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The Devil Incarnate CM Punk

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CM Punk in IWA
CM Punk a independent wrestling legend, who has left his mark in various companies such as Ring of Honor, and the IWA. CM Punk has been wrestling for many years, while Mankind was being tossed of cells Phil Brooks would adopt the name of CM Punk and would wrestle in backyard wrestling in a promotion along with friends called "Lunatic Championship Wrestling", little did anyone know that CM Punk would keep the name he started with before he wasn't even signed or even started training, and would become one of the longest reigning WWE Champions in history. CM Punk would officially start training under Ace Steel, along with his best friend and other indy superstar and former WWE wrestler Colt Cobana (Scotty Goldman for some of you) these two would be close friends but in their careers they will have there for share of battles in ROH as well. CM Punk got his start in the IWA (a wrestling company in the south where he would face his long time best friend Colt Cabana, and future NXT superstar Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno), there he would be there top superstar winning the IWA World title 5 times. While there he would face future TNA Hall of Famer AJ Styles, and even beat the late great Eddie Guerrero. That's right before he was even looked at by WWE or TNA for that matter he had already beaten one of the all time greats of the wrestling world. But CM Punks best matches out of IWA came with Chris Hero whom there matches were of the longest to ever have happened between two men in the Untied States with some lasting 55 mins, and one even going as long as 93 mins (That's over an hour an 33 mins of pure wrestling) but would eventually accomplish all that was needed in the IWA and would leave for Ring of Honor. When CM Punk entered Ring of Honor he would quickly gain an arch nemesis with ECW Legend and CM Punk's opposite Raven. This feud consistent-ed of various hardcore matches, and even led to them wrestling around the world going as far as Belfast, Ireland. CM Punk's feud with Raven is also considered to be one of the feuds that put Ring of Honor on the map. Though Punk was Raven's enemy through much of 2003 they would join forces in TNA and create the faction known as the Gathering. But his stint in TNA did not last long as he had an altercation with Teddy Hart, and leading to there dismissal from TNA, along with the fact he could not get over with the fans in TNA as a villain, officials would eventually let Punk go(And this is what I considered to be TNA's greatest loss in the companies history.) Though he was let go by TNA CM Punk would be one of the top stars in ROH having being the semi-finals winner to become the first Pure champion in the companies history. He would also join forces with Colt Cabana as the Second City Saints to become Ring of Honor tag team champions twice. CM Punk would also have some classic matches with Bryan Danielson who would ironically consider himself to be the best in the World, which led to some great matches between the two. With neither one getting the edge in victories and losses. Eventually CM Punk would have what some consider to be one of the greatest matches in the companies history (some say ever) when he and Samoa Joe battled in the best of 3 series for the Ring of Honor World Title. The second match was a draw but would go on to receive a five star rating from Dave Meltzer. This was also a major accomplishment since the last time this rating was given was 7 years prior to the match. Joe would eventually win the series but that didn't stop Punk as he would go on to defeat Austin Aries for the ROH World title, after already signing with WWE. This is when CM Punk become the greatest villain in the companies history he would cut a promo claiming to be the devil himself, and that he suckered the fans in to believing in him. This would lead to numerous devilish acts such as signing his WWE contract on the ROH belt, before losing the title to Jamie Noble (James Gibson in ROH) in a fatal 4 way. CM Punk although as a heel going out would end up facing Colt on his last match with the company and would cry tears but would be met not with hate from the fans. But cheers, and love from the fans that he gave some of his best matches to.

