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The Problem and Possible Solutions for the Divas

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Do you internet marks finally get it?

Do people finally understand that WWE is a company desperate for consumer's money and attention? That they are only going to give opportunities to stars with interest, and how the Divas are not of any interest to the consumer? Wrestlemania is nigh & RAW is pulling off the best ratings possible. That means showing mostly segments that will certainly keep viewers & keep them entertained. The Divas simply don't draw.

You have John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, & Sheamus, whom fans primarily come to the shows to see. Team Hell No have had one of the most entertaining angles of the year. Jack Swagger would probably be out of a job by now if it weren't for the attention he & Zeb Colter received in the political news world, so they receive far more attention on RAW now. Ryback & the Shield are dark horses to the product, and not to mention you have the Rock, the person to thank for ratings on the rise & expansion in fanbase. When was the last time people invest in the product for a female wrestler? Why can't a woman (without the help from Cena or Punk or Bryan by the way) get over?

You have seen guys who have earn the right to be in RAW's spotlight every week: Bryan, Cesaro, Sandow, Ziggler, & Clay believe it or not are just a few examples of how their momentum rises due to fan reaction. AJ has been over, but that's because of her involvement outside the ring rather than in it.

Now here are many guys in recent history that have failed to appeal to the consumer:

Bo Dallas. He gone from burying the IC Champion to pure nonexistence.
Tensai. Wasn't he going to feud with Cena & Punk last Summer?
Sin Cara. Wasn't he tag teaming with Cena around his debut?
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty. Yeah, real villains they were.
Ezekiel Jackson & Mason Ryan. We sure enjoyed their pushes, we did.
Jinder Mahal. Yeah, he was so important, that's why he is in 3MB now & not even they matter anymore.

This is the rule, & it applies to everybody. If people cheer for certain wrestlers, they featured more. If nobody reacts to them, they are left off the show. In case people have forgotten a certain promo, listen and learn about how people rise & fall in the company. Take it away, Phil.

Numerous ignorant fans have gone to argue with me that "In order for fans to cheer for the Divas, they need more focus, longer matches, and more storylines." That is inexplicable and illogical. That would mean that the fans don't cheer for the people they like but just cheer for when they're booked better. I doubt that fans take it into regard, because they're fans! Fans won't help somebody like Bo Dallas get over if he is just continuously shove down our throats. That only hurts the product even more.

This is how it's been for years with the Divas. No matter if it was a real fight like Beth vs. Gail Kim or a powderpuff affair between Kelly Kelly & Layla, the fans never showed any support. They never expressed that they wanted to see more. How does utter silence from the audience mean that they want to see more? To the members of the Ignorant Whining Children, please elaborate.

The fans don't come to analyze creative storytelling, they come to enjoy the show! People go to the events to get entertained. They cheer for the good guys & boo the bad guys & if that happens, WWE knows they're making positive choices and they know they're booking a program good enough for TV. If they get no reaction, that means the fans are not interested. But don't think WWE hasn't tried to make compelling storylines for the women.

Over the past few months you had storylines for Divas such as Kaitlyn and AJ, and they both crashed and burned due to the monotonous lack of interest & appreciation from the consumer. They tried to make Kaitlyn a hit. They did everything they could to make her the new face of the division. They made her the subject of a whodunit storyline, put her in a long grueling feud with Eve, gave her a total makeover, Edge's finisher, tried to make her title win as important as they could on the 20th Anniversary in her hometown. With all that, fans still don't show that she matters whatsoever. All that effort to build her is just gone and it's all because the audiences have no taste for it. How can you blame "creative" or "WWE" in this regard? What have they done wrong here? What more is it going to take?

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn is a failure. I don't want to admit that to a girl that has improved greatly in a couple of years. Here the WWE had a great opportunity to make changes & humble beginnings with this girl, only for fans to continue to neglect her. And people have been saying "Oh things are going to change when Kaitlyn wins the title. She is the answer to the Divas division."

That's the thanks "the answer" gets for her hard work?

Kaitlyn is now teasing a relationship with Cody Rhodes, the man who got a new t-shirt all because of how over his stupid little facial hair is. It's no problem to me now if that is what it would take.

