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1! 2! 3! And Its Over


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Hey Guys pretty sure the title says it all......
This one is all about PipeBombs!!!

Today in the E it seems hard for "Sports Entertainers" to cut a good promo and this is due to a number of things such as restriction on what the "Sports Entertainers" can and cannot say!!

The last truely memorable promo i can think of was CM Punk sat at the top of the stage going off on everything the E now stands for (although Cena cut a very good promo IMO the weeks before Night of Champions)

The reason i believe (and i'm sure alot of you will agree) THAT promo was as good and effective as it was is because CM Punk broke down the forth wall......

Name dropping a superstar of another company... Tearing a new one for all the Ass Kissers (as he so midly put it) and mentioning about a superstar who was involved with a whole different sport (although the other sport is not competition) just had people in utter awe. for what seemed like the first time in a long time a superstar was given the freedom to talk about whatever he wanted (besides bullying).

that oppurtunity in itself provided a wide range of subjects for CM Punk to "Shoot" about, CM Punks said things that night that alot of us in the IWC had been thinking for awhile but more than that he said things that alot of the guys in the back had wanted to say just never had the chance ( and might not of had the balls) to say, IMO and remember this is not influenced by any other fans thinking IMO the way to cut a good promo now in the E you need 2 things.

1. You need to have good mic skills at the very least so when you are given the opportunitys you can deliver on a regular basis.. AND

2. A wider range of things to talk about (TNA,ROH etc etc...)

back in the old school some of the best promos we had heard came at a time when companys acknowledged other companys. Steve Austin ECW Anyone? You see you dont't need to going around saying as and shit and go fuck yourself to cut a good promo and if you do your never really gonna cut it... if you can't cut a good promo in the PG era then you don't really belong in the same breath as some of the Elder statemen of the E on the mic.

Dean Ambrose Sadistic, Volatile, Cunning.... a man who in the earlier days of his career has cut hundreds of good promos on the indys and in alot of them you will find him swearing and genuinly ripping people apart but then when he came to the E the didn't change his promo style he just stop swearing and still cut awesome promo after awesome promo which is one of the main reasons he is so over in the IWC and soon to be E.... but for how long?

Good promos in the E atm are few and far between which is why i believe that by simply acknowledging other companys or sports can increase the "Sports Entertainers" chance of cutting GREAT promos more often....

Anyway guys ive been going on and on a little so let me know what you think good, bad, sane or mad.... and feel free to provide subjects for future blogs (provided you want them)

Give me a canvas and i'll paint the picture


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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Back in the day? To me that says 80s wrestling and no one ever really mentioned any other company outside of WCW and the NWA... or the AWA and World Class Championship Wrestling. But those companies were associated with one another at the time. Even when Flair went to the WWE with the belt, he was called "The Real World Champion". They never mentioned NWA or WCW. The only companies that typically mention other companies are the smaller companies looking to make names for themselves.

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