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Sudden Impact: Shaq Attack and Open Fight Night

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Hey Wrestling fans, DK Wrestling Savior with another edition of Sudden Impact. We're inching closer and closer to TNA's signature PPV, Bound For Glory. Before I start, I will openly admit that I follow @TNADixie on twitter so I knew Shaq was gonna be live, without reading it on any site. I may soon start reporting my own news...LOL...

But before I get ahead of myself there, let's get down to business.

Open Fight Night

I enjoy the OFN concept, especially now that BFG Series is over. It makes things so unpredictable. People get called out for things that were unsettled 2 months prior. It's great stuff. Our first call out was Angle and AJ calling out Hernandez & Chavo. From an analyzer standpoint, it was probably a bad move to put Chavo and Hernandez against two heavy fan favorites like that. I heard "Chavo Sucks" chants and that's not a good way to get things started for him in his new setting. It was a great opening match. Hernandez is a powerhouse and just a pure machine. Great action, especially at the end. The ending itself was predictable. A triple threat at BFG is the best way to go.

Next call out was James Storm calling out Bobby Roode. Well, I don't know if everyone is with me, but I like James Storm. I like Bobby Roode better. He tried to bail but Hogan gave him an option. Fight, or Hit The Bricks. So we got our Roode/Storm "match". Another fight, another brawl between the two. I thought it went a bit too long though. I'm hoping for a crazy match at Bound For Glory. Steel Cage, Street Fight, something.

Tara Punk? Tara calls out Christy Hemme. Not sure why, except everything that transpired after Christy got into the ring seemed awfully familiar, did it not? Asking an announcer who's the best, demanding respect...hmmm. However, I must disagree with the way they're handling Tara's heel turn. Don't make her a whiner. Don't make her seem she deserves a certain level of entitlement. Make her evil. That's where she's best.

Our final call out of the evening was Austin Aries calling out Bully Ray. It was an okay match. Bully wins is typical heel fashion. Ref gets knocked out, Bully uses the chain. I'm happy Bully was used as a whipping boy in a A Double can match Jeff Hardy competition. But I wonder now, what will Bully Ray's role be at Bound For Glory. I mean we're three weeks away, and he's sort of just floating around.

**Side Note, What the hell was up with that segment with Dixie & Brother Love? The recording was off, just a tad**

Gut Check

This week's contestant was an 18 y/o named Evan Marcopoulus (spelling). He pretty much got his ass kicked, and didn't show much of anything. Doesn't that really defeat the purpose of Gut Check? I mean, let this kid throw out at least a couple moves to showcase what he can do. I can see Gut Check fading fast. Their last few contestants didn't have much of anything. If you read my blog from a couple days ago, it's time do a tag team.

No Evidence Revealed

My heart sunk when this happened. It really deflated me. I waited in anticipation to find out what the evidence and Aces & Eights kidnapped Joseph Park, destroyed his computer, smashed his head with a hammer...*that would actually kill many people in this world, but not a lawyer?*...But next week, Hogan goes into the clubhouse. Not sure what's next but lately, I haven't been too anxious about the Aces & Eights thing. It's a good concept, but now, taking way too long. It's been several weeks now where we've gotten nothing. No progression.

Other Notables

I liked the Aries/Hardy interaction in the back. I like how Aries turned it around a bit with saying he wants what Hardy has, which is all the success and accolades and strong following.

Were we not going to find out what happened with Al Snow getting called to the principal's office? Unless I missed something, why would they not follow up with that.

No X Division, No Joe, No Magnus. Sometimes I wonder where TNA's head is.

I think Aces & Eights is losing a lot of it's luster. A few weeks ago I called for more progression, and we've been getting the total opposite. That doesn't bode too well. It was the best thing going in wrestling over the last 2 months, and now, it's so watered down and bland that it's going to take something monumental to strike the interest back into it. It almost seems like they got this great idea, and ran out of ideas on how to handle it before they have the big reveal at Bound for Glory...which I can only assume is going to be a huge let down.

Finally, and my biggest gripe of the entire night...WHERE THE HELL WAS THE SHAQ ATTACK????

All in all, it was an okay Impact. I think I counted 4 official matches, which isn't good for a 2 hour show. Especially since what made Impact so awesome in the beginning of the summer was how they emphasized great wrestling matches pretty consistently. I'm not certain, but I think Hogan was involved in every single segment. Not good. Not good at all.

Thank you everyone for reading. I have another blog up right now about some TNA storyline ideas, be sure to check it out and add some input.

Have a great weekend and Be Safe.

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  1. The_Socal_Guy's Avatar
    A&E is dying fast. I don't think TNA knows where to take it now. I'm guessing Hogan is behind A&E.
  2. PSOjedi's Avatar
    This has gone too far between Roode & Storm. Their match MUST be a Last Man Standing match at BFG. Nothing else.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I agree with most of what you said. Very confused why they showed Shaq, said he would be summoned if necessary then never had him do anything. Also, they showed the Joey Ryan and Al Snow recap in the "previously on Impact" at the start of the show but didn't really go into it more. At least it will surely be a big story next week.

    Chavo and Hernandez should have been the ones calling Angle and Styles out and not the other way around. AJ and Angle are over they don't need to look any better but it would have made Chavo look like more of a fighter. I still am annoyed that every single one of his moves is out of Eddie's moveset. Whatever.

