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Monday Night Raw and what it should be! October 8th 2012

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Hey this is my first blog/post. Each week i will be writing what i believe Raw should be in order to gain ratings and entertain the fans. Each week my blog will follow from the previous actual Raw and provide a realistic approach in how the WWE should write the next show. Sorry for any grammar issues or incorrect spelling, and please post your thoughts and opinions.

Monday Night Raw in Sacramento.

WWE Video intro package “then, now, forever”

John Cena is seen walking backstage ready to address the WWE universe when suddenly CM Punk comes from behind and attacks him with a pipe. Punk repeatedly hits John Cena’s arm with the pipe and stomps on him. Officials rush to the scene in order to prevent Punk from further assaulting Cena. They show Cena on the ground with doctors attending to his arm.

Raw Opening Video package

Announcers address the vicious assault on Cena by CM Punk, mentioning Cena’s recent surgery and the possibility of CM Punk breaking Cena’s arm. Cole says that Cena is about to be taken to a local hospital for scans and further treatment.

We go once again backstage, where Cena is entering an ambulance with the help of doctors and WWE officials, suddenly CM Punk reemerges and slams Cena’s injured arm/ shoulder into the ambulance door. When Cena is on the ground, Punk stands over him and screams, “best in the world” while raising his title and the camera shows Paul Heyman in the background with an evil smirk.

Vince McMahon music hits and he begins making his way to the ring

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Vince M is in the ring with a microphone, as soon as he is about to speak CM Punks music hits and he makes his way to the ring without Heyman

Punk grabs the microphone out of Vince M hand.

Punk, ”Don’t you even say a word, I the WWE Champion who carries this company, your company (yells), is sick and tired of being disrespected by John Cena, the Raw GM AJ lee and the rest of those non talented wrestlers in the dressing room. (Vince M has an angry look on his face)

Punk, “What does this bother you Vince, or the fact that I used the term wrestler, despite that those so called “wrestlers” could not even lace up my boots. (Fans boo) You know Vince I could simply screw you and your company again by walking out with the WWE Champion and with Paul Heyman we could maybe create a new wrestling company like ECW, or I could simply “jump ship” and join your good friend Hogan”.(Vince grabs a microphone)

Punk “Don’t you dare start talking I haven’t finished yet. I know you were here tonight to address the WWE universe, but those plans Vince have changed, instead you are going to show me some respect which I have earned to which these idiotic fans in Sacramento have not shown me. Vince you’re going to speak into that microphone and tell them I am the best in the world”.

Vince M “CM Punk I’m not going to say you’re the best in the world. However, what I will say is that at hell in a cell you have an opportunity to earn your respect, because despite what you say you will face John Cena at Hell in a Cell if he is medically cleared after your assault on him tonight. And before you say anything punk and threaten to leave I want you to know that you’re under contract to me and if you “walk out”, well then your breaking a legal agreement and I will have no other choice but to sue”.

Punk “Vince I’m not going to play these political BS games with you. Cena is in no condition to face me at HIAC, and if he does then I’m going to kick his ass and beat him easily and continue my 315+ day streak as the WWE champion. Now Vince I’m not going to let you leave this ring till you say I’m the best in the world, and since you didn’t say it the first time I want you to get on your knees and bow to me while you say it”.

Vince M looks at punk with a serious face and begins to leave the ring. Suddenly as Vince M is about to walk out of the ring ropes, Punk grabs him by his collar and pulls him back into the ring.

Punk “ This is your last chance bow down and tell them I am the best in the world (yells)”

Vince M goes to leave once again and Punk again grabs him by his collar and pulls him into the ring. Punk and Vince then look at each other face to face. Punk then spits directly onto Vince M face.

Punk “bow to me and tell them I am the best in the world”

Vince wipes the spit of his face and goes to leave the ring again, but punk stops him and this time slaps Vince and gives him a round house kick to the back of his head, knocking him out. Punk then leaves the ring while officials rush to the ring to help Vince M.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and they show Vince M being helped out of the ring and into the back. They also show a replay of Punk spitting and kicking Vince

The announces then announce that AJ will be addressing Punks actions at the 9pm time-slot, they also announce Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Players in the tag-team tournament with RAW active stipulations. Also announced is for the first time Ryback vs. Kane and a huge eight man tag which will be next

Match 1- Sheamus, Zack Ryder, Santino M and Randy Orton vs. The Big Show, Alberto del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow (Eight man tag-team match)

The match goes on for 20 minutes with two commercial breaks.

Winners: Big Show, Del Rio, Rhodes and Sandow

During the match Del Rio and Orton get into a brawl into the crowd and eventually head backstage and don’t return.

The finish sees Sandow hit his finisher on Santino for the win, while everyone else is brawling around ringside.

After the match Big show KO punches Sheamus and stands over him holding the world heavyweight championship.

