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Will John Cena be 100% medically cleared? Booking HIAC 2012

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Hey what's up all fellow bloggers and forum members,*
I was reading some blogs last night from fellow bloggers "Dashing Rachel" and "Ozfan", and they both voiced their own opinions (no pun intended) about WWE's upcoming Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View. After reading them, I felt that since it's been far too long since I last wrote a blog, I should write my own layout of how I would book WWE Hell In A Cell 2012.

Before I begin though, I do want to say one thing, and it's about John Cena. He had elbow surgery recently. Do I find anything wrong with that? No. If something is physically wrong with you then it's better to fix early than late. Do I think WWE is doing the right thing promoting a John Cena-CM Punk match at Hell In A Cell? Absolutely not! I honestly do not think he will end up being medically cleared to compete before that night. Personally, I think that it's quite scary that WWE is doing this. It means that they have absolutely no faith in the rest of their card. This is a good chance to see what the rest of their card has to offer, and their not using it! I feel that they're making a big mistake by continually making John Cena "The Guy". Cena can't last forever. He's not immortal, he's human, and he like every other hard worker needs a break every so often. ESPECIALLY when he's hurt!*

With that being said, here's how I would book "WWE Hell In A Cell 2012" * * * *

WWE Presents: Hell In A Cell
LIVE: Sunday October 28, 2012 only on Pay-Per-View
Location: Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA USA
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
Ringside Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Jim Ross
Backstage Interviewer: Byron Saxton*
Theme Song: "Reap" - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Ideal Match Card:

"and Now, WWE Presents: "The Dance in The Devil's Playground". HELL*IN A CELL!!!"
The Pyro would go off as Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Jim Ross would welcome us to the show and hype up "The Devil's Playground".*

(Cue: "Let's Light It Up" - Keri Kimmel) **
Monday Night RAW General Manager AJ Lee makes her way to the ring to open the show. She first welcomes everybody to the Hell In The Cell Pay-Per-View. She then has to apologize by saying that due to the nature of his injury, John Cena would not be at the Philips Arena there that night.*
(Cue: "Cult Of Personality" - Living Colour) as CM Punk and Paul Heyman make there way out. They are as happy as ever because they think that they get off early. *AJ says that even tough Cena isn't there, his WWE Title match will still go on, Hell In A Cell.*
(Cue: "Wreck" - Jim Johnston) as Mick Foley makes his way to the ring. He comes to first; tell Punk to be ready for his match that night, he then wishes him good luck in his match that night, but he also came out to announce that he has been named the Special Guest Referee for Punk's match that night.
01:United States Championship Match:
Antonio Cesaro vs. Brodus Clay (w/The Funkadackles)

(A good show opener, with classic face vs. Heel action for the kids.
Winner and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro)

02: WWE Diva's Championship Match:
Eve Torres vs. Layla

(This would make a good Diva's Title match as it gives Layla her rightful re-match.*
Winner and STILL WWE Diva's Champion: Eve Torres
The end of this match would set up Eve vs. Kaitlyn for the Diva's Title at Survivor Series XXVI.)

[B]03: WWE Tag-Team Championship Match:
Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow
(It'll be a decent match of back and forth action that should be just under 10 minutes.
Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

[B]04: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
The Miz vs. Ryback
(This match is coming, and this night would be the best night to do it.*
Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ryback
It's safe to say that this guy could be the next Goldberg if he's built up right.)*

05: Six Man Hell In A Cell Match For The World Heavyweight Championship:
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Wade Barrett vs. Christian

(On the most recent episode of SmackDown, the majority of these wrestlers demanded World Title shots. I know that the last time that this match happened, it wasn't really well receipted, but everything deserves a second chance, and if it was included in WWE video games of the past few years, I think this match would be a great test of endurance and survival.*
Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus
Sheamus would steal a pin-fall victory as the ones standing all look in shock.)

