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Triple Threat Top 5 IV: OMG Moments

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Hello all Wrestling Fans and welcome to “Triple Threat Top 5 IV: Presented by”.
Coming off of a hard fought battle at the “Olympic Triple Threat,” we make our return to the United States to begin another epic battle.
Folks before we go any further, I would like to say that due to events that transpired backstage after the events of the “Olympic Triple Threat”, akbar is no longer the “Triple Threat Top 5 Series Champion.” To all our friends in the U.K., we sincerely apologize.
Therefore, a new champion must be crowned. So today, the contenders that will go against yours truly are two of the best. The first being the one who has greatly made his presence known throughout this website. You can love him or hate him all you want but it’s the rightful Triple Threat Top 5 Champion and that’s the DK Wrestling Savior. The next man’s resume includes the title of being “Former WBC Top 5 Series Champion”. He along with the Savior is also one of the most respectable bloggers on this site. I’m talking about: Playboy Stevie V.

This is going to be a great matchup folks. Fasten Your Seatbelts.

The Judges are ready, the world is ready, ladies and gentlemen, we are READY TO RUMBLE!!!
01: DK Wrestling Savior: “Hey Everyone. DK Savior here getting my rightful shot at getting my title back. Akbar did well in the Olympiad, and I congratulate him. He relinquished the title and I want back, what is rightfully mind. That being said, what a great topic here. OH MY GOD moments in wrestling history. There have been so many over the years, this is a lot tougher than it may seem. I'm not just going to talk about spots in matches, because that would be too easy. I pretty much just gotta look up all the TLC matches and pick 5 moments with the Hardy Boys and Dudleys. Instead, ALL moments are being considered with my list here. So, here's what I came up with.
Honorable Mentions:
Brock Lesnar Shooting Star Press on Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels Superkick to Shelton Benjamin
Kevin Nash Botches Powerbomb On Big Show
Pretty Much Every Jeff Hardy TLC Spot
Pretty Much Every Shelton Benjamin MITB Spot
The Entire Rey Mysterio/Sabu Match at One Night Stand

Okay, now it's time for the list.

Number 5: Brock Lesnar Superplexes Big Show and Ring Collapses
This spot really speaks for itself. I was sort of expecting something major to happen in this match, but that major something was probably a Brock F5 on the Big Show. However, we got this ending to Smackdown. The crowd certainly added to this. Definitely an OH MY GOD moment.

Number 4: Shane McMahon Jumps 50ft off Titantron onto Big Show
What an unbelievable moment. Shane has done some crazy things. I was sort of up in the air between this and Kurt Angle suplexing Shane about 8 times before breaking through the glass. This one won the coin flip for me. What a spot. I said OMG when he climbed up. I never expected him to actually jump until it happened. My jaw dropped.

Number 3: Miss Kitty...The Kat...Flashes her breasts at Armageddon 1999
Need I say more? Obviously, I won't be trying to find and post a video on here about it, but you can all pretty much see what I mean. To see that, while watching PPV, my eyes popped out of my head. It was in the Attitude Era, and WWF was so edgy at the time, I was actually wondering when something like this would happen. And it did, I obviously, I said, Oh My God.

Number 2: The Hogan Heel Turn. Bash at the Beach 1996
While this is probably one of very few defining moments in wrestling history, I can't put this at number one, basically because Heenan botched the call. He should never have mentioned anything about "who's side is he on?". He almost ruined the most biggest heel turn and possibly one of the biggest moments in wrestling history. There was no reason to give any of us, any indication that he might be there for something other than to help Macho Man. Thumbs down to an otherwise excellent vocal figure in wrestling. However, this still goes down as the most shocking and unexpected event I've ever seen.


Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Hell in a Cell
There exists no OMG moment that transcends this spot. There have been some crazy things that have happened with Hardy off ladders and Shano Mac, but this was the most insane thing I've ever seen. What separates this was the fact there was seemingly no set up for it. Unlike Hardy ladder match spots and such, where there's preparation involved...this just happened. I was shocked while watching this. It is THE ULTIMATE OH MY GOD MOMENT.
Thanks for reading everyone. I know I probably could have found some original ECW stuff, or Japanese Death Matches, but I decided to keep things in the most familiar area for this one. Thanks for reading and Be Safe.”

