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The Truth, the Whole truth, and Nothing but the Truth

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My second blog this time is all about the truth.

K-Kwik in the WWF
Ron Killings one of the most underrated African American wrestlers since his time as K-Kwik in the WWF. Ron Killings and Road Dogg before they where the 3 Live Kru in TNA, they were an upcoming that debuted in WWF rapping and performing Getting Ready in there entrance. During his first year in the WWF, Ron Killings was actually an associate of Degeneration X teaming with members of the group on numerous occasions, he would even join the team in a survivor series elimination match at the 2000 Survivor Series event. Though he was eliminated and his team would lose, K-Kwik was getting PPV time in a major storyline. K-Kwik and Road Dogg would even get a shot at the tag team championships at Armageddon but would lose in a four way gauntlet to Edge and Christian. Then January 21 2001 Road Dogg would be suspended just as it seemed K-Kwik and Road Dogg was destined for tag team gold, leading K-Kwik to become a singles competitor. Though K-Kwik would win the hardcore title twice, his career in the WWF began to dwindle eventually he would be released early 2002.

Ron Killings in TNA

The same year in 2002 K-Krush would make his debut in Total Nonstop Action feuding with two NASCAR drivers Hermie Sadler, and Sterling Martin and being inserted into the World title picture almost immediately as he would be in a gauntlet for the gold match but would fail to capture the title. Eventually Killings would cut a promo that to me showed the potential that Killings had in him, in which he would cut a promo claiming he was hold back based off his race. Eventually Killings would get the nickname The Truth and would begin to make claims that he was hold back in the WWE because of the color of his skin, and would even cut a promo with the legendary Ricky Steamboat and would mention that Steamboat never got his world title shot in the WWF, despite the fact he was one of the most over wrestlers in the company. And the reason being was because of the color of the skin, and his argument can be backed up that there has only been one (half) black man to have ever hold the WWE championship,( The Rock) and that Ricky Steamboat was hold back because of his race.(I seriously question how come Ricky Steamboat one of the greatest workers of all time, and a huge draw could never capture the world title. But that's another blog) This would lead to steamboat giving him a shot for the world title . This shot lead Ron Killings to defeat Ken Shamrock for the NWA World Heavyweight title. This would lead to a nice reign for the truth having some really good matches with the likes of Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, and even beating WWE Hall of Famer Curt Hennig.

Watch this promo

After a year in 2003 Ron Killings, Konnan, and former WWF partner BG James would make a group (A group that would be one of the main reasons I watched TNA) called the 3 Live Kru. The 3 Live Kru would be a dominant faction throughout there years in TNA, winning their first title against the Diamonds in the Rough and would compete under the free-bird rule. They would eventually lose the tag titles, and would have multiple failed attempts to regain the tag titles. And soon they would feud with top heel Jeff Jarrett and would face him in single matches Jeff Jarrett would defeat Konnan in a strap match, and BG James in a Trailer park trash match, but could not beat Ron Killings in a "Ghetto Justice Match". This lead Killings to another world title match a fatal 4 way ladder match with Chris Harris, Raven, and AJ Styles in which he would win the NWA title a second time. His reign lasted less than a month until he lost it to Jeff Jarrett in a King of the Mountain Match. The rest of his years in TNA I considered to be somewhat uneventful with his last major moment was him winning the TNA tag team titles with Adam Pacman Jones (I considered a huge waste of Killings ability) and soon he would be released in WWE bound.

R-Truth back in the WWE
Killings would return to WWE under the name R-Truth and would have somewhat of the same gimmick he had when he was last in WWF, as he would still rap walking to the ring. R-Truth would have various Untied States championship shots but would fail multiple times, he would even have debut a character called Pretty Ricky in which he was a comedic character trying to get in different arenas (this didn't last long). R-Truth would get his first title shot in 2010 as part of the Elimination Chamber but was the first eliminated. He would even receive a tag team title shot with John Morrison at Wrestlemania but he would lose that one to. R-Truth would finally receive his first major title in his WWE career winning the United states Championship from the Miz, but once again he would have a short reign as he lost it next month back to the Miz.

Finally 4/18/11 R-Truth would turn heel and in one night he would have the whole wrestling world talking, turning on John Morrison destroying him and blew smoke on his body. This moment would lead to the Truth being one of the top heels in the company, his promos were some of the most memorable in the last 10 years of the company. He would come for weeks come to the ring dressed as a confederate and would have a segment with the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin, and eventually he would finally get the title shot he deserved against John Cena at Capitol Punishment. He would lose this match to John Cena, and would be pushed back to the mid-card. This is where I feel the WWE was wrong as R-Truth in less than 3 months would become the most exciting heels on the whole roster, more so than Alberto Del Rio, and the Miz. Admitally he shoudn't have won at Captiol Puinshment but his feud with Cena should have continued until lets say Money in the Bank in which he would win the WWE Championship. But R-Truth would eventually begin to lose and become somewhat of a joke despite the fact he should be more of a serious character. R-Truth would then team up with the Miz and it would seem R-Truth would be taken more seriously but would then be almost buried by both The Rock and John cena at Survivor Series 2011. R-Truth would soon be turned on by The Miz, and turned face after. R-Truth ever since he has turned face would never reach the same popularity he had when he first turned heel after Wrestlemania. He would soon team with Kofi Kingston and become tag team champions, but honestly the truth is better than that. R-Truth needs to do something as all of his work R-Truth has done really earns him at least one world title reign in the WWE. If not all the stuff about him being held back because he is black in the WWE may be seen as true. And that's the Truth.

Here's some of his top moments.

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  1. edgor95's Avatar
    He was K-Kwik in WWF
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by edgor95
    He was K-Kwik in WWF
    That is what I thought when reading this. I was thinking maybe that was what he was called before his K-kwik
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Yet again, awesome and informative blog. I'm quite impressed with the whole bio perspective and take on how your blog entries are formed. Now the whole fact that you have an endless supply of blog topics is quite decent and refreshing, yet a slight word of advice, and try not to take this in wrong way, but try and post one or maybe two blogs a week. Yes your topics may come off as a smash, yet in the same run try not to overdue it too much.

    Great read, and despite the whole "K-Krush/K-Kwik" mix up, we ALL got the point. Good research on your behalf, keep em' coming.
  4. AWrestlingGod's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by edgor95
    He was K-Kwik in WWF
    Everyone makes mistakes I guess
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    Who great idea was it to turn him face? Lets hope hes fired.
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    Hate to say this but he was telling the truth about the WWF/E title. R-Truth was doing really well with the conspiracy thing becoming very popular. They ruined his push by teaming him up with the Miz. That's when everything went down hill. He got held back because John Morrisson was being a fool and got suspended or injured forgot which one.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog..I'm a fan of him from his K-Kwik days..he n Roaddogg were good as a team...

    But, height of his career is his first NWA Heavy weight Championship reign...his promos r so great....
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