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The Royal Ramble

The Royal Ramble: Main Events For WrestleMania 29!

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As always before I start, these are my opinions and if you don't agree that's fine but please be respectful to one another. If anyone is disrespectful, your comment will either be modified or deleted all together! Oh and follow me @The_RoyalRamble on Twitter!

I know this may be a little early to talk about how I would the main events for WrestleMania but I wanted to talk about it anyway. For WrestleMania, there should always be at least four main event type matches on the card. I have come up with about six, with one of them being questionable as considered as a main event. I will put the matches in order in the way I would want them to go.

1. TLC Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
PTP vs Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Christian & Chris Jericho

Now this is the one that's questionable to be considered as a main event. This is also a bit of a stretch as well. I doubt this match will happen or even be considered but the tag team division is back and the titles need to be defended at WrestleMania under a big match that fans would like to see. When is the last time we saw a tag team TLC match involving three or more teams? The last time I can remember was on RAW when Kane won by himself. The last tag team TLC match was DX vs Jeri-Show. The match itself would be amazing but on top of everything else, it would just help some of these wrestlers in general. And this even if Y2J does come back. I do think that Y2J & Christian should win just so they can have one more tag title run. These two are always an awesome and fun team to watch and it would be nice to see them with the titles again.

2. Loser Takes Off Mask - 2 Out of 3 Falls
Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara
Now of course, these two need to have had at least a few matches before this match just so it can build up to a loser takes off the mask. If this will be the first time the two wrestle, then I would not make that stipulation. Now if Sin Cara doesn't botch anything, this match could live up to the hype. The match should be very fast and energetic to where at the end of the match everyone watching should be out of breath. Whoever the heel is going into the match should lose but if it really came down to it the smart thing to do would be to let Sin Cara win. Mysterio has already had his mask off in WCW and Sin Cara is just too new of a character to change up already. Mysterio maybe on his last leg and if that's true, then Mysterio should defiantly lose.

3. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar or Sheamus
To be honest, I could care less if this match happened but it's looking more and more like it will. My personal opinion is that Undertaker should not wrestle anymore. Last year was the end of an era match and he got his streak to 20-0. Lesnar was terrible in his match against Triple H and was alright against Cena but that's just because he beat the sh*t out of Cena. If the Undertaker were to wrestle again, I'd rather see him wrestle Sheamus. And I think we all know how this match is going end and that's why I think it's dumb to have Undertaker to keep wrestling.

4. Street Fight
Triple H vs Mick Foley (Mankind)
Mick Foley has said before he wants one more last big match and Triple H would be the perfect choice for him to wrestle because Triple H wants to go back to being a heel again. The build up for the match should go like this. On an episode of RAW in January, Triple H announces Mick Foley to the Hall of Fame. Mick Foley comes out to thank the crowd and Triple H for the past and everything that has happened. The two hug until Triple H gives a pedigree to Foley! But he's not done yet. Triple H should then get the sledge hammer and hit Foley with it. The following week Triple H explains his actions as he read Foley's comments on Twitter about him a few months ago and for some reason it rubbed Triple H the wrong way, etc etc. A few weeks later, Triple H comes out to talk about his beat down again and says he would love to beat down Foley at the grandest stage of em all! Foley then appears on the Titantron via satellite and says something like after the beat down he took he just doesn't think it's such a good idea anymore to do it. Triple H then starts to go on and says that he knew he was too washed up to face him on more time. Foley interupts him and says something like you didn't let me finish, I have someone else that would like to face you. Then Mankind's music should and Mankind should then come out and Triple H gets a smile on his face. Triple H takes off his shirt and is yelling at Mankind to get in the ring and Mankind doesn't waste anytime and runs into the ring and brawl is started. They trade lefts and rights for awhile until Mankind pulls out a sledge hammer wrapped up in barbwire and Triple H runs away. The two should go back and forth for weeks leading up to the epic match at WrestleMania. And this time Foley should win his last match at WrestleMania.

5. World Heavyweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

This match would steal the show and should happen! Hopefully, Ziggler is champion before WrestleMania and had a good title run but who knows with WWE. Hopefully they continue to push Daniel Bryan as the character he has been lately. He's kinda been acting like a tweener because we don't really know if his character is a face yet. The build up for the match should be simple and easy between these two because the main goal of this match should be the match! Bryan should actually win the Rumble match and then go to WrestleMania. These two can put on a hell of a show and proven it before! If anyone thought their match from a year or two ago was good just imagine how it would be at WreslteMania! Daniel Bryan should of course win just because of last year and get a little redemption.

And now time for the Main Event!

