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#RAWTALK! (Number.001): 09-24-2012

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Welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of my new blog series: #RAWTALK! now, I will be doing this series every week and my normal STATE OF THE 'E blogs pretty much whenever I feel like it. I'm still not sure on a particular format I'd like to present this to you guys in so, I'm going to present it in a way I was thinking and see how you guys like it... let me know. THANKS!

Did they fulfill every orifice of the three hours given to them? (2hrs, 31mins - commercials.) In my opinion, they did. Tonight's episode of #RAW was actually well rounded and had minimal things that made no sense. The only time I truly said "WTF?" was when Mae Young appeared on video when Kan and DB were reenacting a scene from "When Harry Met Sally". But, I digress.

I felt that #RAW this week was a welcomed improvement from the last couple of weeks that only had bits and pieces stringing it together. This week's had it open with CM Punk and Heyman, leading into an awesome AJ confrontation. A couple good matches, CM Punk and Mick Foley confrontation in which Mick spouted a line that will live on forever in my mind:

"Do You Want To Be A Statistic, Or Do You Want To Be A Legend?"

As a fan of the great SPORT of professional wrestling who appreciates the ENTERTAINMENT value it provides as well, I can honestly say that those words bear more weight than a little bit. EVERY professional wrestler wants to become relevant or in Foley's case... stay relevant. I believe the weight of the show rested right there in that promo spot... Jerry Lawler coming on looking great after his Heart Attack a couple weeks ago. And not to mention what brings me to what I'll be keeping every week:

Daniel Bryan and Kane along with Dr. Shelby knocked it out of the park again! Their segments (which made one long segment.) were stupidly hilarious and well, made me chuckle more than a little bit. I am happy that THE 'E is doing what they're doing. And if you can't see it, I'll show you... they're using main event people to get the "Universe" into the upcoming Tag-Teams that are "legitimate" teams. Once they get to that level of exposure, you'll see people like Kane, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio disappear.

Not to mention Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow seem to be awesome as well with "Rhode Scholars" coming into the frame. The Tag-Team Championships are being built up MEGA right now and it's a great time indeed.

Why isn't Dolph Ziggler WHC? And why isn't Kofi Kingston in a feud WITH him for the WHC? Did you see that match tonight? I definitely did. They had roughly five minutes of air time (about 10 minutes for the total match but, there were commercials...) and killed the show. Their match was literally a clinic. They were on point and they need to be in a main feud against each other... yesterday.

Dolph has been built up so much they need to just pull the trigger and make him WHC. I really don't see what they're waiting for to be honest. Kingston would be a perfect competitor for him to go against and they'd have stellar matches for a few PPV's which in all honesty would be enough for Ziggler fans to get him in that spot.

Hands down it was CM Punk and Mick Foley in the middle of the ring going blow for friggin' blow. I love it when you can TELL that the promo was "unscripted". They definitely went off the cuff and it worked out more than they would have ever known. I guarantee there will be MANY t-shirts, posters, memes and many other things with his newly christened memorable one liner.

It's parts of wrestling like this that makes me tune in week in and week out. I get SOOOOOO happy when CM Punk has a verbal brawl with people... especially Mick Foley. Two fantastic talkers that talked their asses off in all honesty.

All in all, I'd say this entire show got a solid *** and 1/2 stars... I still want to see a bit more wrestling, guys. Other than that... I will be taking my leave now. Let me know what you guys want to possibly see here or what your opinions are on my new series. Thanks again guys and see you next Monday!!

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. AndyWonder's Avatar
    It was entertaining for me as well. Kane & D-Bry are a great comedic team! As far as yer concern about Dolph Ziggler and "what are they waiting for?" They are waiting for Randy Orton to quit being a baby about wanting to stay at main event spot and finally letting Ziggler in. Rhodes & Sandow need to stay as singles competitors. I wonder though, when CM Punk and John Cena finally finish their squabble, who is the next contender?
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yes, I was very pleased with last night's RAW. The opening segment was actually REALLY solid. Paul E is genius and showed why the WWE brought him back and has kept him. He can play such a slimy heel, its great.

    The Team Hell No segments are fantastic! Kane had me laughing out loud a few times. Those 2 guys play off each sooo well. The only thing I wish they would do is go back to Bryan doing the "Yes" chants when he comes out to the ring. Dr. Shelby is gold as well and would make an ideal manager for that duo.

