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WWE State Of The Union Adress PipeBomb Heard Around The World

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This is my very first blog here so bare with me as far as the spelling and wording and such goes this is just a small review of what I thought of raw hope you enjoy

Vince McMahon and CM Punk Prom

What a great way to bring back some ratting I am actulley looking forward to this match and the story-telling that will take place. Even better was the promo to set up the match great story-telling there as well. I am also digging CM Punks new T-Shirt with its simple design I just but 3 lol but getting back to the topic at hand I can not wait to see this match.

Antonio Cesaro vs Tyson Kid

I am very happy to see Tyson Kidd getting tv time and I am very excited for this match. I am a huge fan of this man Antonia Cesaro. What a great old school start to this match and now we are seeing Cesara take the advantage and getting into his zone. What a great submissin lock applyed by Cesaro. Kid with his quickness just took back control of this match. Kidd gose for the pin then with a nice invaded knee followed by a ropy elbow drop. Counterd by Cesaro with a beautiful upper cut and then he hits the neutrulizer. What a great back and forward match I give this a 3.5 outta 5 stars

Vince McMahon vs CM Punk

Vince makes his way to the ring and out of no where a sneek attack by CM Punk. Punk is in control even before the bell. We are in the ring now punk take his shrit off turns around to a standing up McMahon Vince tackles punk and punk counters with a kick to the head. Punk picks up McMahon and throws him out of the ring not the match still has not started punk is in control now slaming vinces head into the anounce table ounk then grabs the annoucer mic and mocks Jr then gose back to vince picks him up wanting to do a gts through the table however vince counters with a push into the ring post and now vince is in control throws him over the annouce table grabs a mic and says he is gonna treat Punk a lesson of respect. Then he dives over the annoucer table and starts beating the crab outta punk then punk gets up vince is ready with the extra office chair. and slams it into punk vince throws punk in the ring and punk slips away punk is saying he is done calling for his belt heyman grabs it but vince stops him and gets the belt now vince is walking tall in the ring with punks belt and a kindo stick punk tries and tries to get into the ring vince wont allow it now punks finds a kindo stick and enters the Dragen nest and we get a all out kindo stick beating between the two whicg brings punk to his knee out of no where punk low blows vince and is now in control with both kindo sticks hits vince a lil bit then taunts and get vince in the GTS Quee Ryback music Punk retreats Out comes Cena to feed Ryback more Ryback hits a thunderest Clothlines and sets up for his fisner move but he escape for the cowrd. Vince is on the mic saying it is descion time creep Ryback or Cena at hell in the cell and if you cant decide by next week I make it for you. overall review of this match wow never saw it coming loved it I want more overall ratting is a 5 outta 5 Rattings Gore I hope.

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  1. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    Not bad for your first time. Your spelling was a little difficult to grasp at times but that will improve with practice. I will suggest to you for future blogs if you plan to focus on raw I would add a comprehensive review of the whole show not just 3 segments of it.
  2. awesomeone22's Avatar
    Thank you and yeah I realize that I was typing and watching lol I will do the full show in future post

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