Commercial Break

Backstage Punk is walking and he runs into Ryback who stares at him and Punk walks off.

Match 2: Eve vs. Kaitlyn (Divas Championship) (Layla on commentary)

The match lasts for 4 minutes with the ending seeing kaitlyn and Eve doing a cross body over the top rope to the outside, Eve then hits a slam on kaitlyn on the outside mat and rolls her back into the ring at the 6 count she then hears a comment by Layla who says she thinks Eve had something to do with Kaitlyn’s attack at commentary table resulting in confronting her in a stare down up until the 10 count.

Winner: Kaitlyn via Count out

After the match Eve walks to the back while Kaitlyn is arguing with Layla.

Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan who is screaming out “I am the tag-team champions” he then runs into Dolph Ziggler

Bryan, “I’m the tag-team champions”
Ziggler, “nobody cares that you’re the tag-team champions because everybody is caring about me being Mr. money in the bank, which means I’m a future world heavyweight champion and that makes me better than a tag-team champion”
Bryan, “is that so well I’m a former world heavyweight champion”
Ziggler “key word former, because I’m a future and nobody cares about the past”
Bryan, “no what it means is I’m better than you and I’m the tag-team champions”
Ziggler, “please I could beat you any day of the week, the only reason why you are a current champion is because of a 7 foot giant”
Bryan, “No”
Ziggler, “Yes”
Bryan, “No”
Ziggler “Yes”

This continues until AJ screams at them and tells them they are having a match tonight. She then starts skipping down a corridor and the commentator’s say she is coming to address punk’s recent actions.

Commercial Break

AJ Lee is in the ring with a microphone

AJ, “CM Punk after your heinous actions tonight, I see it fitting as the general manager of Raw to inform you that you are suspended. That was until the board of directors informed me that you have a scheduled main event match at Hell in a Cell against John Cena. The other reason is… Punk’s music hits

Heyman, “you were going to suspend CM Punk? Do you know what this man does for your brand; he is the reason why these people are watching Raw live and the reason why people watch Raw at home. He is the WWE champion and the voice of the voiceless, he is the man who defeated john Cena at NOC and still does not get any respect. See AJ the thought of Punks suspension crossing your mind is enough to warrant your termination as general manger of Raw. See these people, the board of directors and Vince M know I could run Raw 1000 times better than you. See I could send Raw to a new era for pro wrestling, but lets face it the only reason why I am not GM is because Vince M and his backstage politics are too scared of me making this show more violent, edgy and better than any other show Vince M has run.

AJ, “before you say another word Heyman I would like to inform you that you are going to be escorted out of my building”

Security comes out and takes Heyman away while CM Punk complains

AJ, “Punk what I was going to tell you before you interrupted me was that the other reason why the board of directors told me not to suspend you, was that you are booked into a main event match tonight against this man,

Mick Foley’s music hits and he runs to the ring with a steel chair and Punk retreats. Foley then picks up a microphone

Foley, “you attacked me backstage two weeks ago and still claim for respect ha, well punk you made one small mistake you left me breathing. See I might get my ass kicked tonight by you, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take to get some needed retribution. Bang Bang have a nice day!

Replay and commercial break

Match 3: Ryback vs. Kane

4 minutes into the match Rhode Scholars jump the rail and attack Kane (who was throwing Ryback back into the ring) and they throw him into the steel steps and Rhodes hits a disaster kick on the outside.

The Miz then runs out and hits Ryback in the head with the IC championship. He then hits the skull crushing Finali on him onto the championship belt.

They show Heyman outside complaining to be brought back into the arena to security

Cole says the raw active options for the tag-team match.

a. Elimination b. No-Dq c. Tables

Commercial Break

Match 4: The Prime Time players vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara (Tables Match)

Winners: Mysterio and Sin Cara -10 minute match

The finish saw Mysterio hit a double 619 and Cara do a Swanton threw a table.

Main event ad Big Show vs. Randy Orton and WWE Breast Cancer

Commercial Break

Match 5: Heath Slater vs. Tyson Kid

Winner: Tyson Kid (role up)- 3 minutes

After the match Encore attacks Tyson with members hitting their respective finishers on him.

Backstage: Bryan warming up and Kane confronts him

Kane, “where were you tonight when Rhodes and Sandow attacked me?
Bryan, “if you must know I was warming up and had no idea they were attacking you, not that I would come out and help you anyway”
Kane, “if you knew and didn’t do something I would be eviscerating you right now”
Bryan, “what is with you in using that word all the time, but it doesn’t matter because I am the tag-team champions”
Kane, ”no I am the tag-team champions”
Bryan, “I am the tag-team champions”

This continues to a commercial break

Match 6: Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston w/R-Truth

Winner: Wade Barrett in 6 minutes

After the match R-Truth goes to help Kofi who shoves him and walks off.

