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WWE'13 Gameplay Thoughts based on previous WWE Games.

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This is my first blog and just wanted to discuss the lack of "realism" that has been taken out of WWE games, which have actually been in previous WWE games. Or certain features in previous games that could be integrated into WWE'13.

1. A superstar cannot hold their submission when their opponent has crawled/reached for the ropes for 5 seconds. What on earth happened to this feature? In WWE12 this feature had been removed. The superstar just lets go. In real life programming, most heel superstars would still keep hold until the count of 4.
2. Any interfering superstars in a match seem to come out with numerous of amounts of finishers PLUS hardly ever uses them. Fair enough they distract a referee when a submission or a pin is currently active, but this hardly EVER changes the outcome of the match.
3. "Breaking Point Submissions" I think this is the worst way in WWE gaming history for a player to make a superstar tap out, it is near enough obvious if you are going to make a superstar tap out, if the meter starts with it 50% or more, he will tap out, if any less, it fills up a tiny bit, then QUICKLY depletes.
4. Perhaps bring back Smackdown VS RAW 06 mini game when a finisher has been performed with hardly no stamina. I thought this was a nice touch to the game, as this sometimes happens in real life matches, obviously update the system.
5. More Varied Ability List. We've seen the same ability list for about 2/3 years. More would be nice..
6. A Superstar performing a running strike -in the ring towards another superstar, standing on the outside of the apron. This is one of the worst "glitches" if I may call it that. As the animation is AWFUL. Plus I, personally, have never reversed it.
7. Attacking a person coming in and out the ring. I thought this was a great feature as seen in SvR'11, this was missed in WWE'12 and would like it to be brought back in '13! Adds realism.
8. Tag Team warfare has lost its touch They mainly focused on tag team game play in SvR '09 and now with WWE'12, its gone out the window, referencing point 7, when attacking a person entering the ring who is in the progress of breaking up a pin. It does nothing. Plus HOT-TAGS can't be charged up anymore, they only are determined by if a player is heavily damaged. I personally preferred it when the player could manually prepare the Hot-Tag. In the gameplay of WWE'12, I RARELY seen the hot-tag option.
9. Universe Mode 3.0 This will need some work, based on previous games, we need a "Title History" option so we can view who has been champion and for how long. Could also bring back things such as POWER 25 and possibly a WWE.COM feature from General Manager Mode. Also I am not all that keen on the "Momentum Feature" as it took high-attributed stars such as John Cena and The Undertaker just 2 matches to reach 100. Also more varied "storylines" all of the storylines are the same played over many many times and superstars usually "hot potato" from Clean to Dirty where most of the original clean superstars are dirty and vice-versa.
10. Promos from Here Comes The Pain at PPV's? Thought of this idea last night and how an automated promo which can be created through the "Highlight Reel" which takes certain "WWE Universe Cutscenes" which happen in Universe mode and make a promo to build up some hype for Main Events or any match at the PPV. I personally forget most happenings and how this match at the PPV when a PPV comes around.

Any comments appreciated!
Currently filling in time as I was supposed to go to University today but i was too sick to travel and have had ideas of writing a blog!

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  1. rhyno535's Avatar
    In my opinion the best submission tap out thing was on SDvsRaw when you had a meter where you need to press X (on ps2) so the dot hits between 2 blocks where you could breake the hold and 1 block that you could reverse the hold. You didnt smash any buttons and it was more fair for both guys.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I've enjoyed the WWE 12 Breaking Point submissions. Probably because I've played as D Bryan for the past four months and I've managed to make people tap from a near empty bar. My cousin hates me for it lol.
  3. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I just know each year the game gets better and better.
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar83
    I just know each year the game gets better and better.
    I don't agree. The idea behind wwe12 was fine, but the gameplay of SvR-series was better, less glitches, better camera-angles, etc.
  5. Kincaid's Avatar
    A tag team local co-op story arc or being able to set up a tag team tournament would be a great addition.
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog. What annoys me a little bit is the fact that they still have a few dated moves from previous games that just looks awkward. Plus, I miss when wrestlers had their own move-set and not some random move-sets being given to the wrestlers in the game. Hopefully WWE 13 will have smoother gameplay and the moves along with the controls don't look/feel so damn wonky.

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