Best in the World Vs Best in the World

CM Punk Reveals himself


After a long time in OVW, Promos would tease a debut for CM Punk in ECW which was made against Justin Credible in 2006 and shockingly he hadn't changed most since his ROH days, even keeping one of his signature moves the Anaconda Vice. CM Punk would soon go undefeated beating former ECW superstars like CW Anderson, and WWE Stars like Shannon Moore. Eventually CM Punk would wrestle his first PPV event at Survivor Series 2006 on Team DX, what was shocking about this event is the crowd for a portion of the match chanted CM Punks name over the likes of Shawn Michaels , and Triple H. Punk would eventually be defeated suffering his first loss at the hands of Hardcore Holly. But would eventually go on to qualify on the biggest stage of them all Wrestlemania 23 as part of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. CM Punk almost won the match, but Mr. Kennedy would knock him off the ladder leading to Kennedy getting the win. CM Punk would have his first heel turn after Wrestlemania in ECW briefly aligning himself with the New Breed but that didn't lost long when it changed the next week. CM Punk would eventually set his sights on the ECW title and was slated to face Benoit for the ECW Title at Vengeance 2007 (Which would have been Match of the Year) but sadly because of obvious reasons would face and lose the match to Johnny Nitro. Punk would eventually feud with Morrison trying to get shots for his title receiving won at Summerslam 2007 but would lose through dirty antics by Morrison. Finally on Sept 1 CM Punk would be John Morrison for his first title in the WWE, The ECW Championship. Punk would hold the title for numerous months, eventually losing the title to Chavo Guerrero.
Finally his time came Wrestlemania 24, CM Punk would beat various superstars from the first undisputed champion Chris Jericho, to Mr. Kennedy to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Punk was soon drafted to Raw and a week after made a huge impact. He won the World Heavyweight Championship. Former independent star, a guy who was told he couldn't make it, was on the premiere brand as World Champion, defeating Edge with his signature Go to Sleep. Punk would never lose the world title having been punted in the head by Orton in unable to compete Punk would forfeit his World Title. After this lost Punk would acquire numerous accolades becoming a WWE Tag team Champion with Kofi Kingston, as well as winning the Intercontinental Championship becoming a triple crown winner, this title is held by the greatest in our industry, like Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero.

Punk would then acquire another major feat, he would win Money in the Bank again two years in a row (a feat that wasn't done before and hasn't been done since), this time Punk would use the title on Jeff Hardy becoming a 2x World Champion. This time when he cashed it in he would turn into the best heel in the WWE at the time (seeing as the fans turned there backs on him in actually, since they cheered him when he did the year prior) this would lead to the feud of the year and match of the year candidates with Jeff Hardy at Summerslam, and would lead to Jeff Hardy's last match in the WWE, when CM Punk sent him packing in a steel cage match. CM Punk would face his biggest foe to date, the Undertaker whom he made "submit" at Breaking Point, though he would lose to the Undertaker at hell in a cell the PPV after. (Punk should have won that match.) CM Punk after his lost would show some signs of his devil persona which he had near the end of his ROH career becoming the leader of the cult Strait Edge Society.
During this time CM Punk would become the most watched segment on smackdown where he would shave peoples head, and try to save the audience from doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. CM Punk even more to his Devilish ways would grow his hair and beard out and become some what of an Anti-Christ of professional wrestling. During this time CM Punk would have some special moments such as the promos given at the Royal Rumble 2010, and the Elimination Chamber that year. His biggest feud during this persona came in the form of Rey Mysterio whom would beat CM Punk at Wrestlemania. This would not stop there feud as they would put on some classic matches after Wrestlemania culminating at Over the Limit in which Punk had his head shaved and Punk donning a mask. (The worst time in his WWE Career.) Skipping through his boring feud with The Big Show, CM Punk would soon catapalut himself back into the main-event scene when joined the Nexus, and become a violent leader of the group. During this time he would begin a feud with Randy Orton, (This is ironic because CM Punk is rightfully so to pick a fight with Orton since he cost him the World Title years prior) which would lead to what I considered to be the best match at Wrestlemania 27,which would see Randy Orton come out on top. The feud would last another month when Orton was the last man Standing at Extreme Rules.


But this was the last straw eventually Punk would at the next ppv defeat Rey Mysterio at Capitol Punishment in start his career on becoming the top star in the WWE. CM Punk would eventually become no 1. contender for the title and would begin the greatest feud in the WWE in the last 10 years not just with John Cena, but with the WWE itself. CM Punk would begin to show aspects and mannerisms, and promos similar to what he displayed in Ring of Honor about how his contract was expiring. But then he dropped the best promo since WWF became the WWE. Calling to light that he is the best in the world, that he's better than John Cena, saying that Vince McMahon is a bully, which would lead to Punk becoming a rebel in the company. Demanding respect from Vince McMahon, and John Cena who would not give in to CM Punk's demands of respect leading to Money in the Bank 2011 which would be CM Punk's true moment to define him. Which he did when he defeated Cena for the WWE title in a classic match, but that wasn't the moment of the night, the moment came when Punk blew Vince a kiss and ran through the arena. CM Punk would return eventually causing issues with Triple H, and would even defeat Cena again at Summerslam but would be screwed out of the title by Kevin Nash, and lose his title to Alberto Del Rio. Eventually CM Punk would begin a rivalry with The Game Triple H saying how he's basically his wife's doormat and calling him names leading to a street fight between the two at Night of Champions in which Triple H defeated CM Punk. (Punk should have won this one to.)

