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9 Matches That Should Be Booked for WM29

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I always thought you shouldn't book your biggest show of the year based off the other PPVs, but book the other PPVs based off your big show of the year. WrestleMania is about putting together the best possible card you can have with your current roster. Dream matches, surprises, returns, this is the show to pull out all the stops. I've been pretty disappointed in the last few WrestleManias. While they were OK, they weren't anything compared to previous years. WWE needs to step it up this WM, so here are 8 matches that realistically should be booked for the Superbowl of Wrestling.

WrestleMania 29
WWE Championship: CM Punk vs. The Rock vs. John Cena
I'm predicting this is what will end up happening, but it should anyway. While I'm not a fan of triple threats, no one would care to see Cena vs. Rock II. Most likely we'll see that at RR. Punk vs. Rock would be okay but where does that leave Cena? All three have had encounters and this would make the most sense storyline wise.

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
Since their confrontation @ UFC PPV a few years ago, we really haven't heard anything about their little feud since, and that's a good thing. Somewhere in the near future, they need to have an encounter to help build this up. Since Brock has limited dates and Taker rarely appears they could have one in ring confrontation and film a bunch of promos outside the ring to help build. These two already have a story, soon it'll be time to reintroduce it.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
Orton needs to turn heal soon, and the WHC seems to be over enough to lead SD as the lead babyface. I'd start this feud before Survivor Series, having each man lead his team to face each other, have them eliminate each other from the RR setting up a match @ Mania. But in the end, Ziggler cashes in and becomes the new Heavyweight Champion.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Ryback
Miz should hold on the the IC for a while and have a solid run with it. While this match looks like it'll happen very soon before Mania, it shouldn't. They could make huge money off this if they did it right. How bout this storyline: Miz files a suit against Ryback for ruining Miz TV, hiring David Otunga who files a restraining order against Ryback. Finally, before WM, the restraining order is broken allowing Ryback to finally face the Miz for the IC Title. Let it build, have Ryback feud with Miz's associates until he's finally able to get his hands on him.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara
I read they're thinking about turning one of the two heal but I think that's a mistake. Both men are really over with the kids, and if they want to get Sin Cara over to take Mysterio's place when he retires one day, having baby face Mysterio put him over and endorse him at the end will do wonders for Sin Cara rather than a heal Mysterio, which I don't think could even work. This would be a great entertaining dream match for many.

Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan
Bryan and Kane's run won't last forever. These two could put on a great match and maybe even do a Nexus storyline here building up the match. I AM NEXUS! NO I AM NEXUS! I've always enjoyed the chemistry these two have, but pretty much any match with Bryan is money.

Cody Rhodes vs. Mick Foley - NO DQ
Pretty much this match would do 2 things: Legitimize Rhodes & put him over the hump. Granted Foley may not be the man RIGHT NOW to do it, if he got in shape, made a return and built a story with Cody, it could happen. Look what Foley did for Orton and Edge's career. He made them look like a legitimate tough guys who could hang with the Hardcore legend. Cody's career needs this more than anything else right now.

#1 Contender Battle Royal for the IC Title
You need something to throw in that take get a lot of superstars on the show. Damien Sandow wins, moving on to feud with the newly crowned IC Champion Ryback.

Tag Team Championship
Primetime Players vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
Ryder's singles career is floundering. Hawkins is rarely to be seen. The Tag Division needs help. The answer? Reform Ryder & Hawkins, dub them the Long Island Express, and showcase the Tag Team Titles on the biggest PPV of the year. Primetime Players WILL win the titles from Kane & Bryan, just a matter of time.

There you have it. You might like it, you might hate it, but with the proper build I believe it could be an awesome card and one of the better WrestleMania's we've seen in a while. No Ziggler except cashing would be my own concern, but as long as he gets his WrestleMania moment than he should be okay.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by timfeyenoord
    I don't think an Elimination Chamber at Wrestlemania just 6 weeks after the Elimination Chamber will happen/work, instead I would make this a 6-man Hell in a Cell Match.
    6 man hell in a cell match has only happened once. That was a decade ago. Don't believe it will happen again since we now have the EC match. EC matches usually last about 30 minutes which means your card would be smaller than others to make it work. EC ppv is the ppv before WM.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by THE_CRIPPLER
    Im not a fan of most of your card. I dont see the point in a Triple Threat, Cause then no one really gets the benefit or bragging rights of beating The Rock.. I think WM needs to be a rematch of Rock vs Cena, The first match was a disaster and they should try to make up for it. Plus Cena needs his win back to salvage his reputation. I think Punk and Rock and Rock and Cena separate would be bigger draws than all the matches combined. Unless the Royal Rumbles a triple threat but not for WM.

