA has ever had in my opinion was MEM vs Frontline. It has potential to be the best storyline, but it didn't end the way it should have if you ask me. Joe joining MEM was stupid. However, it was a huge moment because Joe was the main man in the company. He was the young gun who didn't respect the vets including Sting. This was a match where you really didn't know who the victor would be. Sting won thanks to Nash. For it being one of the best storylines in the companys history helped it make this list mainly.
8.Jeff Hardy's swanton bomb BFG 05-Jeff has had a reputation in his career for putting his body on the line to not only steal the show, but give us fans our moneys worth. He put his body on the line every night. He has had big moments at Wrestlemania along with several others with his swanton. This one reminds me of Jeff's swanton to Bubba Ray through the table at WM2000 only Abyss instead. A swanton I think about when Bound For Glory season arrives.
7.Team 3D puts Abyss through a flaming table BFG 08-Another moment similar to Jeff Hardys swanton. A moment, I think about when Bound For Glory season arrives. Team 3D showed no remorse putting Abyss through a flaming table. Brings you back to the days of ECW. Another reason why Abyss has been constantly compared to Mick Foley who also has been put through tables, set on fire, and so forth.
6.Gail Kim 1st Knockouts champion BFG 07-You only have 1 first in this business. Whether it be first undisputed champion, 1st TNA champion, and so on. Gail Kim was the perfect first Knockouts champion because of her history in WWE and being a great wrestler. Gail Kim was with TNA for several years before they had this gauntlet match featuring I believe 10 different knockouts. It was new, fresh, and great for TNA at the time. Knockouts most of the time got the best ratings of the TNAs show. That is how good the knockouts division was at the time.
5.Rhino's 3 stages of hell BFG 05-For those who don't know, it was scheduled to be Nash vs Jarrett as the main event of the 1st ever Bound For Glory. Nash couldn't compete so Rhino among other wrestlers wrestled more than one match. Actually, did the match they were scheduled along with the #1 contenders battle royal which of course Rhino won. Rhino also defeated Jarrett to become the NWA world champion. Some believe 2005's BFG is the best ever, but I'm not a big fan of Rhino's which is why it isn't my fav BFG.
4.AJ Styles vs Daniels Iron Man match BFG 05-I've been very hard on Daniels recently mainly because he only faces AJ Styles. It is annoying to me along with being disappointing knowing my 2 fav wrestlers will be involved in a 3 way tag match for the tag titles rather than be in the main event. It is a waste of talent, but in any case, I can't deny AJ vs Daniels in 2005 was the rivalry. What them 2 and Joe did with the X-Division hasn't been seen again nor do I think we will. Same goes for what Hardyz, E+C, and Dudleyz in the tag division. Daniels and AJ put on a show night after night even main evented ppvs. Had the best match in the history of the ppv and both were involved in my opinion the best match in the history of TNA. Can't do anything, but shout out respect from what they did in 2005.
3.Sting crowned NWA world champion BFG 06-2006 always seems to me like the first Bound For Glory because I didn't see Rhino as a main event talent. You know my views of Jarrett, but with my WCW favorite returning taking the title off of him was classic stuff that I loved. Sting went on to main event the next 4 BFG ppvs, but none topped my #1 moment. However, Sting vs Jarrett rivalry has months of depth to lead to this match where everyone wanted to see Sting not only beat the crap out of Jarrett, but to take that title off of him. Sting did that on TNA's biggest stage. That to me really cemented it as the biggest ppv in TNA.
2.Angle vs Sting BFG 07-Without question, the biggest main event blockbuster match TNA has booked on their biggest show was Angle vs Sting. 2 of the top names in the business who has won world titles in other companies, made money, and so forth never wrestled a match. I wondered like others when Angle vs Sting would happen. It happened just a year after Angle debuted. The ppv was in Atlanta where Angle and Sting had a ton of success at. Angle of course winning his gold medal there while Sting worked for WCW which main office was in Atlanta. Homecoming for both and the biggest main event that TNA could have booked at the time. Something I don't think TNA has done in recent years is book the biggest main event possible for the show. Not a WWE mark claiming WWE does Wrestlemania perfectly because WM25 HHH vs Orton wasn't the match I wanted to see. Taker vs HBK should have been the main event.
1.AJ Styles retires Sting BFG 09-Interesting fact about this is that AJ Styles was the first world champion to retain the world title at TNA's biggest ppv of the year. AJ Styles is an obvious favorite of mine and has been from the beginning. One of the few TNA originals left in the company. To me, this was a passing of the torch type of moment. Sting saying it is your time now as the top guy. Sting suffered his first loss at BFG after main eventing and winning on the biggest stage. Been kind of disappointed and less interested in Sting since he returned. I thought it was time for him to go because he accomplished everything there was too accomplish in TNA. He helped TNA get signed with spike, 2 hours, and so forth. Even more disappointed in Sting when he turned down the oppurtunity to have a dream match everyone wanted to see with the Undertaker. In any case, still my favorite moment in the history of BFG. A passing of the torch type of moment in my eyes.

There you have it. That in my opinion are the biggest moments in the history of TNA's biggest ppv: Bound For Glory!! This is my opinion which I can't express enough. Did I miss any moments that you though should have made the list? Any thoughts on this piece? Leave it in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed this blog and I hope you enjoy TNA's Bound For Glory this Sunday on ppv.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    STyles Vs Daniels Iron Man Match is my fav pick of all...n I also enjoyed Angle n Sting at BFG7
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Forgot to mention this in the blog. Survivor Series best and worst moments will be coming up soon....

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