06: Hell In A Cell Match For The WWE Championship:
CM Punk ( w/Paul Heyman) vs. The Undertaker
Special Guest Referee: Mick Foley

(As I said before, I honestly do not believe that John Cena will be medically cleared to compete at Hell In A Cell on October 28th. I think that he needs some time to heal so that he'd be 100% healthy to compete at Survivor Series XXVI. Because personally, I'd rather see him compete at one of "The Big 4" Pay-Per-Views that at a minor "In Your House" PPV format like this one.
Mick Foley would make his way out to the ring first.*
Punk and Heyman would then make their ways to the Cell as they await who Punk's opponent is going to be.
"and his opponent..." as Justin Roberts would say.
Booker T's music would hit as the Friday Night SmackDown General Manager comes out and says this: "CM Punk, granted, you have been in this structure twice before, but might I remind you, both those times, you failed. If you want your so-called respect, and be recognized as a credible champion, then you need to know, and feel, just what it's like to swing on the monkey-bars of "The Devil's Playground." Welcome To Hell!
The SmackDown GM would make his way to the back as we would get a 15-20 second pause awaiting the challenger. When suddenly...
This could be the biggest WWE style of a Russo swerve/surprise in who knows how long, and I mean that in a good way!
"and his opponent, the challenger. From Death Valley, weighing in at 305 pounds, THE UNDERTAKER!!!"*
If done right, this could easily become one of the Top 10 Matches of the Year for the entire world of Professional Wrestling!
Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk
After the match, Punk and Heyman both "Get The Hell Out Of Dodge" as The Undertaker does his trademark pose in the ring.*
It'll be the expression on Punk's face that says: "What in the heck did I just go through?" Punk would look at Taker to end the show.)

Well, I know it was another booking blog, but it's been a while since I last wrote a blog and I wanted to get back into the swing of things with the wrestling world.*
The next Triple Threat Top 5 is coming soon as I am just waiting for the last participant to send in his list. On a side note, I will be expanding my social media horizons in the near future. Details will be enclosed in the next blog. But until then, you can still follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

PEACE!!! * * * * * *

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  1. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    Thanks for mentioning my name.
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    /\ You're Welcome
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    I will admit if they did your Undertaker thing that would be 100x better then facing Cena. But it wont happen well maybe but like 1%.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't see a 6 man HIAC will happen again. It only happened once in WWE history. That is the reason they created the chamber.

    Undertaker doesn't make a lot of sense at all. Taker has already faced CM Punk in a HIAC match. I suppose respect factor would be the most intrigue to the match. Much rather see him face someone else inside the HIAC.
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    @TheGreatOne the reason why I picked Undertaker is because of a few things. One being the respect factor, and the second being that Taker (along with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Mick Foley) made the structure historic. Their previous match is the reason why I had Booker T mentioned Punk's previous 2 attempts. I don't think Ryback is ready to challenge the WWE Champion just yet. Maybe by Extreme Rules at the earliest is when I'd put him a WWE title match. World title match, I'm not sure yet.
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Great blog, and decently thrown together. As for your take on the whole Punk/Taker angle. As you stated, I seriously can't see Ryback being ready to be tossed into the Heavyweight Title picture. If Cena isn't 100% medically cleared (which I'm sure he WILL be), it leaves for the opportunity to create many other feuds. Seeing the whole Taker spin off/Foley as the ref, would be ABSOLUTELY insane!!! Do i see it happening?!? Hell no.... Taker could barely drag his ass through Mania, tossing him into the cell with Punk is a total "no go" IMO. Mind you I do believe Punk would bring out the best in him, and make the match absolute gold.

    What with Foley in the mix, I can see them throwing Punk vs Foley as a last minute change. That or even having Cena vs Punk (Foley as the special guest). Either way, I see Punk retaining yet again. If the E' insists on keeping Heyman on the pay role, I certainly wouldn't be surprised seeing Lesnar interfere in this match, setting up for some BIG storyline with Punk,Brock/Heyman.

    The possibilities are endless, and what with Cena possibly out of the picture for HIAC, the E' COULD have some awesome sh*t going for them.

    Great blog bud.

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