Thank you once again Savior, Playboy Stevie V, the floor is yours.

02: Playboy Stevie V: “Well I’ve seen the top OMG moments in the WWE on Netflix, but having this as the top 5 OMG moments in all of wrestling, to say the least is very difficult. I can name about 50 just in the original EC F’ing W. There was some in the WWE that just has to be in my top 5 and some that I am going to list is dated, which usually hurts me with the youngster vote who only recollect Jeff Hardy jumping from the Tron…LOL. My OMG moments will be based on how skin crawling it was and not on acrobatics.
5. Road Warriors gouge Dusty Rhodes’s eye almost out with their shoulder pad spike- Road Warriors just turned heel and attacked Dusty. They gouged his eye with their iconic shoulder spike. It grossed me out the core. It was truly brutal. If I remember correctly this segment got Dusty in hot water with WCW and he jumped ship shortly after to the WWF.
4. Vader’s eye pops out of its socket during a match with Stan Hansen- Brutal match between Stan Hansen and Vader. In the Middle of the match Vader’s eye pops out of socket, but he continues the match. What a tough SOB and totally gross.
3. Vader rips Cactus Jack’s ear off during a match- Speaking of gross who can forget the reason why Foley is missing an ear? During Vader and Jack’s iconic brutal matches Foley does a spot where his head is tied up in the ropes. While tied up in the ropes he slips out and it rips his ear off. You can see in the middle of the match the ref pick up the ear, held it up and pass it on. Disgusting.
2. Sid Vicious breaks Leg- This image is etched into my mind forever. Sid jumping from the middle rope during his match with Scott Steiner and we got a flopper. Leg breaks horribly flopping around the ring. It didn’t help either that on Nitro they replayed this about 4 times and in slow motion. It was a lose your lunch moment.
1: Mankind vs Undertaker HITC- Had me screaming at the TV the entire time. “Stop the match before someone dies!” I couldn’t believe that Vince was okay with this. For the first time in my life I was truly concerned that I was going to witness a death. Mankind being tossed from the cell through a table by the Undertaker. I thought he was never coming back. Then he comes back, climbs up the cell and gets choke slammed through the cell into the ring. The way his body twisted and splattered was horrifying. It’s still to this day the biggest OMG moment I’ve ever seen and I have been watching wrestling since the early 80’s.”

Thanks Stevie. Now it’s time for yours truly to give his opinion on what the Top 5 Best OMG Moments are in Wrestling History.