6. WWE Championship - Special Ref. Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk
This should totally be the main event for WrestleMania! We all know The Rock will win the title at the Rumble but he should beat CM Punk for the title due to outside interference from John Cena. This sets more PipeBombs for CM Punk for the upcoming weeks. CM Punk should say he wants to use his rematch clause at WrestleMania, so we don't have to sit through another over hyped match between Cena and Rock. Cena comes out and lays down a challenge and if Cena wins a Chamber match then the match becomes a Triple Threat at WrestleMania. Punk should actually screw over Cena in the Chamber match and have Cena lose. The next night on RAW, Vince McMahon comes out says he's giving Cena one more chance and if he beats Punk, then it becomes a Triple Threat but if Punk tries to cheat by anyway possible, then Punk will be kicked out of the match. John Cena will of course beat Punk and now the match is a Triple Threat. After the match is over the Rock comes out and is standing face to face with John Cena. Punk then gets on the mic to say how unfair this is, etc etc. Vince then gets on the mic and says that he forgot to tell them he found a special ref for the match. Out of no where we all hear glass shatter! Stone Cold comes out and Punk is the only one who looks like he is not happy. Cena has a smile on his face but The Rock gets in the face of Stone Cold. The following week on RAW, Stone Cold gives a Stunner all three of them through-out the night to prove that he's calling it right down the middle. The next few weeks they go back and forth but Punk is the only one taking shots a Austin. WrestleMania rolls around and the match should be like Punk & Cena's last match at Night of Champions with so many near falls. Punk in my eyes needs to win this match! John Cena's time as the face finally looks to be whining down and the WWE needs a new face and Punk could be that person. But Punk also needs to win just so it can set up Punk vs Stone Cold for WrestleMania 30! I know a lot of people on here don't think it will happen but I personally believe it will and when does I'll be here to say I told you so! And if it doesn't everyone can tell me I told you so lol. But the night after WrestleMania, if Punk wins there needs to be confrontation between Punk and Austin. Punk should come out with the title saying he has beaten them all and then out comes Stone Cold. Stone Cold shakes his hand and congratulates him. Punk then out of no where starts to talk about how if Austin was still wrestling he would have kicked his ass too. Austin should turn around and say something like who said I was done? He should then Stunner him and Austin should say "I'll see you next year."

That's how I would book the main events to WrestleMania. Of course I hope to see guys like Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Kane, Wade Barrett and hopefully Dean Ambrose is on the roster! I hope everyone enjoyed this and please follow me @The_RoyalRamble on Twitter! Website coming soon! Please help me and get my name out there! If WWE wants something to trend they should have #RAMBLEFORWWEWRITER to trend.... Just kidding but seriously. Thank you for reading! I'll be back in two weeks with a new blog!

Until then watch this awesome video I found about the 1000th Episode of RAW!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Don't like how you add a gimmick to every single match. Who would want to see HHH vs Foley? Foley can barely get around the ring to begin with. He hasn't been an active wrestler in years. At least HHH actually wrestles matches and is in shape. I don't want to see HHH vs Foley. Rivalry they had 12 years ago was great, but to have them face again is foolish. Rather see young guns face vets rather than have these stupid rematches.

    However, Brock vs Taker intrigues me.

    So you have 6 main events or is this the card?

    Mysterio vs Cara 1 should be good enough. Why do we need 3 falls of a botch fest led by Sin Cara? You really want to see him compete in 3 matches? Mask factor if you were to use it should be saved for Extreme Rules. Same with the rest of these specialty matches. Of course HHH vs Taker at WM in HIAC was made because they were just going to wrestle at Mania. Figure Cara and Mysterio will have more than one match. Especially since he is active.

    Rock vs Cena 2 is what I want for Cena to get the W. I'm not a huge Cena fan, but I thought the main man should have got the W the first time. I'd like to see Punk fued with Sheamus. A top face that Punk really never fueded with before. That intrigues me.

    Daniel Bryan vs Jericho with no title on the line intrigues me. Reminds me of the old Benoit days.

    If I had my say, Ziggler would cash in the MITB on the new crowned champion at WM to get him major heat for ruining the celebration. Similar to what Punk did to Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules in 09.

    PTP vs Kidd/Gabriel for the tag titles should be good enough.
  2. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    Ok take away the two out of three falls match and that's only two matches with stipulation. Remember the really good Manias like 17, 22, 15, etc they had multiple match stipulations. WrestleMania is the grandest stage of em all! You need some matches like this. The themed ppvs really hurt the WWE in my eyes and I hate it bc it takes away the speculation of when the next match types will be.

    Foley on the other hand if he wants one more match this would be the only one that makes sense. He may get inducted into the Hall of Fame and that would be perfect for him.

    Lesnar and Taker is a toss up. It could be terrible but could be good.

    I do like your idea of Y2J and Bryan but Bryan should be wrestling for a title in my eyes.

    Rock vs Cena again would be stupid and predicable. The last match was built as "Once in a Lifetime" so I don't think they should wrestle each other again. It's time for Cena to pass the torch to someone else. But who? I'd say Punk but I can see that failing.

    WrestleMania deserves to have multiple matches sometimes bc it's WrestleMania. Having a bland every other day PPV/RAW type match takes away the value of how great it could be.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I fully agree with you in that Undertaker should not wrestle anymore. No more matches. Show up now and again for nostalgia, but no more matches. They're not needed. Undertaker vs Anybody would suck. He was slow, and had a tired man's gut, in his last match vs HHH. And Brock is a disgrace. I see no need for that match. Maybe a HHH vs Brock rematch where HHH wins and sends Brock away for good.

    I don't see, nor do I wanna see, Mick Foley again.

    I think using Jericho in a tag team would suck. He can do better than that.

    I love your build up to the Wrestlemania main event. However, you made a statement in there about how Punk can be the face of WWE. If that is indeed the case, I think they need to go in another direction with how they handle him. So far, he's just not a big time draw anywhere outside of Chicago and the small internet fan base. And for what I've seen, he's basically a whiner and pretty much ripping off Bobby Roode's heel character when he won the title. Whining. Crying. Demands Respect. How many days he's been champ. Whoa is Me...yada yada yada.

    Decent preliminary Wrestlemania blog. I noticed you didn't have Kane, Big Show, or Randy Orton listed anywhere.

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