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Sudden Impact: Three Weeks to Go

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Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where its all TNA, all the time.

We have 3 weeks until TNA's Grand Daddy of em All. The card is starting to take shape. But there is one thing that overshadows all the matches that are going to on the card, and that is the anticipation that we will finally find out who's behind Aces & Eights, who these guys are, what they want, and who brought them here? So without further's time for SUDDEN IMPACT!

Opening Segment and the Return of Sting

Hogan takes center stage to kick things off. He threw Devon a little bone and gave him his props. Then he announced Championship Thursday and the four participants, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Garret Bischoff, and Mr Anderson. Then he announced a Street Fight between Roode & Storm w/ King Mo as the special enforcer. I would have rather had a cage or a last man standing match myself, but a street fight works for me. Then he talks about Aces & Eights and The Stinger returns to get Hogan's back while he ventures into the A&E Clubhouse. We find out later how that turned out.

Triple Threat Match: Angle vs Chavo vs Daniels

To start, I will state for the record that I like Christopher Daniels. I like his music and his attitude. He's funny. I also want to point out that one commenter last week stated that it should have been Chavo and Hernandez that called out Angle & Styles last week at OFN. I want to give him his props on that and say, I fully agree. The match was decent. Not too many high spots but I'm glad they didn't blow their wad on this match. The Triple Threat Tag Title Match at BFG should be awesome. Daniels gets the pin on Chavo which was surprising but I'm not at all against that. They can't try to build Chavo as being unbeatable, so I was happy with the ending and I don't think it holds Chavo down at all. Decent match. Decent finish.

Championship Thursday

As much as I don't like this segment because it's too much like reality tv, I actually didn't hate it this week. After a bunch of trash talking, Magnus is the first eliminated...which I don't agree with. The next was the last three. They probably should have made it a triple threat. I know people aren't fans of Garret Bischoff, but let him wrestle. Either way, we get Joe vs Anderson. Usually at the halfway point of the show, we've been getting our "match of the night" of sorts, so you can understand my joy to see Joe in this match. I'm not a fan of Anderson at all. It was an alright match. A few close calls, good counters. I do like how Joe closed the match out on this one. Anderson almost got to the ropes. Joe didn't let him, rolled it back into the ring. Anderson is out. Joe's the champ. Hopefully, the TV Title will be a real mid-card title now with some real prestige. Let's get the Joe vs Magnus feud going, with the title on the line.

Tara vs ODB Knockouts Number One Contender

It seems like they have 3 Knockouts at the moment. ODB, Tessmacher, & Tara. Haven't seen anyone else recently. As for the match, ODB pretty much kicked her ass the whole time, then Tara tricked her and won with a roll up. Tara also spent much of the match out of the ring, or begging off. It may have been the worst Knockouts match I've seen in a long time. And the ending was predictable. I'm just sad I didn't see The Widow's Peak. There's always BFG though. And I don't like the cocky, defiant character they're giving Tara. I want an evil and twisted Tara. But we don't always get what we want. In fact, it's rare that we do. Maybe at BFG.

**Side Note. I watched two commercials. First, I can't believe they're making a Paranormal Activity 4, and second, I think I'll have to run down to Dave and Busters to see Edge & Tommy Dreamer next Sunday.**

Gut Check Decision

This has become one of my favorite segments just because of the possible Joey Ryan appearance. Can Evan convince Al Snow? He kicked out nicely. Al Snow shot him down. It was sad. But he got his ass kicked and showed nothing last week, so it's not like it was a difficult decision. But what was even more of a let down, was no Joey Ryan. With three weeks to go, I wonder if he'll have a match at BFG. Is it time to worry?

Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray & Bobby Roode

Roode went in and talked to A Double a little earlier before this match. Roode is pulling for Hardy, I guess. I think A Double needs a more definitive entrance theme. I guess I find it a little too generic for the champ. As for the match. It was a WWE'esque main event with the opponents at BFG as tag partners. Good match. Hardy & A Double played a little "beat this" in the beginning. It was a good match. It was good to see Bobby Roode back int he ring in an actual match. Aries played the selfish card near the end. Hardy stole the spotlight with the pin. Things are heating up. Their match is going to be special.