    I don't think Foley has the magic he once did to get Cody Rhodes over. Foley in 2002-2005 yea most definitely but Foley now is a joke, even his promos are uninspired.

    I dont understand the reason for Bryan and Barette to face off at WM, I'm sure it be a decent match, Dont see a reason for them to fight.

    I agree with Taker and Lesnar. Make Lesnar a unstoppable monster and the only person that can Stop him is the legendary Undertaker at mania but Brock needs to be booked more often and Strong. Have him destroy some more top faces maybe even Cena.

    The PTP and Hawkins and Ryder is a match I think belongs on Superstars.

    MIZ and Ryback look like its gonna happen now.
    That would be the worst main event in WM history for these reasons

    1. Cena will win 100% or the Rock will super bury Cena lol (I would not mind seeing that but it wont happen)

    2. Rematches most of the time don't compare with the first. We know Cena and rock will kick out of 2 finishers each (or look like they have gotten weaker in the last year)

    3. It would feel like. Did i not watch this match last year?
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The card I'd book for WM 29:
    Main event: Rock (C) vs Cena WWE title-Cena wins this go round.
    Lesnar vs Taker-Other than Cena, who is the next top challenger? I'd say Lesnar is the most believable to end the streak. Taker wins of course.....
    Punk vs Sheamus-Besides Rock, Cena, and Orton...who is the next top face in the company? I'd probably say Sheamus. Never really remember them fueding other than maybe a couple matches between each other. Should be a good match.
    Wade Barrett (C) vs Cody Rhodes World title-I have Rhodes as a face wanting to achieve what his father had achieved. He wins, but Ziggler cashes in MITB on him and leaves as World champion.
    Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho-Talk about technical wrestling, this would be like the Benoit/Jericho days a decade ago. Submission match would be cool or even 2 out of 3 falls, but that would probably be saved for Extreme Rules. Daniel Bryan winning this one.
    Orton vs Damien Sandow-I'm not gonna lie, I'm high on Sandow. Orton has faced almost everyone their is to face. Which is why this was an easy choice. Have Sandow winning this one.
    Big Show vs Ryback (C) for the IC title-If you are going to have to have Big Show on the show, you must have him face the guy we want him to face which is Ryback. Finally facing the biggest man in sports and probably his toughest challenge yet. Ryback would get over extremely by defeating him. Wrestlemania moment to remember in the midcard.
    Mysterio vs Sin Cara-most likely to happen and a match a lot of people want to see. I'm a bigger fan of Mysterio because he doesn't botch and so on, but I think Cara could use the rub here and win this match.
    Diva battle royal for the Divas title-No match where you could say I can't wait for it anymore. You had Phoenix vs Kharma which never happened. Phoenix vs Sara Del Ray w/now both big women gone. Possibly Ray vs Eve?
    Dark match aka preshow match: Ryder (C) vs Ziggler for the Internet championship-A reminder for who may not know that I have Ziggler cashing in the MITB briefcase on the ppv on the world champion so I do have him on the actual WM show. Ryder vs Ziggler has been booked by themselves to happen there almost a year on the show after WM 28. Good to keep them happy and do this...
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    That would be the worst main event in WM history for these reasons

    1. Cena will win 100% or the Rock will super bury Cena lol (I would not mind seeing that but it wont happen)

    2. Rematches most of the time don't compare with the first. We know Cena and rock will kick out of 2 finishers each (or look like they have gotten weaker in the last year)

    3. It would feel like. Did i not watch this match last year?
    I don't know, WM have had a lot worse main events: WM 11 Bam Bam vs LT, WM 8 Sid vs Hogan, WM 18 HHH vs Jericho where no real crowd reaction after being burned out from Rock/Hogan match. Watching it live, I was wondering what matches were left after Rock/Hogan. That was the match everyone wanted to see.
  5. #BITW's Avatar
    rock vs cm punk for the wwe championship
    wade barrett vs bryan vs ziggler for the world heavyweight championship
    undertaker vs brock lesnar
    rey & sin cara vs PTP vs usos vs gabriel & kidd in a fatal four way tornado tag tables elimination match for the tag team championship
    thats what should happen
  6. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Taker vs lesnar last man standingRock vs punk wwe title Cena vs BarrettZiggler vs Jericho vs Orton WHCSheamus vs BryanAJ vs Eve divas titlePtp vs epico & primo vs usos vs Pro tag titlesStable vs stable in a 10 man tag OR8 man MITB ladder match
  7. Lupy1234's Avatar
    I am a huge UT fan and I still do not understand "The Streak." Wrestling is what is the point? It is not like the streak is legit. So, instead of insulting some will do, please enlighten me.
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