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Where To Go With The Feuds and Angles in TNA

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Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior with a special post regarding the state of TNA’s storylines. Now what I plan on doing here, is throw out ideas about where I’d like to see some of the current storylines go, as well as some other ideas that I had about some feuds and angles.

I thought about this after last week’s Impact. I’ve noticed that TNA tends to spend time building something one week, then abandon it the next in lieu of trying to build something else. The problem is, with so little time between PPV’s, there’s little time to properly build really good feuds. So, I’m just gonna throw somethings out there. Let me know what you think.

Joey Ryan and Al Snow

I’m sure this will be a match at BFG. However, I still think Al Snow should be behind Joey Ryan getting in. It would make perfect sense since Snow voted yes for him. So they should do something like have Ryan con Pritchard into guaranteeing him a contract if he beats Snow. Once it’s signed, then have Snow let him win. Not with a finger poke of doom though, as someone suggested a few weeks ago. I don’t want Joey Ryan to lose credibility. And once this goes down, he should get regular TV Time. And please, don’t make him a whiner. Let him stick with his, “Joey Ryan is money and you don’t leave money on the table”. Snow and Ryan should pair up though.

Tara and the Knockouts Division

We saw Tara go evil and attack Tessmacher last week. They will have a match at BFG and it’s a match where Tara should win convincingly. From here, they should push Tara as the dominant Knockout and using the Widow’s Peak in an angle where it’s an injury causing move. Make her down right vicious and evil. Have her just walk through the Knockouts division, destroying everyone.Then, have her win an epic match with either Gail or Mickey…and follow that up with the return of Awesome Kong. Where it goes from there is up to the imagination. But they should push Tara as a destroyer, and go early WWE Victoria-like crazy and unstable. Hell, even license the song she had, “All the things she said”. Go all out disturbing with her.

Kaz & Daniels & The Tag Team Division

Okay, obviously they need more tag teams. I like Chavo & Hernandez, for now. Hernandez is gonna need to go off on his own eventually. Also, Aces & Eights should have a tag team once that plays out and they are consistently on TV, if it happens. But there's not much after that. I mean, just pairing up people like AJ & Angle, or Gunner & Kash, isn't really getting it done. So, right around the time Sabin is ready to come back, I'd sign Shelley back and bring the Motor City Machine Guns back. In the meantime, keep the titles on Daniels & Kaz until then, and maybe do a gut check episode for a tag team, and start building it from the ground up.

Zema, Kenny King, and the X Division

Okay, after Destination X, the X Division, with its great tournament and everything, has become an after thought once again. I don't want to see it be forgotten for months, and then leading up to Dest X, suddenly it has meaning because the champ can cash it in for a World Title shot. I think it needs relevance year round. So, my storyline idea is this. Obviously, they're already going with Zema injuring people until Jesse Sorenstrom returns. It's a good concept. But then beyond that, they need to treat it like the old Cruiserweights of WCW. Showcase matches with these guys and their high flying abilities. Have a tag match or a 6 man tag match on every episode of Impact. On OFN, have an X Division Title Match standard. Bring in some new young guys, or even some popular names from days before, and spark that interest again.

Aces & Eights Members and Leader

I think the biggest question, other than who’s behind the group, is what are they going to do once it’s revealed who they are? First, I hope they avoid becoming another Immortal. Instead, they should try going NWO, but without ripping it off. I actually had a vision about Aces & Eights before it started. However, I had a different idea of them. I had this idea where a heel faction invades TNA in masks, but not like they are now. Rather, I had them in masks that resembled the movie Strangers. But, that’s just me. Anyway, here are some ideas for after BFG.

First, BFG should be where they conquer Hogan. This will open the door to run rampant all over TNA.

Next, they should play off an angle where they eliminated Devon and confiscated the TV Title. If Devon is not coming back, they should write him off. It would make sense since I’m almost 98% positive Bully Ray is in on it.

After that, they should target everyone, and create disturbing segments. Attack the commentators. Even have a segment where they torment and take Christy Hemme prisoner. I had an idea where two of the guys came out, intimidated her, revealed her first ever rival, Carmella, as a member, and have her take over the announcing duties while Christy is involved in several “feel bad for her” segments over the course of several weeks. Things like making her have smeared and sloppy make up and looking like crap with messy hair and all. Just basically torturing her without showing violence to women. Then someone obviously rescues her, etc.

They should continue to target Aries, but not limit it to just him. They should have one episode where it’s just pure chaos. People are worried while they’re wrestling their matches and Aces & Eights storm the ring randomly, like in a X Division match or something. It would establish them as a group who targets everyone, not just the good guys. They should also have a segment that mimics the episode of Nitro where Outsiders destroyed people with baseball bats in the backstage area. Though, don’t do what Nitro did, which was waste an entire episode showing people getting loaded into ambulances.