    Punk / Foley was one of the best promos, maybe since Punk's shoot promo from last year.

    I am going to be a fan of Rhodes Scholars and when I saw that Sandow shirt, I instantly told my wife, that's what I want for my birthday (Oct 19). Whether or not she actually looked up from her iPad, well that's another story.

    Probably the only thing that disappointed me was the Albany crowd. I thought they were terrible the majority of the night. For such a good RAW, they were a let down.
  3. sret's Avatar
    The Punk/Foley promo was amazing, that's how good I wish the "main event" promos were. Heyman is great too. Kane and Bryan are gold. Cody and Sandow make for an interesting team and the tag team division is finally getting somewhere. Kofi and Dolph had one of those matches that we need to get more of (and hopefully will), and now you're doing a weekly blog that will most likely blow the others out of the water (the only possible problem is if it were to be too short). Things are looking bright and I can't wait for the next RAW, or Smackdown for that matter.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    The Bryan/Kane Anger Management segments, and the legends appearances, just seem to keep me coming back for little spurts. Mick Foley is the man. Plain and Simple.

    As for the Anger Management...I'm gonna be honest...Kane is the one making those segments worth it. If not for him, the whole concept would have dulled shortly after it started.
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Yes sir! It indeed has been a while since YOU my friend have graced the land of blogging. I'd like to be the first to "officially" welcome you back to our little community. I see you've laced up the boots yet again to give the blogging world yet another go. Quite frankly, I'm GLAD!!!

    You see Rob, IMO, your that "measuring stick", and the bar that sets the tone to what blogging is ALL about. Yes, there indeed have been others whom have paved their own name, and have "BECOME RELEVANT", yet you my friend, "HAVE STAYED RELEVANT".....

    Now enough with the ass kissing, and let's talk business!!!!!...

    The Land of the E', and what it has become...

    "Do You Want To Be A Statistic, Or Do You Want To Be A Legend?"
    Hands down Mick and Punk delivered a back and forth unscripted promo, that IMO was sheer gold. Nice to see Foley is still able to deliver a kick ass speech. The whole segment gave me absolute chills.

    SEGMENT OF THE WEEK: Now here's my view on the whole matter. Months back I called pairing Bryan and Kane up to form a comedic Big man/Little man team. I mean what better way to revamp your tag team division?! Build it around two stars of heavyweight caliber, and let it ride out, (kind of like when they paired RVD & Kane). So far, it's been beneficiary, and the E' has been living up to their promises of rebuilding the division. PROBLEM; I'm getting the whole "A.J Effect" and feel.... Hell the same feel, we've all been bitching and complaining about when we talk about Mr.Cena...... Shove it down our throats a little bit more!!!! give it a month, and you'll have the whole IWN whining about how we're bored with it!.... I'm all about having something new/fresh, yet one segment a week is ENOUGH.

    MATCH OF THE WEEK: Kofi and Zigglesworth delivered! Their in-ring chemistry was absolutely phenomenal. Now, I personally am a little bit iffy pushing Kingston into the WHC picture just yet, but in the same run, the E' needs to DO SOMETHING WITH HIM!!!!! Ziggler should have that belt around his waist by HIAC. What with Orton stepping out of the picture, and ADR/Sheamus growing more boring as the months progress, WE the people, need something FRESH!!!!

    FINAL Comments;
    This week's Raw, was decent, and personally as the months have gone by, I'm starting to get drawn back into wanting to tune in yet again on a weekly basis. The Albany crowd was down right HORRIBLE!!!!! I caught myself yelling at the screen God knows how many times, screaming; "Make some f*cking noise people!!!!!"... When Foley came out, we barely got a pop.... When Miz came out, we got zip.... Just utter silence.... Come to think of it, the only two pops I heard all night were when Cena came out, and when they introduced Lawler.... We as FANS, have to get our sh*t together and make NOISE at these tapings.....

    Great Blog!!! Glad to see you back, and hopefully next week we'll be able to tune in for RAWTALK #2.
    Cheers Bud.
  6. akbar's Avatar
    CM Punk on the mic... just amazing.
  7. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Great blog as usual dudesy. I had no idea this was your blog so I completely overlooked it. I'll be tuning into it now!!

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