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Booker E': Booking Night of Champions

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After my abysmal performance predicting Summerslam, I'm hoping to do better at NOC. The format: I will list the matches, in no particular order, and give what I think the result will be, and what I think the WWE bookers will do. I will explain my reasoning for both. Respond with your own opinions, agree or disagree, say something.

Pre-Show and Singles Match
Battle Royal for #1 Contendership For the United States Title and Singles Match for The United States Championship
Participants TBA and Antonio Cesaro vs Winner
WWE and My Winner: Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro

I feel that WWE has no reason to take the title from Cesaro. He hasn't had anything notable so far in his reign, and quite frankly, a medium to long run for Cesaro will be good for both Cesaro and the WWE. It will give the title more prestige and it will help push Cesaro up to upper mid card (main event?) The winner of the battle royal doesn't exactly matter, but I would like to see Tyson Kidd win it. I think Kidd needs a boost, and while I don't think it's his time just yet, I think he can be something very special in the WWE. If he and WWE play their cards right, we could be looking at the next Daniel Bryan. Neutralizer and win for Cesaro

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio
Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
WWE Winner: Alberto Del Rio
My Winner: Sheamus

My pick is purely out of spite. I just cannot stand Alberto Del Rio. I've tried, for over a year, and i cannot do it. And I know that as much as ii don't want it to happen, it will. WWE has given ADR about five chances, so he will win. Sheamus brogues and gets the DQ or ricardo is "miraculously cured" of his neck injury and help out a struggling ADR. Joy

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Kane and Daniel Bryan
Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
MY and WWE Winner: Kane and Daniel Bryan

ad-hoc teams have always done well in WWE. Matt Hardy and MVP, Miz and Morrison (pre-dirt sheet era), Miz and Cena, and Rhodes and Mcintyre are all good examples. I see the teamwork of two former main eventers being superior to that of a couple of mid-card stalwarts (where's Little Jimmy at?) K and DB get the victory, the titles, and will be dubbed team Schizo.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler
Singles Match
WWE Winner: Randy Orton
My Winner: Dolph Ziggler

As i've mentioned, I am a zigglite. However, I know better, and I know that Orton is too big for this one. It would be a good way to write out Orton for a while so he can film, but i see him leaving on a triumphant note, at least by WWE standards. sigh. An RKO, a win, and hopefully something of a heel turn for Orton.

The Miz vs Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Fatal-Four-Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship
WWE and MY Winner: The Miz

I see, in the near future, a tag team of Rey and Cara, so I don't see either of them winning. And since Heels rarely give titles to other heels, I figured this choice, despite my many options, was somewhat obvious. I feel like the Miz needs this more than the other guys, and that Rhodes, coming off a rather lengthy and boring IC title reign, shouldn't get another one. I'd like to see a united REYCARA team beat a bickering K AND DB in the near future. Miz plays opportunist and gets the W

Layla vs Kaitlyn
Singles Match For the WWE Divas Championship
WWE and My Winner: Layla

Little to no build, little to no story, and little to no interest from anyone, especially me. I don't care about the divas division anymore. It's gone to hell since Mickie James and Michelle McCool left, and I don't see this match causing anything of intrigue. Lay-Out for the win and the lowest pop on record for a wwe event.

CM Punk vs John Cena
Singles Match for the WWE Championship
WWE Winner: John Cena
My Winner: CM Punk

Super Cena to the rescue, CHARGE! IT won't be a super cena night, but I don't see Punk leaving with the title. I'd like to, but i dont. The only rationale I would have to see Punk hold on is that one of the World Champions almost always retains, and since ADR is on chance 10, it seems more likely that Sheamus would lose. Nevertheless, I for whatever reason think WWE will skip protocol and give Cena the title.It's been a while since Cena has won a title, what with his involvement in other feuds. My best to Punk, who is starting to piss me off in his heel persona. He sounds to me like steve austin when he was in Mcmahon's pocket, always bitching about respect. AA for the win and NO NO NO chant from me.

That's all i got. Comment and do all the things that people do. Have fun. Be safe. Goodbye

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  1. BookerA's Avatar
    Very nice I agree with pretty much all of your predictions,

    I must say I dont want Cena to win (especially now that the heyman punk thing has started), but i would be happy If Cena won if it meant cena wouldnt face rock at mania and instead lead to rock vs Cena at rumble then punk vs rock mania!
  2. SHW's Avatar
    would it not make more sense then to have punk retain until rumble?

    than have rocky take it from punk and cena win rumble.

    setting up : rocky (c) vs cena at WM

    cena is going to be with this company for the long term, and as its top face, rocky as to put him over at some point...
  3. John Lonce's Avatar
    Here is what I see...Punk wins either uncleanly or Cena wins on a DQ. Cena is not winning the title. Del Rio steals one from Sheamus. Sheamus gets pissed and brogues Del Rio, resulting in a Ziggler cash in....which will be after Ziggler has lost to Orton. Kane and Daniel Bryan win the tag titles. Miz wins the 4 way. Cesaro beats Tyson Kidd (who I pick to win the battle royal). Layla over Kaitlyn.
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    Hopefully Daniel Bryan and Kane win the tag team titles. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have been generic champions and dull together.

    Apart of me feels like Sheamus is going to lose the World Heavyweight title to Del Rio but then again, Sheamus retaining is obvious, making this feud a little pointless.
  5. TheWarMachine's Avatar
    They Russo Swerved us on the Diva match.

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