Okay, now who should be in it? Who should these guys be? I think it’s clear Bully Ray will be involved. I also think Matt Morgan, John Morrison, and Chris Masters will be members. I''m pretty sure Luke Gallows is already a member. And finally, I personally think Crimson will be involved as well. And while I love Bully Ray as a top 3 heel in wrestling today, I don’t know if I like the idea of him as the leader. A main member, sure, but not the leader. As for the leader, I hope I’m right in that it will be the Third Face of Park. However, and this cannot be overstated enough. Keep Jarrett and Bischoff away from Aces & Eights. Don’t destroy this great thing you’ve created over the past few months. Now, there are several things I’d like to see out of Aces & Eights, once the great reveal is done and over with…which should be at BFG.

Less Hogan, More Wrestlers

Again, I’m stating the obvious here, but hopefully, with Aces & Eights conquering Hogan, we won’t be stuck with 4 or 5 segments a week with Hogan in it. That time can be used to build feuds like Joe and Magnus. Or have matches where guys get tv and wrestling time, and show where they can be moving up the ranks for titles. Especially in the X Division.

Well, these are some ideas I had while I wait in anticipation for Thursday to come. Please, let me know some of your ideas as well as what you think of mine.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe.


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Updated 09-19-2012 at 10:00 PM by DK Wrestling Savior

Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    If they took Christie Hemme prisoner, i think i would cry.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    These visions you seem to be having are phenomenal. In regards to Aces N Eights; I liked your concept of "The Strangers" masks. I won't lie, in the slightest way I kind of AM hoping that Bischoff and Jarrett are somewhat behind the whole ordeal. Contrary to what others may think, having Bischoff as a partial mastermind behind the whole storyline would be kind of cool. As for Bully Ray, I personally would rather NOT see him as a member, despite being Top Heel in "The Land of TNA", I wouldn't mind seeing him side with his locker room enemies. ...(would make for interesting t.v).

    Your views on having a "Gut Check Tag team", and having the division stem and rise from there are totally accurate. The E' and Tna seem to be in a "tag team" rut. Both need some quality re-building, and are in the midst of doing so. BRING BACK The Motor City Machine Guns!!!!!....Enough said...

    As per usual, Great Blog Savior. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Looking forward to this week's Sudden Impact. Take care Bud.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 blog bro!!!

    Gut Check Tag team is a gr8 idea....they need more tagteams...until then, Daniels/Kaz should keep the titles....

    They should showcase their X-Div more...I'm liking Zema very much....

    I liked your idea of finger poke of doom with Joey Ryan n Alsnow...after that, let Pritchard get furious hit the ring n announce an impromptu match for Joey Ryan against some heel wrestler (may be Kash or Williams) n let Joey wins that challenge all by himself...

    I want Tara vs ODB..I wish Tara delivers widow's peak to brooke hogan to solidify her as a dominant heel...then challenged by a physical ODB....when these two are in a match may be a street fight or some extreme match, let awesome kong come in n destroy both of them...

    On aces n 8s....I do not want to predict anything....I will just sit and enjoy or cuss...
  4. searle's Avatar
    excellent blog mate.

    Regarding aces n 8s, i cant see john morrison being involved, i think it would be silly to have matt morgan or crimson involved cos none of the attackers seem to resemble any1 of that size but i think your right with park, the 1 who talks imo is definately park and i really hope bully ray isnt part of it, imo its been built up too slowly and as much as i hate to say it, i think whatever happens now will probably be a let down to what we were all hoping.
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Brilliant blog, 100% agree especially with te ACES & EIGHTS part.

    I really hope TNA don't drop the ball with this and turn it into another Hogan vs Bischoff/ Jarrett fued with Super-Hogan coming out on top.
  6. kiltbill's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alcrissam
    If they took Christie Hemme prisoner, i think i would cry.
    If I saw Christie bound up as a prisoner, a part of me would weep, too.

    Snow letting in Ryan would be fine. I then hope that this would lead to a Joey Ryan v Ion v Kenny King feud. As you say, the X-Div needs rebuilt, and these three could do it.

    I don't think that Bully Ray needs to be in A&8's; I also don't think that A&8's need him, certainly not as their big reveal. The 3rd face of Parks sounds good, though...

    I also think that ODB should drop the Tag Titles and go afterTara. Tara needs someone that you can bleive is a bruiser to fight with. And Eric Young could also be added to the X-Div again.

    Good blog, man.
  7. shawnmoney1694's Avatar
    Jeff Jarrett is the leader of Aces and Eights. It had been planned that way from the beginning.
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