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STATE OF THE 'E: Welcome Back!

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Well, well, well... here I am. One more go round. If I get a good enough response, I'll see what happens about another one. But, considering its been months since people have read one of these... let me start it off right...

Welcome one and all to the ALWAYS imitated but NEVER duplicated STATE OF THE 'E and I am Rated_R(ob)KO and I'm here to discuss a bunch of things so, without further adieu... lets get it going!!!

Recently THE 'E have gone through many changes... am I right? Hell, the last time I did one of these they were still at two hours. I'm pretty sure the last one I did was early July or late June... doesn't matter but the thing is, the landscape has changed a lot since I've last had your eyes and attention here.

I'm going to discuss mainly my opinions this time out... I'll be venturing back to July and coming through to September here. Whatever happens, happens... we all know by now how I work. And for those that don't, this ain't some redundant "TOP 10" list or a "WHAT IF?" this is a real opinion abased blog. Not me fantasy booking or trying to name the "greats". So... I'm kind of nervous but, here goes nothing...

They actually made that friggin' leap to three hours like I was preaching about since the beginning of my blogging career. And what happened? Everything I had hoped for except for ONE THING!!!!WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CRUISERWEIGHTS??? The Divas are getting storylines, the Tag-Team scene is getting exposure and becoming relevent. The main stars are being spread out, more people are getting TV time... it's been fantastic in my opinion!

The 1000th episode was fantastic... the main part with Punk at the end made me laugh because I knew that the next week he would come out and say what he did about The Rock. I was pleased that they've been teetering one the heel turn and how it appeared that he wasn't then was... PERFECT beginning for a nice slow build that has now had almost three months and it's been great.

SummerSlam kicked a lot of ass in my opinion. The card was totally stacked and Haitch VS Lesnar may not have lived up to the hype but I think the reason it didn't was because people were expecting something completely different. I know I was. I mean hell, when we saw how punishing Haitch VS UnderTaker was @ WMXXVIII and that BRUTAL match between Cena and Lesnar @ Extreme Rules, we thought Lesnar and Haitch were going to decimate each other. We were sorely mistaken.

But on the other hand... CM Punk had continued kicking ass and stayed WWE Champion! He's been refreshing as Champion and I still say he is definitely THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Speaking of that term... Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho definitely tore things up in their feud, aye? I enjoyed their feud thoroughly and was sad to see Jericho leave again. I know he'll be back but it always sucks when he leaves.

What a freaking month so far, eh? CM Punk has been WWE Champion for I believe 310 or 311 days now. WOW! That pleases me more than anyone can know. I've been a fan of people that are basically against the grain for as long as I can remember and there's a reason CM Punk has been there for as long as he has. He says its about RESPECT and it's true. I love how THE 'E took what we were saying on the IWC about Punk being WWE Champion for so long, yet Cena still closes the show. It's ridiculous and even though THE 'E knows it, they won't diss their cow.

Night Of Champions was a decent PPV. VERY happy that THE 'E is doing things with Susan G. Korman's walk for the cure. I hate that it's with John Cena but, see above. Needless to say, my shirt, my wife's shirt and my son's shirt should be here in a couple days. It's a fantastic way to show support and all the money goes to helping find a cure for breast cancer. Save the Ta-Ta's... It's worth it.

Kane and Daniel Bryan have been some of the most entertaining things on E' TV recently. They crack me up week in and week out. I'M THE TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS!! Classic. Wade Barrett has FINALLY made his damn return after me waiting for so long. I wonder what the delay was about? I guess they wanted to bring him in when the time was right for his... Nexus's return lol.

Well, that's caught us up to speed with me on THE 'E's front.. now for some rapid fire opinions to close out my blog... CM Punk is still on top, he's now definitely "A Paul Heyman Guy" and that angle has been done greatly so far.

I've quite enjoyed being home with my son on Saturday morning's with my son watching Saturday Morning Slam and I know a lot of you are crying foul because of the G rating but, suck it the hell up. It's a damn kids show for crying out loud. You were a kid once too remember.

I'm in love with THE 'E again right now. Legitimately. They've amped up their game the last couple months and have been putting on great show after great show. Storylines, Championship reigns, and honestly enough character development has been kick ass as well.

Also, even though it's Cena representing it, buy some shirts. If you have any females in your family, they'll thank you.

Now, I'm done for right now. As per usual send your death threats, BBQ recipes, TV watching habits, bra size, pantie size and the width of your peg leg below along with questions or comments. Hopefully, I'll be back if you want me.

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    Glad you're back, love the blog as always. Keep 'em coming!
  2. sret's Avatar
    I must say that it's very refreshing to see someone being this positive about things. You should definitely return on a more regular basis.
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Great to see you back good sir.

    I must say it makes a change to get opinions from people who actually watch the show, than those who say they have given up on it, yet still piledrive it week in and week out. Then again you're here for the benefit of giving others your opinion, rather than just giving yourself an ego stroke.

    Good work that man.
    Updated 09-24-2012 at 12:38 PM by Wade Barrett 1979
  4. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    WELCOME THE FUDGE BACK DUDE!!!! I had all but quit reading blogs on this site until I saw a SOT'E. It gets so frustrating when you see the main page full of "Top 10 blah blah" or "Who is better blah or blah" blogs on here that take so little effort to produce.

    If you don't continue writing blogs I'll find you, and show you just how wide my "peg leg" really is
    Updated 09-24-2012 at 03:40 PM by Poot-Hair
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    I thought being positive about the WWE is against the law here? Best in the world!
  6. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    Welcome back Rob!as always great blog. Couldn't agree with ya more! Keep 'em coming! I like exclamation points!

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