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#RAWTALK! (Number.002): 10-08-2012

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Welcome to the second edition of #RAWTALK!... I am your ever gracious host, Rated_R(ob)KO. Tonight I give to you my thoughts and opinions on what went down this past Monday night on RAW. I know, I'm a couple days late but, better than never right? Either way, I say we get this horse and pony show on the road!!!

The Good:
RAW felt meaty. It was a very healthy helping of things we've wanted. Well, truthfully... what you Attitude Era "marks" have been wanting. I mean seriously... an NFL game that BLASTED ratings through the roof kills an episode of MNR and everyone cries foul? Lat week the game was huge so more people tuned in. That's all folks.

This week VKM came back to good ol' DUBBYA DUBBYA EEEEEEE land this week and gave you all a show. And what a show it was. He effectively killed his "PG Era" stuff when he interrupted the dancing stuff... Little Jimmy going through "puberty" was the hint. "Play time/Kid time is over." Get it?

We also had a nice little injection of the Tag-Team Tournament and it was spot on what I said it would be. Basically breaking down the "real" Tag-Teams in order to get the division "over" with the fans by having main eventers in the spotlight. It'll come down to Sin Mysterio VS Hell No! @ HIAC in my humble opinion because seriously, PTP is NOT ready for the straps. IE, SEE ANY MATCH TITUS O'NEIL IS IN!! AROOFFF!!! AROOFFF! AROOFFF!! -_-

Is there honestly NOTHING CM Punk can't do? He did fantastic with VKM, Cena, Ryback and smacking the shit out of a fan whom he thought hit him. It was amazing. The CM Punk VS. VKM match was a LOT better than I thought it would be. The ending was predictable but effective. But within that we come to...

Now, I don't think it was CM Punk's fault but if you guys feel it was, maybe I'm just that much of a "smark" to tell otherwise but, did that whole segment with VKM just feel weak, rushed and forced? Like, the slap came out of left field for me... in the past it took WAY more for VKM to "come out of retirement" to fight a match. The Jerry Lawler hear attack was just tasteless to bring up in my point of view as well.

Sheamus VS Wade Barrett is NOT something people want to see unless it's THE 'E giving Wade the strap and letting him run rampant. But alas, that will never happen. Glad the Divas got some time but, we back to this shit again? Your "mystery" is running out of steam. Time to re-fuel. Team Hell No needs to do something different a bit as well sooner rather than later unfortunately.

These guys are doing great by me but, a lot of people are starting to complain here in IWCLandia. And we all know how that goes. They're more fickle than a woman with a "headache" if you catch my drift. There's a lot more to say but I'll shorten it so we can get to...

Man, Larry King should stay off TV. The Miz needs to stay away from Kofi and Kofi needs either more mic time or a person to speak for him. Larry's wife was also insufferable. This Ryback stuff is cool but in my opinion weak. They need to build him more. Just last month Jobber A and B were enough. He barely broke anyone in the mid-card and they just put him in a main event spot.

It's ridiculous... the fans are STILL chanting GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! and half of them are so young they don't even know who the hell he IS! It's stupid. I liked last weeks show a lot more than this weeks.

Given the circumstances of craziness that was going on backstage, I'm surprised we even got a show to begin with honestly. I'm not doing a "Best Of" or "Worst Of" this week because they were both in one segment.

Segment in question? CM Punk VS. VKM... both an awesome spectacle and a tragic collision of doom all in one nice tiny little package. I'm only going to write one sentence and you'll understand why:

CM Punk beat John Cena with more ease than he could a 67 year old man.

And with that, I'm out everyone. Leave questions, comments, hair tips, costume tips and book preference below.

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. King MC's Avatar
    Fun read. The CM Punk/VKM match was unreal! I did not expect that to be as entertaining as it was.

    I agree with a lot of the points in the Bad section. I can't figure out why in the world they are dragging out this mystery attacker angle with the Divas. There was something that Layla said that made me think, or at least hope, that it's not Eve. She was asked who she'd like to face for the title, and she couldn't make a decision. Then they mentioned how Kaitlyn never got the chance to fight her. That got the wheels working. What if the attacker IS blonde? What if Layla called up her BFF, Michelle McCool, and had McCool do her duty work? Then the reason they're stretching it out is because in real life she's not completely ready to come back and needs a little bit more time. Just something to chew on.

    Oh, and as for Team Hell No. The "I am the Tag Team Champions" is cool, but they need to switch it up real quick.
  2. Double G's Avatar
    For me, team Hell No, is one of the best things in WWE right now and the perfect example on how PG can actually work for everyone + Daniel Bryan is just pure gold inside the ring..
  3. riku's Avatar
    loved it . well thought out impartial writing .
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    I want to see Wade vs Sheamus even if it's not Wade winning....
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Good show though I'm still privately ARGHing at little things which are more about the WWE in general.

    Annoying that Ryback's push to the top was so quick he didn't even have a single feud in there. I can't imagine them giving him the belt at HIAC which means he is going to lose and then will disappear from that feud because Cena has to be involved again. Maybe I'm wrong but if it goes down that way it will be like what's the point? Essentially he will be getting R Truthed except still get booked like a monster.

    The tag team focus is excellent!....but why are we still seeing legitimate tag teams get sidelined for one off pairings of main eventers like Team Hell No or Mysterio and Sin Cara!?

    The main event Vince vs. CM Punk. Vince is going to legitimately gain the upper hand over Punk without first resorting to weapons or some kind of cheap tactic? It just makes Punk look weak.

    But all that aside at least Raw was entertaining which cannot be said about many previous shows.
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    This RAW defiantly made up for that horrific nightmare last week. The whole CM Punk-VKM ordeal was completely unexpected, and was actually very entertaining. Props to the WWE for pulling that off.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I dont know what the hell you're talking about. The Sheamus v Barrett match was probably the best single match on the show. Vince v Punk was definitely entertaining, but Sheamus v Barrett was great! I'm not a fan of shooting your wad when a match like this should be on a PPV, but I was really surprised and pleased by how well that match went. 2 weeks in a row, the best match on the show involved Sheamus and an up and coming talent.

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