Aces & Eights

They kidnap Sting and Hogan and take them to the clubhouse. So now we find out what's going on in the clubhouse. Were they holding them hostage with a machete? And a blowtorch on Joseph Park? Wow. Talk about C-List action movie at its finest. Any hints on that "leader" who laid out the challenge? And what about that challenge? Hogan chooses two guys against two A&E members at BFG. Aces & Eights gets access if they win, but go away if they lose. Well, with that match laid out, I'm not sure we're gonna get a major reveal that night. But at least there was a little more intrigue with storyline this week. Now it's safe now to not expect anything else with A&E until BFG. I'm okay with that. Now let's utilize the next two episodes of Impact to really build on the matches laid out.

The show closes with Aces & Eights dropping Hogan and Sting. And if you've ever seen the movie Tombstone, you'll know exactly what Sting was doing at the end. "I'm coming, and I'm bringing someone with me, ya hear?".


Garret glared at Hogan something fierce. I know he's not popular with people, but I hope they run with that a little bit. Give him a shot to have matches, play off this a little bit. Drop the poor little underdog side of him and let him gain an identity. That's just my take on it. They should do that with not just Garret, but other guys to maximize the talent on the roster. Give these guys something to do, instead of just leaving them off tv for weeks at a time.

Please stop it with Brooke Hogan. I know she needed a job and daddy saved her. But she's annoying. On a side note, I did see her in a Syfy movie like 2 weeks ago. It was called Two-Headed Shark Attack. Terrible movie.

All in all, Impact was much improved than over the last two weeks. At least in my eyes it was. Bound For Glory is taking shape. I'm expecting awesome things in their matches. I want to see a great match with Hardy & Aries. As a fan, I want Aries to win. I don't know how it's going to play out. But I'm back to being excited for the next episode.

On an off topic, I just want everyone to know, I'm shooting a short horror film this weekend. My plan is to have it finished in time to show it on Facebook on either Halloween Night, or that Saturday after Halloween. Become a fan by "liking" my Facebook page. I'm really trying to get my fan base up so if you enjoy short films, web series and stuff like that, then you're sure to enjoy what I'll be doing. So like the page and spread the word. And keep an eye out for updates.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great weekend and Be Safe.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Sahu's Avatar
    1. Actually I'm waiting for the tagteam match...we all know how great the matches were when Styles/Angle n Daniels/Kaz went against..n it can be better with chavo also in it...

    2. Roode n Storm will be great in Street Fight kind of match esp because Storm is more a brawler n is technically not really sound...I'm happy with it n can expect some beer bottles trashing/beer drinking n spitting action in it..

    3. AA vs Hardy as I have said many times before will be a great entertaining match (provided TNA gives them all freedom)..

    4. Joe as a champion...Its great to see him as a champ....but the only thing is...they might have kept a championship knockout tournament..n allowed Joe/Magnus to be in the finals n might have crowned a new champion at BFG...

    5. Even I want Tara as the evil lady not as a whining lady...I love her as evil lady...
  2. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Yes Impact was pretty good tonight. But I have a little question. Why when Samoa Joe won the TNA TV Chmapionship he was handed the forer TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt. I hope that's not the new TNA TV Championship. That's not a good idea nust my personal opionion.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Glad Joe won the TV title. Hoping for him vs Magnus at BFG!!
  4. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    I found this audio clip online, which is pretty damning evidence that Eazy "E" was the fella sitting backwards in the chair talking to the Hulkster and Sting. I hope this is another decoy to throw us off....I can't imagine that people wanna see Bischoff as the Leader of Aces & 8's. Somebody cleaned up the distorted audio from Impact. Check it out.
  5. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    And another thing that stinks of a Bischoff connection is Garrett's ink on his shoulder. He clearly has Aces at the top of his crazy "Racing car on fire, with dice and aces" tattoo.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sonoftheLINK
    I found this audio clip online, which is pretty damning evidence that Eazy "E" was the fella sitting backwards in the chair talking to the Hulkster and Sting. I hope this is another decoy to throw us off....I can't imagine that people wanna see Bischoff as the Leader of Aces & 8's. Somebody cleaned up the distorted audio from Impact. Check it out.
    Hmm, that is very interesting. Of course if it is Bischoff...than it's a good several months wasted. On the other hand, he could have been a sit in while they figure out exactly what they'll be doing with the angle.
  7. kiltbill's Avatar
    God, no! I'd rather it were Jarrett, or even Brook Hogan, than Bish.

    What a waste of a storyline, to bring us back to exactly where we were 14 months ago.

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