Another example is the AJ/Vickie Guerrero feud. You had this very popular woman who is the GM of RAW, against a whining fat gorilla who has been shattering eardrums for the past 7 years. WWE thought fans just couldn't wait for the hero AJ to finally kick the shit out of Vickie after weeks of abuse. The fans didn't want to see how that played out, so it didn't play out & instead AJ turned heel & is Frenching it up with Dolph Ziggler. Yeah, way to go, fans, way to show how much you want to see women wrestle.

In an offshoot to WWE, you have a developmental show known as NXT. There is a big amount of focus to a female character on the show. That would be Paige. Paige is the most over Diva in the company, and that is a terrible thing to admit. But keep in mind that Paige actually has appeal and draws tremendous interest. This is why she is getting such focus and attention on her. She is why people watch the shows online & why people come to the events. There is no Diva on the main roster who can draw a fraction of what she can, and it's important that they need to in order to compete in more televised events. If 500 people in a college can cheer for a woman, why can't 15,000 people in a stadium cheer for a woman?

This is what REAL support sounds like.

So Paige is now being what I call a catalyst in NXT. She will serve the purpose to help the other women on that show get over, so they can be ready too when it's their turn to get called up. It starts with her & Summer Rae. Without Paige, Summer would probably still be a ring announcer.

Overall, the Divas Division is in no real danger, they still sign new talent, & most of the Divas should be content with the exposure & wages they receive. They still are needed on tour all year round & they still get to compete far more often overall than the KOs in TNA, and many of them can even afford their own homes thanks to WWE. Complaining about how a certain woman isn't on RAW is like complaining about how Brock Osweiler is backup to Peyton Manning.

So how does WWE fix this problem? The problem that the Divas lack serious interest from the audience? WWE won't just give them more focus or the show will tank in ratings, and they can't just find a way for fans to magically care. I keep reading comments from several crybabies about how they should sign actual Indy wrestlers, but that's not the problem. Sure they can sign a talented wrestler but whose to say fans are going to like her? They didn't like Gail Kim. They don't like Tamina, or at least they show they don't. And even if Sara Del Rey debuts next week, chances are she's going to be as big of a flop as they were.

Naomi has just begun to wrestle on WWE programming & she has been getting decent reactions from the crowds. That is good. It will take time for her to mature and to work her way up to the title, but as long as there are fans to support her, it will be a much smoother and faster journey for her. She is like Gail Kim in the ring, only that Naomi is 10 years younger, doesn't have an attitude problem, and actually shows energy and personality in the ring. I know that people are upset she is stuck with Clay, but she needs Clay. Without him, she would have no direction or character to build around.

Paige is the company's long term solution. She is young and has a lot of time ahead of her, but she's still not old enough to compete on TV yet. I say that she will be ready about 6 months after she turns 21. In that time, she can legitimize more women in NXT so they can be ready for the main roster too. However, she herself may need to start from the bottom up, for just because she is young & good at wrestling doesn't guarantee her to be the next Trish Stratus. She would have to prove that she deserves the people's attention but I wouldn't worry about that. For now, she just needs to stay out of trouble. That's all she must do for now.

It has been several months since former Knockout and developmental prospect Angelina Love left TNA on her own terms. If the rumors are true, she is waiting until WWE is ready to sign former TNA talent again. She is 31 years old, but it's not like she hasn't been in a similar situation in TNA, where she was one of the KOs that put the division on the map. With that said, she has more likelihood of getting over on WWE programming than Paige, & she definitely has tons of experience in the ring & in front of the camera, so she is considered a short-term solution. She is more than willing & ready to lead the division & could open many doors for women for as long as she lasts, maybe 5 more years.

There is even a more surefire option than Angelina, and that is re-signing Kharma. Kharma was one of Triple H's first signed talents. There are very many setbacks to her. She is 35 years old, is a psychological burden, & was very uncooperative during her training to return. However, she was extremely over without even competing in a match, and it had to really upset WWE that she had to be away for a long period of time. I don't know if or when she will return, but if she does, I doubt it would be for very long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samisevil777
    The divas are not over because the divas are. Why are not over? Lack of TV time,character development and the wow factor to their matches.Solutions are simple more character development, give the fans a reason to hate the heel and cheer the face.
    Wow, you sure read the blog.
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