CM Punk Begins one of the longest WWE Title Reigns in History
CM Punk would get more title shots at ppvs such as Hell in a Cell, but would finally get his one on one shot with the man who cashed his briefcase in on Punk, Alberto Del Rio, whom Punk would make cement making Punk a 2 time WWE Champion.
CM Punk after winning the title would defend the title against Del Rio, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler. But his first major challenge would be the man who wanted to end CM Punk for good, Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho returned to the WWE because he felt that Punk stole his title of Best in the World, and that he wanted to beat him for his title at Wrestlemania and proved that he was still the best. At Wrestlemania Chris Jericho and CM Punk had the best techincal match at Wrestlemania with CM Punk coming out on top. Chris Jericho would not stop there as he would continue to belittle CM Punks abstinace from drinking, provoking him leading to a Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules match with CM Punk once again defeating Chris Jericho. CM Punk would then enter a rivalry with former Ring of Honor Enemy and friend Daniel Bryan (The guy he really stole the Best in the World title from.) These two would have what I considered to be 2012's match of the year at Over The Limit with near-falls, but CM Punk coming out on top once again. But there feud didn't end there, Kane would eventually be added to the mix leading to a triple threat match at No Way Out with AJ getting in the way as well, but Punk would come out on top again. Finally CM Punk, and Daniel's Bryan would be settled at Money in the Bank and a great hardcore match with CM Punk finally proving to Daniel Bryan that he really is the best (well better than Daniel Bryan.)

CM Punks Final Heel Turn

On July 23 CM Punk would face John Cena who had won the Money in the Bank Briefcase at the PPV Punk would face Cena at the Raw event on July 23, leading to another great match between the two, but would be interrupted by the Big Show and The Rock.This is one I think CM Punk's greatest moment in his WWE Career was achieved. He laid out The Rock with the GTS. This moment was random, but when he did it you can see his eyes the frustration he had with the Rock and it had built up for months. Eventually Punk's true characteristics where displayed as the Villain he really is, he would defeat Cena and Big Show at Summerslam. At Night of Champions he would wrestle Cena yet again but would regain his title in a draw, not only thought he aligned himself with Paul Heyman (he is a Paul Heyman guy.) Punk would begin to demand respect, respect he deserves from all the great matches he has given over the years. But guys like Cena refused to give it to him saying he hasn't earned it. CM Punk right now is still the best in the World and I'm certain that he will remain champion until Survivor Series. And complete his circle of being WWE Champion of over a year.

CM Punk is now the top heel, and ironically the devilish traits in which he claimed that he is the devil himself, and that he fooled everyone in ROH seems to be true yet again. He has went from fooling the ROH audience, to fooling the WWE Universe and that he is truly the greatest heel in the WWE today, and he deserves Respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhEonYx
    Now before I start commenting on this blog, I'd like to state that I'm NOT going to jump on the "Wikipedia has done you wonders in this one", band wagon. Hell, even I had to open up both tabs on this one just to analyze it before commenting. I'll even admit to opening up the link to Punks' Bio, just to see if you coped your info from there...

    Point being, you may have used countless sources to find your information, yet you still worded it in your own words. That being said, NO hate sent your way on my behalf.

    I will add though, that as I stated in my comment on your last blog; "Despite having an endless source of blog topics, try NOT to pull a E' creative team thing on us, and overwhelm us with your blog posts."

    A bio themed post is awesome and informative, yet personally I don't find it "blog worthy". There is no debate, unless you personally were mis-informed, or had some type of spelling error of some sorts. Great blog, and for the first three posts, they were good. Yet along with everything the IWN hates against, repetitiveness gets rather stale.

    Great vids, and as I've said before, awesome themed post. Maybe it's just simply not "blog worthy".

    Good luck, and keep it up, possibly with something new involving maybe your own take on a superstar and what not.
    I'm done with blogs for a few weeks, I am a huge CM Punk fan and I saw the PPV when CM Punk won the Ring of Honor World Championship, and I noticed that throughout his career he never changed his gimmick, whether he was a good guy or back guy he was always cocky and I Felt like when he turned heel after being the top guy in the company, is similar to his Ring of Honor World title win. Haha and I'm changing my blog next time I only wanted to do these three superstars anyway.
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    I felt like this was more of a history lesson then an actual blog. But no disrespect intended. I can see you put alot of work into this, and thats why I did not read it all because it was very informative.
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