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Talking Smack #1

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Welcome to Talking Smack #1. This is where I will be discussing the latest episode of Smackdown. There are a few blogs that focus on Raw, Impact, and even the Pay-Per-Views, but none that continually are dedicated to Smackdown. Here’s hoping that we change all that. There will be a learning curve for this as I try to see what works and what needs improvements. Let’s get in to it.

Stand Out

What stood out the most to me was that there were two Heel vs. Heel matches. Three, if you count Hell No taking on Albert del Rio and David Otunga. I say “if” because I’m not quite sure what they’re supposed to be. They’re crowd favorites and get pushed as such, but then you’ve got Daniel Bryan tearing up a little kid’s sign. That’s a d-bag move any way you slice it.

Anyways, I like the Heel vs. Heel thing, and I would like to see more of that and even Face vs. Face. I’m sorry, but just being a Face or a Heel doesn’t make you automatic BFFs with the other Faces and Heels.


The opening segment had Sheamus basically disrespecting the Big Show, which is fine because Sheamus disrespects everybody. What’s noteworthy about this is that Big Show looked like he was about to cry. Come on, man! You’re the Big Show, knock him out. Give Sheamus a taste of what he’s up against, and he’ll start respecting the match real quick.

Kofi and R-Truth vs. Prime Time Players was a decent match. That Titus O’Neil is a beast! Kofi did his normal spots, and they worked. I thought for a brief second that he was going to win the match. However, PTP advanced in the Tag Team Tournament and rightfully so. I believe that whenever PTP become the Tag Champs that they are going to dominate the division for a long time.

Ryback vs. Primo was just another match to show how powerful Ryback is. I got excited a few weeks ago when it looked like they were setting up a feud between Ryback and the Miz, which both of them need desperately. While Ryback would have run through the Miz, it still had the potential to be an interesting feud. Hopefully, the WWE will revisit it soon.

CM Punk shows up to confront Dolph Ziggler about walking out on their tag match on Raw. This results in a match between the two for later that night? Yes please!

One of the things I like about Smackdown is the added sound effects (insert eye rolling here). For example, in the Layla vs. Alicia Fox match the crowd went wild when Layla came out and stayed vocal through the entire match. Rightfully so, Layla is very attractive and her in-ring skills have improved quite a bit since her debut. She’s not the best Diva wrestler ever, but she’s lightyears ahead of some of the other Divas we’ve seen. Anyway, the crowd is going wild, yet no one in the audience is moving. No one is screaming, no one is applauding, and they all look bored. So does the WWE expect me to believe that all the excited fans are sitting on the side of the ring that no one can see? Regardless, the match actually lasted longer than a “normal” Diva’s match, which was good. My hope is that they can rebuild this division.

After the match, Layla accused Eve of attacking Kaitlyn, based on the “fact” that she “just knows”. The obvious direction is that Eve set up the attack, but I hope that she wasn’t behind it. Not because I’m some huge Eve fan or anything, but because I would like to see storylines that are a little less simple.

Two things with Wade Barrett. 1. They are doing a slow build up with him, similar to Ryback. I actually like this approach. How many people have we seen that try to go straight after John Cena or Randy Orton only to fail? All the hype they might have had going in to the match is now gone. However, if you build them up over time, then eventually when they face Cena they might still be relevant if they lose. 2. His move set looks awesome. That elbow to the face looks devastating.

The Miz vs. Sheamus was one of my favorite matches of the night. Sheamus didn’t dominate Miz like I thought he was going to. The Miz held his own. I loved this match until the Big Show appeared. He knocked out Miz, which DQ’ed Sheamus. Sheamus has now lost two in a row. This also makes it fairly obvious what Sheamus is going to do during the Big Show’s match. I blame Sheamus for the loss. After he gave Miz the White Noise he didn’t cover him. Instead he started boasting. If he had covered Miz, he would have won, Big Show could have still come out, and still knocked Miz out just to show Sheamus that he could.

Hell No vs. Alberto del Rio and David Otunga was disappointing. ADR mocking Randy Orton made me smile, but then they gave him a microphone. Robert Rodriguez needs to “learn” English so he can be ADR’s mouth piece. So Booker T comes out and he looks like he took personal offense to del Rio’s taunting, yet he allows Sheamus to kick the heads off of other Superstars. Regardless, most of the match was boring, and I feel that they missed a great opportunity by not having the Prime Time Players and the other tag teams get involved somehow. The WWE seems to have two different storylines going on for the Tag Division, which is way better than none, but you would like Hell No would be more involved in the tag tournament.

Terry Long has no backbone.

Hey look! In Big Show vs. Tensai, Sheamus interfered and got Big Show DQ’ed. This is hilarious and totally unpredictable because Big Show just did the same thing to Sheamus. In all seriousness, it did stop this extremely slow paced match. So I’m thankful for the predictability in this case.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler was awesome. It was filled with a lot of back and forth action. I do think it’s funny that the WWE can insert crowd noises in to the program, but they haven’t found a way to mute Vickie. Anyways, Punk’s GTS was perfect and spot on. It was just a very enjoyable match, and I would love to see what these two could do with some more time.

I’m not sure what Punk’s speech at the end was about. He said almost the exact same thing on Raw. We get it, you don’t want to fight Cena at Hell in a Cell. He shouldn’t have to either, not for the reasons that people are giving him anyway. He’s faced Cena several times already and beat him each and every time. When Christian was begging for one more match people were booing him. Why should Cena get a match every time he wants one. Anyways, since they’re toying with this Ryback thing, they should have had him come out and say something like if Punk wasn’t going to face John Cena then he would need a new opponent. This would in turn probably scare Punk in to choosing Cena for Hell in a Cell, because he knows he can beat him.

That’s it for the first edition of Talking Smack. Thanks for reading.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    CM Punk vs Dolph was great. And yes we get to much RAW reviews we need people giving smackdown some love to.
  2. redbower's Avatar
    I also thought the Punk/Zigler match was awesome. However, I am getting really tired of Zigler teetering as a top guy. He loses cleanly way too often to be a top guy. As I am a fan of his and see his potential, I would love to see one of his "rivalries" end with him not winning cheaply or getting pinned cleanly.
  3. King MC's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by redbower
    I also thought the Punk/Zigler match was awesome. However, I am getting really tired of Zigler teetering as a top guy. He loses cleanly way too often to be a top guy. As I am a fan of his and see his potential, I would love to see one of his "rivalries" end with him not winning cheaply or getting pinned cleanly.

    Oh , believe me, I agree. He's in all of these high profile matches, yet he's always losing. He needs to go on a winning streak, even if it's by DQ. It could something like the Face character simply cannot beat him, so he gets DQ'ed just to quit the match. I'm a Ziggler fan, but the way he currently is, I don't believe he could hold on to the belt pat one PPV.

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