    It has been too long since I've seen Roode wrestle. Fight was fine but it did go on a bit long.

    Tara calling out Christy Hemme for me was the best part of the show. Idiot me didn't even connect it to Punk and Lawler at the time. Tara accomplished getting the crowd to boo her (which turning on Tessmacher got her cheers last week) and I think she could go somewhere with the idea that people are using her to make a name for themselves.

    On Gut Check if they were trying to show that an 18 year old can take an ass kicking and still hang in there at the end of the match they did it.

    Aces and Eights can't just be about the reveal of who they are they need to keep doing things that eventually reveals not just who they are but also what they want.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Awesome blog yet again bud. I've only got one simple comment to add; A.A was absolutely HORRIBLE on the mic. Thank god for "in-ring" skills, cause he's botch fest 12' when it boils down to talking.... LOL

    We're all feeling ya when it comes down to A&8's. I'm enjoying the process, yet it's being dragged out way too much. Hopefully we're not let down by the outcome.

    Same place, same time next week!
  5. bigez1120's Avatar
    IN the last month or so there seems to be at least one 5 star quality match on every Impact (AJ Styles usually). TNA goes periods of time without seeing the A's and 8's which as you pointed out is not good( Less Hogan). Talents I miss seeing every week are: Samoa Joe, EY and ODB, Roode actually wrestle, and X division guys! Overall though I enjoy TNA version of "entertainment".
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog DK! I agree with PSO, a LMS between Roode and Storm would be epic. I haven't watched this Impact yet as I've been home, but I'm anxious to see it
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Okay, I have something for you guys. The majority of people are saying that Parks is involved in A&8s, correct? What just happened this past week? They setup for Park to be involved in A&8s. He gets some solid info, mysteriously gets stuck 5 cars back at the entrance, and then gets taken to the "clubhouse"? Sounds like a bait job to me. Hogan is being sucked into the game thanks to the willing participation of Joseph Parks. The best part is that if my assumption is correct on this, then Parks playing this lawyer role has set up for this moment perfectly with his overly timid nature and willingness to try and "help" whenever he can. Just because they're not blatantly coming out and telling you "Joseph Parks is in A&8, Bully Ray is in A&8, etc" doesn't mean a storyline isn't advancing. Wes Brisco showing up from time to time, the conspiracies of D’Lo being involved, accusing Storm of being involved have all been ways to “advance” this slow burning story that is set to take up the majority of TNA programming for 9-12 months. The subtle advancement is fine by me because they are setting up events and foreshadowing in a major way.

    ** I hated that Dixie segment because of the audio botch. TNA needs to fix issues like this and their production guys definitely need to step it up. Between bad replays, cutting to cameras at the wrong time, and issues like these, I would have fired the guy and hired someone else. **

    The Joey/Snow thing is coming, just give it time. They didn't tell you what happened in the "principal’s office" this week because they want to build to next week when they announce the match at BFG (or possibly the Gut Check following BFG, but I think they'll do this one at the PPV after all the build). We'll find out soon enough and it just gives me one more thing to look forward to finding out next week.

    I feel the pain when it comes to No Joe, No Magnus, but I am glad there was no "Shaq Attack". I HATE when WWE or WCW would bring in athletes from outside the business because these guys don't respect wrestling the way it should be respected. If you noticed, Hogan kept saying "Game On!" while Shaq was talking to the camera... Does anyone know why he said this; because "Game On" was the queue for Shaq and Hogan to disperse and the show to begin. Shaq didn't follow. Do I think Shaq would have said anything to intentionally try to bring TNA damage? No, but the fact is that these guys are told to do one thing and that's what they should do... Not improve on a live mic and television feed. But that's just my opinion on it.

    And since I am going to rant, I seriously think most people need to take a step back for a second. Do you guys know why TNA has been hitting on full cylinders as of late? Because the stories that they are telling have been good/great (not perfect) stories and they're wrestling has been excellent. If you notice, their stories have also been long, slow burning stories. We are just now getting the conclusion to Roode/Storm after a full years build. Bully and Parks' relationship has been ongoing since before Genesis and I can still see the ties between the two. Ever since Abyss told Joseph that he might "get burned", I knew that they (Abyss/Bully) had a tie in and I really think we're going to get that with this A&8 angle. A&8 also, being quite frankly TNA's biggest angle since MEM, is something that when they first came out everyone said "Don't ruin it TNA by making it go too fast!" but 2 months later everyone is saying they should have revealed major players by now? We went from "Oh TNA doesn't even know what to do with the guys who attacked Sting" to now complaining that "TNA isn't giving me enough information about the group". Seriously, TNA is a great alternative to the E Universe because they are giving more interesting stories that are geared towards adults. Since it’s geared to adults, I want adult stories that take time and build up before I get the final conclusion. I don't want someone telling me how Sons of Anarchy is going to end this season when they've only had 2 weeks of programming, but that’s just how I like my entertainment.

    But fuck it, maybe we should just buy into the E's crap that we have short attention spans and we need instant gratification every 5 seconds or else we get bored. That might be true for some, but for those who look past what they see in front of their face and actually look for the clues to the story don't get bored so easily. But to each their own I guess... Done with the rant before I say anything I'll regret.
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