Highlights of tonight-Vince M and Cena attacks

Bryan makes his entrance and we have another commercial break, which leads into the match already in progress

Match 7: Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie

Winner: Dolph Ziggler in 15 minutes (commercial break in-between)

The finish saw Rhode scholars run to the ring and the referee get distracted resulting in Vickie handing Dolph the brief case. He then hit Bryan in the head for the three.

After the match Rhode scholars and Dolph attacked Bryan, and then Kane came out, Ziggler bailed but Kane hit a double choke slam on Rhodes and Sandow.

Backstage they show Foley warming up and Heyman outside the arena again begging security to be brought back in, he even offers money.

Commercial break Foley vs. Punk next

Mick Foley makes his way to the ring, but punk comes from behind and hits Foley with a pipe, punk repeatedly hits Foley and hits the GTS on the entrance ramp. Punk then walks to the ring and grabs a microphone.

CM Punk, “see I refuse to face a washed up legend who is nothing more than a stunt man. But see despite this you people respect him, but you don’t respect me the person who has carried this company for the last year. I am sick of being disrespected by legends and after I beat John Cena at hell in a cell, 3 months later I will beat The Rock and you know why, its because I’m the best in the world.

They show a video outside and Cena is attacking Heyman he hits his head on the backstage door and AA’s him with one arm into a dumpster outside. Punk sees the attack and he runs backstage.

Punk is running and trying to find Cena and they meet in the car park, with both of them holding pipes, punk jumps into his car and Cena starts smashing the windows, and punk drives off. Raw ends.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    This was very well thought out. I like reading creative stuff. We don't get enough of it on these blog boards.

    But I could see a lower rating than this past week if that is the show. But that's because there was no main event, no high quality matches, and lots of the same stuff like, "No, I'm the Tag Team Champions", and "I demand respect, blah blah".

    I do like the creativity though. You got a decent mind for this sort of stuff. Don't take my criticism as a reflection on you in any way.
  2. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    Nice blog, although I think you're giving away too many good matches. WWE currently does this and has been since RAW vs. Nitro days and I just don't understand. For example, Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler shouldn't be a match on RAW,imagine if they built it and build it into a huge PPV match. You know those two would put on a hell of a match and money would be made.. Foley vs Punk.. see above Both PPV quality money makers.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Awesome blog!!! Creative team NEEDS to call you bud!!! ... But in all seriousness.... All of our minds can take a trip down the "what if"/"if only WE could have it our way" route.

    Simple as this; If fans were in charge of creativity within the E', things WOULD be different. I've had a few beers tonight...I'm feeling rather buzzed (as in I'm double reading my sh*t, and frantically going back and correcting things LOL) , SOOOO this in general, as a "what if/creative blog, was ridiculously AWESOME!!!!! ...... Now it may just be the Budweiser talking, BUT cheers bud!!!!! I'lll be looking forward to hearing/reading this new blog series...

    Thanks for the read bro.
  4. Haralumbi's Avatar
    Thank you all for your comments and opinions, I can see where you guys are coming from with your criticism, which I will take on board when continuing this new "what it should be" series.

    To DK Wrestling Savior: Thanks for the feedback and I agree we don’t get enough of these creative blogs. In terms of getting a lower rating than 2.55, I’m not too sure because despite the main event match not happening, people would still tune in to see the match because they don’t know it wont occur. I also believe Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan would give everybody their fix of a high quality match. In terms of repetitiveness I agree with you and ill attempt to fix that in future blogs. Once again much appreciated for the comment and feedback.

    To RoadWarrior: I understand where you are coming from in terms of giving too many good matches and thanks for stating that. What I will say is that since Raw has gone to 3 hrs. The WWE kind of has to give high profile matches, because if they don’t they will simply lose viewership, although a fully built Bryan vs. Dolph match would be gold. In terms of Foley and Punk, the match never occurs as I did this as a segment for a future match between the two to occur on PPV. Anyway your opinion and feedback is appreciated.

    To PhEonYx: thank you for the extremely positive feedback (even though the drinks may be playing games on you). The creative team should give me a call ha ha, and its great to have a reader looking forward to my next entry, cheers!.
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    T-Hughes35, nice to meet you.
    The one thing that I would change, is the Diva's match. I'd probably have Eve face someone else in a non-title bout, and then have Kaitlyn do a run-in.
    Other than that, I like your creativity and originality, keep doing this. You'll be a huge hit.
  6. Cross's Avatar
    I can tell you put a heck load of work and effort into this. Definetly a better Raw then most. Really thought out and I enjoyed reading and imagining it happen. You allowed not only the WWE Title feud progress, but also the world title, tag team and ic title. You should continue due to the things off your blog. I am not much of a blogger so not really any criticism except maybe promos from others then CM Punk. Again good read
  7. joebro's Avatar
    Great blog, thats a RAW i would enjoy

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