03: T-Hughes35: “There have been all types of moments in the eyes of wrestling fans that have produced many different reactions. We’ve gasped, we’ve screamed, we’ve cried, and most of all, we’ve been astonished. But then there are the moments where all we have to say are three simple words: “OH MY GOD!” In my eyes, these are the moments that really made me say those words.
But before we go any further, there is one moment that I want to bring up that I will not include on this list. That being Hulk Hogan’s heel turn at “WCW: Bash At The Beach ‘96”. My reasoning for that is because I leave that in its own category. It was an OMG moment don’t get me wrong, but this list is going to focus more on moments that took place during matches than anything else. I can think of numerous OMG moments, but this list will be strictly “match based”. With that being said, here we go.
05: “ECW: Hardcore Heaven 1996”: Prime-Time Throws Down Tommy Dreamer:
What an extreme matchup as it was what the original ECW was all about. I could think of many OMG moments from that organization, but this one was the one that stood out to me the most. It was after this match that it looked like “Prime-Time” threw Dreamer maybe 20 or 30 feet to the arena floor mind you. OUCH! Joey Styles called this event superbly.
04: “WWF: No Way Out 2000”: Triple H sends Cactus Jack straight to Hell:
During the time that Stone Cold Steve Austin was written off of TV in the “being run over storyline,” (what was the known as) the World Wrestling Federation was dominated by Triple H and the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. After their Street Fight at the 2000 Royal Rumble, Cactus Jack wanted Triple H for the WWF Title; Hell In A Cell. Triple H only agreed to put the belt on the line if Cactus put his career on the line as well. How could the stakes get any higher?! Whether it was planned, or it was accidental, I will never know, but by the reaction that we saw on Hunter’s face, you could tell that he thought he killed him (meaning Mick Foley). It was an Oh My God moment not only for us fans, but for J.R. (Jim Ross), King (meaning Jerry Lawler), and Triple H. It was unbelievable.
03: “WWF: Backlash 2001”: “Shane McMahon’s 50 foot jump off of the Titantron:
Heyman: “What?!
J.R.: “Oh My God Don’t Do It Shane! Don’t Do It!”
Heyman: “OH MY GOD!!!”
Easily the best call that the Ross-Heyman team ever did. Shane McMahon put his body and soul on the line here, and what an OMG moment this was. I mean, how ironic was it that Paul Heyman was giving this call? Paul Heyman said it best in his world famous 2001 shoot promo that Vince McMahon stole his dream, and he called it attitude. It just showed you just how the World Wrestling Federation learned from the days of Extreme Championship Wrestling to become the most dominant wrestling promotion, and a wrestling monopoly.
02: “WCW: The Great American Bash 2000” Vampiro sets Sting on Fire:
“Flames light up the night as Vampiro and Sting enter the ring in a Human Torch Match”
- WCW Great American Bash
2000 Promotional Poster
The first (and so far only) “Human Torch Match” in wrestling history took place on this night from what is now the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A. Built up as “The Most Bizarre Match Imaginable”, we can all agree lighting someone on fire is crazy, but it didn’t get any weirder than this. Yes most of us can agree that this match had Russo written all over it, but it was still left me speechless none-the-less. Even if it only leaves young kids screaming OH MY GOD!!! And have their mouths washed out with soap (like it did with the kid I watched this match with). It left me speechless none-the-less.
But this was nothing compared to my choice for number one, and when it comes to me and my opponents, I think we all can agree.
01: “WWF King Of The Ring 1998”: Undertaker vs. Mankind “Hell In A Cell”:
What more can I say? If the key moments of this match don’t make you say “OH MY GOD” then I don’t know what will. It made us all completely speechless. Mick Foley gained all the respect in the world for this match. How he was able to continue on, I will never know. After J.R. said in his call: “Enough’s enough!” I couldn’t have agreed with him anymore, not because that spot where Foley fell through went completely wrong, but because I was concerned for his safety and his wellbeing. I call this match and the 1999 documentary “Beyond The Mat” as the two moments where I really gained the upmost respect for professional wrestlers and what they do. By putting their bodies on the line 200-300 days a year. Not only for the fans, but it’s because it’s their passion and it’s what they love to do. When I look and think of Mick Foley, the one word I see, is respect.”

With that ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the conclusion of “Triple Threat Top 5 IV”. Who won? Tell us down below.
Special thanks to both the “DK Wrestling Savior” and “Playboy Stevie V”, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    My vote goes to DK
  2. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Can't decide between Playboy Stevie V and T Hughes
  3. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    gotta go with DK

  4. akbar's Avatar
    Your explanation makes me sound shady, just want to quickly say I only wanted to win the Olympics edition and had no desire to carry on after that which is why I passed on the contest.

    Anyways my vote goes DK
  5. jlsniper's Avatar
    I'll have to say DK
  6. blink's Avatar
    While dk was well written, he specifically said he wasn't going with match spots... Which is what his entire blog consisted of. I found the contradiction disturbing. I gotta go with Hughes
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    While dk was well written, he specifically said he wasn't going with match spots... Which is what his entire blog consisted of. I found the contradiction disturbing. I gotta go with Hughes
    I said not ALL match spots...hence, the Hogan Heel Turn
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