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Raw World Tour: Bryce Jordan Center Review

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This is the Review for Raw House Show last night 9/21/12

Opening Segment: AJ comes out and starts talking but gets interrupted by CM Punk an AJ says this is her show and that he will be defending his title against Big Show. He drops his mic and walks to the back.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Miz and TenasiA lot of back and fourth, Mysterio 619 Tenasi and throws Miz out of the ring and tags in Sin Cara who does a flip and pins him. They celebrate and head to the back. Sin Cara only botched a couple times but I mean you have to give him time to get use to WWE's fighting.

Miz gets the mic and wants a match with Mysterio since he didn't get pinned. So Rey comes back out. They fight for a little bit and Miz goes for the SCF but it's reversed into a 619 for the win.Miz seems like he's going to turn face soon but that's just my opinion.

Layla comes out and talks about the cancer group thing. And Aksana comes out. It was back and fourth and the crowd was like dead. Layla wins with the neckbreaker.

Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater

Damien Shadow comes out and says that he's so smart that he never got pinned yet. Then he says your welcome. And Justin Gabrial comes out and actually beats him with a reversed flip move, it wasn't his normal move but it was pretty cool. The kids behind be kept yelling at Damien it got pretty annoying after a while.

Michael Mcgillicutty defeated Dean Ambrose. The crowd was pretty dead, I don't think a lot of people knew who Dean Ambrose was. The kids behind me said they didn't know who Brock Lesnar was but they like him. And I just shook my head.

There was a lot of USA chants throughout the show

Antonio defeated Zack Ryder for the U.S. Championship. After the match he tried to beat up Ryder but Ryder gave him the Rough Rider

MAIN EVENT TIME!!! We got to choose what match it was over our cell phones.
Opition 1 was 2 out of 3 Falls Count Anywhere
Opition 2 was lumberjack match.
Winner: LumberJack match.
.Big Show comes out first and apparently he's a face now? I don't know but he was with the crowd. CM Punk came out and didn't want to give the referee the belt but eventually did. Big Show was in control like 90% of the match but then CM Punk grabbed the belt and hit Zack Ryder and Justin and Brodus Clay. Then Big Show grabbed him by his head and Punk hit him with the belt. BIG SHOW WINS BY DQ.

Rey ran in the ring and hit Punk a couple times before he got hit with the belt then Sin Cara came in and the same thing happened. Punk jumped on the apron and thought everyone was cheering for him but behind him Big Show was getting up and shaking his fist.

Punk jumped down and walked right into the knockout punch to send the crowd home happy.

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  1. Dubs's Avatar
    Good review. Sounds like it was a pretty good house show despite the Layla vs Aksana match. lol

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