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From Bryan Danielson to Daniel Bryan

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Bryan Danielson in Ring of Honor
In 2002 Bryan Danielson would join Ring of Honor and was a participant in the very first main event of the company which included Low-Ki and Christopher Daniels. In his time there he would have what critics and fans alike would claim to be some of the greatest matches in history with the likes of Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, and Chris Hero. He would also established himself as a very violent wrestler having been in some very bloody matches with Homicide, and Samoa Joe. In 2006 Daniel Bryan would invade "CZW" causing issues with many of the CZW wrestlers during the ROH Vs CZW feud. It was this time when he would have some of the most violent matches in his career and would even have a 60 minute draw with Samoa Joe. Eventually Bryan Danielson would have confrontations with another great wrestler in Nigel McGuinness in which they would eventually compete in a match to unify the Pure Championship, and the ROH World title on the date of 8/12/2006 which ended up being a 30 min brawl with memorable moments such as Daniel Bryan diving into the crowd onto Nigel, as well as the stiff headbutts by each wrestler which would eventually cause each other to bleed, and in the end Nigel McGuinness would be knocked out by Bryan Danielson viciously elbowing him until he was unconscious therefore becoming ROH last pure champion. A few years later in more memorable matches with legendary Japanese superstar Kenta, the up and coming Tyler Black (Future NXT Champion), would eventually end when Bryan signed a deal with the WWE and having his last match against his arch-rival Nigel McGuinness who was also having his last match in the company.
Daniel Bryan in WWE
2009 would hit and Bryan Danielson under the new name of Daniel Bryan would be a competitor in the first season of NXT. With his first match in the show being what I considered to be an underrated classic with Chris Jericho showed that Daniel Bryan would not slow down his wrestling style. Daniel Bryan would eventually have issues with Cole who disrespected him which eventually lead to a promo which I believe told me this guy would be a star in the WWE which ended with him slapping Cole in the face. Daniel would end up being eliminated that season but would return as being one of the first members of the Nexus. But would be fired after choking Justin Roberts with a tie. Skipping a head to 2010 Daniel Bryan would return at Summerslam 2010 to join Team WWE and would actually make a statement outlasting two former world champions in Edge and Chris Jericho, as well as hall of famer Bret Hart. After returning Bryan would eventually feud with his former NXT mentor The Miz which I thought was a underrated feud that lead to a great match at Night of Champions 2010 in Daniel Bryan's first title in the WWE winning the United States Champion. Daniel Bryan in his reign as Untied States Champion would have great matches with Dolph Ziggler, and a triple threat match at Hell in a Cell. He would eventually lose his title to Sheamus. Finally on July 17 Daniel Bryan would have his breakthrough win winning money in the bank and would cash it in on the Big Show to become the World Champion. This is when Daniel Bryan would truly shine Daniel Bryan would then become a cocky arrogant heel and would start winning matches in a more opportunistic fashion, though some wanted to have Daniel Bryan win hard fought battles Daniel Bryan would soon show that he has great promo skills talking about him being a vegan, and a role model. Every PPV Daniel Bryan went to most would assume it would be his last but he kept on winning in steel cage matches, and elimination chamber matches Daniel Bryan would come out on top. Then at Wrestlemania he would in 18 secs, most assume he would fall back into obscurity. But no he would be more over than ever, the Smackdown ever the whole crowd would be chanting yes!yes!yes showing they where really behind Daniel Bryan. Though he assumed they were mocking him Daniel Bryan would develop a persona of chanting Yes! to the ring along with the crowd and some instances he would get more of a crowd reaction then the rest of the roster. And now Daniel Bryan as part of the tag team with Kane would almost single handedly bring life to the tag team division.

Daniel Bryan/ Bryan Danielson a world champion everywhere he goes, having match of the year candidates in nearly every company he has been apart of, is most certainly one of the greatest wrestlers in our generation. And the thing about Daniel Bryan is that his career is just getting started.

Here is what I consider to be his greatest match

My first blog. Hope you guys read it thoughts if I should do another one.

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by madnonsense
    Someone on Wikipedia has all of his wrestling history. But your blog is short and sweet. I do want him to get rid of his "Yes/No" persona which is getting very boring and stupid.
    I disagree. While being a big fan of his, I would crumble if his current gimmick changed. For obvious reasons its WELL over with fans of all ages and its humorous. It very well may go down as something legendary like the woo and what chants. Just enjoy the ride.
  2. hystrix's Avatar
    Good article. However, I will point out the Daniel Bryans NXT debut was in 2010, not 2009. In fact, I don't think he evn competed in FCW until the beginnning of 2010.
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