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How WWE needs to Capitalize on the PG Era

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I never was never too angry about WWE going PG, I was a little pissed about the no blood or not letting people mention the word wrestling, I was annoyed cause none of the talent or the heels could show a bully mentality but none of that has to do with PG. I mean I grew up on WWE, I seen Savage, Warrior, Hogan, Steamboat, Diabiase and many others put on entertaining matches and they also had great memorable segments and those were all PG shows, Some might even say G rating. But Now I hear the CW is mad at the WWE cause Zack Ryders Finisher is done to the head and neck area? that is kinda pushing it. I mean 90 percent of wrestling moves are done to the head and neck area. Thats insane..... But Rant aside, I think if the WWE is gonna go PG and do Children's Programing then they should do it right and actually try to venture out, Reach out to more kids. So heres a way I think WWE could expand their PG programing.

WWE Animated Children TV series
Ok Here me out on this. This is WWE's chance to branch out and start other succesful brands. Its simple, Take a wrestler who is popular with children and has a way of not only attracting the wrestling audience but also children who are not aware of WWE Programing or do not watch WWE TV. Whos that Wrestler you ask? Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is beloved by children of all races and even the very young wrestling fans adore him (3 to 8)... My idea, Give Rey Mysterio a animated series, It could follow the adventures of a young Rey Mysterio and call it "Lil Mysterio" or something like that. The series will not have a whole lot to do with WWE or prowrestling, It would basicly be like a Dora or Diego cartoon with a little kid Rey Mysterio solving Mysteries. Throw in a Dog and partner/Best Friend who is a girl and you have a successful cartoon.... The Animated series would follow Rey Mysterio thru his childhood with him, His partner and his dog solving crimes and he could call it Mysterios Mysteries or something to that nature.... WWE could use this to bring in Other WWE Superstars such as maybe a rotten kid Miz who shows up every episode. Miz can even have a rivial business called MIZterys and the Miz could try to sabotage Mysterio from solving the case cause he is jealous Mysterio always solves the case first.

The cases would be childish and wholesome. IT be sorta like a Dora The Explora, Scobby Doo and maybe a Bobbies World mixed in one. and at the end of Every Episode, Live action Mysterio could talk to Lil Mysterio and asked him what he learned today. (almost exactly to what Howie Mandall did with Bobbies World).

This would open many new doors and opportunities for the WWE if it worked, hell if it was just mildly successful it still be great. You would have a whole new line of merchandise, Commercial DVD's, Toys, Clothing. The possibilities are endless.

It be a great idea for WWE to reach out to the 5 and under audience cause they are not to hard to please and plus they bring in the big money, I mean if you wanna do the children's programing then do it right.

WWE Breakfast Cereal
Why doesnt the WWE have a sugary Breakfast Cereal filled with tiny marshmallows?... Kids love cereal everyone knows that, They eat it every morning, So why not make a WWE Breakfast Cereal. Hell I would buy it..... WWF had a breakfast cereal that was pretty good if you could actually chew it, It was like chewing rocks, It really didn't have too much imagination put in to it, as a matter of fact I dont remember any shapes or anything that resembled anything to do with wrestling or any of the WWF stars. I think it was almost identical in taste and texture to the MR T Cereal. Other wise it was poorly done and I think a danger to children (Seriously that cereal was hazardous hard).

I think a WWE Cereal would be successful, Especially if it was good. Look at the Fruity and cocoa pebbles line, Its still a top selling cereal and the Flintstones havent been relevant in 30 years.

WWE Lunch Merchandise
Lunch is very important to Kids, So why not have WWE Food Products that a Kid can take with him to school for Lunch, if 1 kid has a WWE Lunch snacks about 100 other kids will see it and it be great word of mouth advertising. They could have WWE fruit snacks, WWE Juice pouches and many other things. WWE has over 7 hours of programing, they can advertise the shit out of these products, If they do half as much advertisement for any of these products as they do for Tout then they be successful.

WWE Holiday Merchandise

I been to every major retailer from Target to Walmart. I been to a handful of the Halloween specialty stores that open up during Halloween and I have yet to see a WWE costume. Fuck I seen a Hulk Hogan TNA wrestling costume but no WWE. Why wouldn't the WWE capitalize on Halloween and put Rey Mysterio Costumes and accessories, John Cena, Zack Ryder, Kane, Randy Orton or CM Punk. To me thats dumb. You market towards kids but there isnt 1 WWE costume in Walmart?

Christmas is a Big deal to kids too, Its probably the biggest deal to a kid and most adults. So why is their so Little WWE Xmas Merchandise? WWE should really expand on the Holidays market with WWE Licensed Holiday merchandise.

Well that concludes some of my thoughts. I'm not sure why I wrote this, I guess bordem and lack of creativity could play a huge factor in the reason I wrote this. but those would be some of my ideas to help WWE expand in to the G and PG market and demographic.

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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    They used to have a LOT of holiday stuff, I'm pretty sure on my Christmas tree we still put up whc and wee championship ornaments. And damns these ideas are no brainer money makers and they still don't have the balls to do any of them ahaha
  2. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    I would seriously look into the costs associated with this and get it happening. Want more cash Vince, put WWE on heaps of kids items and things they like.

    FWIW this hasn't been popular is Oz re: kids toys as wrestling still has the "you must be a loser to watch that" tag on it.
  3. NrG-GoD's Avatar
    i don't think "lunch snakes" and "fruit snakes" would be bought by many parents, but would be a very interesting day at school lol
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Dude...your idea about the Mysterio cartoon was very clever and creative. Nicely done.
  5. MjBryan17's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Dude...your idea about the Mysterio cartoon was very clever and creative. Nicely done.
    Agreed, but I think they would do a Cena show first, just knowing the WWE's style. Hulk had a cartoon
  6. ewantu2's Avatar
    As much as i hate these blogs that go on about business i did like the Rey show idea.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NrG-GoD
    i don't think "lunch snakes" and "fruit snakes" would be bought by many parents, but would be a very interesting day at school lol
    Oh my God I just noticed that hahaha.... that was funny. Good thing i didnt write a blog about Jake "The Snacks" Roberts haha
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