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Sting's 10 biggest moments in TNA

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I have been a bit harsh towards a child favorite of mine: Sting recently on the forums. Have felt bad about which is why I decided to make a blog dedicated to Sting's TNA career focusing on his 10 biggest moments in TNA. That along with the fact, he is getting inducted into TNA's HOF in October. This is a perfect scenario along with th timing of this blog.

10.Sting takes back control of TNA BFG 2011-Hogan vs Sting happened at BFG and Sting got the company back for Dixie Carter. Why it is so low on the list? We saw the debut of Eric Bischoff's son. Us TNA fans were tortured week after week watching promos w/him getting pushed while others who deserved to be was on the sidelines. Watch promos w/stars such as Sting, Hogan, and AJ Styles tell him he is going to be a future star in this business. The worst storyline in 2012 goes to the Bischoffs. That along w/Immortal being one of the worst stables we've seen in years. Just my opinion........
9.Sting return March, 8 2010 Impact attacks Hogan and Abyss-Probably the most shockng moment in Sting's TNA career was when he attacked Hogan that night of his return. He was heel for the time being for the 1st time in his TNA carer. Later at BFG 2010, we learned he was trying to prevent Hogan and Bischoff from taking over the company.
8.Sting defeats Jeff Hardy for the TNA world title March 3rd 2011 Impact-Sting ended up being Hardy's mystery opponent winning the TNA world title from Immortal's Jeff Hardy. No hype really built up to and it wasn't on a ppv which hurt its ranking here.
7.Sting defeats Joe for the TNA world title BFG 2008-Winning a world title on TNA's biggest stage to some it may surprise it is this low on the list, but to me I still look at it as the first death blow to Joe's down turn of his career. Still a big moment in the career of Stings in TNA.
6.Sting defeats Angle for the TNA world title BFG 2007-Angle was the man in TNA during 2007. He led the company while Jarrett when he was gone and did a helluva job. One of the best years in TNA was 2007. Sting vs one of the top guys in WWE never to face made it probably the biggest main event booked in the history of the BFG ppv. Certainly in the top 3 I'd say. Winning his first TNA world title here.
5.Sting joins Main Event Mafia October 23, 2008-I believe this was a week after the 2008 BFG when it became official that Sting joined the MEM. Began probably one of the best storylines wrestling has had in the past 5 years because the realistic story was there. MEM did end badly because they dominated and Frontline didn't create new stars over it. However, starting the best stable TNA history makes this a top moment in Sting's career without question.
4.Sting defeats Jarrett for the NWA world title BFG 2006-For those who may not know, TNA/NWA had a working relationship during the early days of TNA. 2007 was when they stopped being partners and had their first TNA world champion crowned at Slammiversary. Sting's fued w/Jarrett was good because it was months in the making unlike his other fueds leading in to BFG. After the debacle at the previous BFG 05, Sting didn't let us TNA fans down in 06. After months of torment, Sting beat Jarrett to win his first world title in TNA.
3.Sting makes TNA Impact debut January 28, 2006-A tease of Sting's appearance happened on a ppv in late 2005. He first made his Impact debut on Spike the date I listed. Sting was my favorite wrestler in WCW. When I heard he was returning, no chance I was going to miss that. Seeing him meant a lot to me after not being seen on national TV in years. Great moment not only for Sting or TNA, but us wrestling fans.
2.Sting is announced 1st inductee in the TNA HOF Slammiversary 2012-Can't argue with this one at all can you? Being announced as the first inductee in a HOF. Sting has meant a lot to TNA. His ppv match teaming with Christian vs Monty Brown and Jarrett landed the best ppv buys the company ever seen. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think the the pending signing of Sting is what helped TNA get on Spike TV.
1.Sting inducted in the TNA HOF Oct.2012-Not knowing when he'll be inducted, but I do know without question, being inducted in the TNA HOF is and should be the biggest accomplishment in his TNA career. He helped this company grow to where it is today. Us TNA fans should be appreciative of that. I know I am, I can't wait until he is inducted to the HOF. Big moment for Sting in his career and big moment for TNA. Us Sting fans get to witness him get inducted in the HOF finally. Without question, biggest moment of Sting's TNA career will be on that October night!!

I will follow this up with the 10 Best moments in the history of TNA's Bound For Glory which of course is coming up this October. Any thoughts, leave them in the comment section below. Why just TNA moments some may ask? He is getting inducted in the TNA HOF for his contributions in TNA. I'll do WCW stuff if he ever does get inducted into the WWE HOF. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Sting's feud with Jarett was a good one n brought a lot of star power to TNA...sting vs Kurt is really a blockbuster match...Sting is perhaps THE BIGGEST SUPERSTAR never wrestled in WWE n Kurt when he left WWE was The Biggest Star in the company...

    when they both met each other, it was one of my dream matches n i have enjoyed it...
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    Sting's feud with Jarett was a good one n brought a lot of star power to TNA...sting vs Kurt is really a blockbuster match...Sting is perhaps THE BIGGEST SUPERSTAR never wrestled in WWE n Kurt when he left WWE was The Biggest Star in the company...

    when they both met each other, it was one of my dream matches n i have enjoyed it...
    Kurt vs Sting was kind of thrown together at the last minute. First tag champs, than the stupid Karen Angle/Sting suit where they couldn't come 25 ft, and than he showed up at Sting's son football game and attacked him. Had their match...Thought it should have had a better build. Jarrett vs Sting was done well.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    ACtually I am not at all a Jarett fan n that's why I for me it's not a high match...where as I grew up watching Sting (for me over a long time WCW==Sting, I always liked him over the likes of Hogan/Hall/Nash/Flair..) n when I have grown up I have seen Kurt n there is no need for me to say how great Kurt is...

    that's enough for me to see them in a match at the biggest event of TNA....

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