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Jericho isn't in the same league as Austin or Rock!!

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Why do I make this blog? Well, my 2 favorite superstars of all-time is Rock and Austin. Some people actually believe Jericho is in the league of Rock and Austin which I believe is a joke. I made posts on forums where I named Jericho over-rated just because of it. No chance Jericho is in their league. Points used against me is he beat them both on the same night. Who gives a crap? That doesn't make him better than Rock or Austin because he beat them. If that were the case, how many times better is Cena than Jericho because I don't remember a match ever when Jericho defeated Cena. What I'm going to do is compare the time Jericho became a main event talent aka wins his first world title. See how many main events he has had at the major ppvs in comparison to Rock/Austin. He certainly couldn't draw like them at all. SMS=Summerslam; SVS=Surivor Series; WM=Wrestlemania. How many main events did Jericho have from the time he became world champion til now? How about Rock and Austin in comparison? By the way, let us say that main event means last match here. Not using Rumble because Royal Rumble match is always the main event.

Rock won his first WWE title at SVS of 98 main eventing facing Mankind. WM main event WWE champion vs Austin. SVS 99 triple threat match WWE title main event Big Show/ HHH/Rock. WM 2000 fatal 4 way Rock vs HHH vs Foley vs Show in WWE title main event. SMS 2000 triple threat match main event for WWE title Rock vs Angle vs HHH won. WM 2001 Stone Cold vs Rock main event for the WWE title. SMS 2001 Booker T vs Rock WCW title. SVS 01 Team WWE vs Alliance. SMS 2002 Lesnar vs Rock WWE title. SVS 2011 Rock/Cena vs Miz/Truth. WM 28 Rock/Cena. -all Royal Rumble WWE title matches, Rock/Hogan WM 18, Rock/Austin WM19, among others he has 11 main events.

Austin won his 1st WWEtitle WM 14. SMS Taker vs Austin WWE title. WM 15 Rock vs Austin WWE title. SMS 99 Austin vs HHH vs Mankind WWE title. Advertised to be in triple threat match vs Rock and HHH SVS 99, but hit by a car to be kept of TV and Big Show replaced him. SVS 2000 HHH vs Austin. WM 2001 Rock vs Austin WWE title. SMS 2001 Angle vs Austin WWE title. SVS 01 Team WWE vs Alliance. Took his ball went home after that match w/Scott Hall. Rock/Austin 3 didn't main event WM 19. Hasn't truly had a match since that time. Him and Rock took some serious periods off Austin for neck that kept him out from November 99-No Mercy of 2000 while Rock did movies for periods of time. 8 main events total - Rock/Austin 3; Rumble main events including 3 Rumble victories.

Jericho won his first WWE title at Vengeance of 01. WM 18 main event WWE title vs HHH. Only WM he main evented aka last match and the crowd was dead. SVS 02 EC. SMS 03 EC. SVS 04 Team Orton vs Team HHH wasn't even the captain of the team. Through the years, he became a midcard talent teaming w/Christian competing for the tag titles, battling for the IC title until he finished on top losing to Cena to take a 2 year absense. SVS 08 Cena vs Jericho World title. SMS 2010 Team WWE vs Team Nexus.
6 main events total in like a decade while Austin/Rock in 5 years out main evented him at the major ppvs minus the Rumble matches and the rest of the ppvs or it would have been a helluva lost worse. He lost in every single main event if you take into account he was eliminated in the tag matches. Austin/Rock didn't lose in all their main events on the big 4 ppvs. You'd think a major draw like Jericho would be able to get advertised to hype WM 19 if you face a guy like HBK. WM 19 claimed only 4 main event matches not featuring in the promo is HBK vs Jericho. 4 main events was Hogan/Vince, Rock/Austin, Lesnar/Angle, and Booker T vs HHH. Jericho can return and not main event ppvs. If Austin or Rock would come back, they would main event ppvs year round just like Lesnar.

Cena won his first WWE title at WM 21 in 2005. WM 22 Cena vs HHH WWE title. SMS 06 Edge vs Cena WWE title. WM 23 HBK vs Cena WWE title. SMS Orton vs Cena 07 WWE title. SVS 08 Jericho vs Cena world title.
SVS 09 HHH vs HBK vs Cena WWE title. SMS 10 Team WWE vs Team Nexus. SVS 10 Cena refs Barrett vs Orton. Count that as a main event or not, but the main hype surrounding it was Cena being free or fired. For Jericho's sake, I won't count it. WM 27 Miz vs Cena WWE title. SMS Punk vs Cena WWE title. SVS 11 Rock/Cena vs Miz/Truth. WM 28 Rock vs Cena.
12 main events in 7 years of just 3 major ppvs per year. Cena to me will go down as a bigger star than Jericho as well. He is the biggest draw WWE has right now. Austin and Rock are bigger draws as well. That is why I take it as a slap in the face when Jericho is mentioned in the same sentence as Rock/Austin/or even Cena. After they won their major championship they didn't go back to winning midcard US or IC titles like Jericho. Midcard Wrestlemania or a major ppv event.

Jericho had just 2 1 on 1 matches in the main event of the 3 major ppvs in the last decade since winning his first WWE title. He didn't win any of his main event matches aka last matches on the major ppvs either. He lost in every single one of them. He didn't win his first or any major championship at Wrestlemania or big ppv event. Jericho isn't in Austin or Rock's league. Anyone who believes he is needs check the facts than his homerism. He isn't even in Cena's league for goodness sake. Hard to tell if he will even main event when he goes in to the HOF. I like Jericho, but I don't like it when people put him in the same category of top draws w/likes of Rock/Austin or even Cena. He is good, but he isn't that good. He may be better in the ring, but when it comes down to it....he isn't in their league. If he was, Jericho vs HBK at WM 19 would have been advertised as a main event. He would wins at major ppvs, not open them after winning the big one. Certainly not go back to winning IC titles for goodness sake. Jericho isn't in the league of Austin/Rock!!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death
    I'd say your a little bit biased there bud. But your right, Jericho isn't in the same league as Austin or Rock, he's way above and better than them. Jericho beat both Rock and Austin on the same night to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion. Neither Rock nor Austin can say that, nor can they say that they've wrestled as long as Y2J, nor have they contributed to the business the way Jericho has, nor as much. Jericho > Austin > Rock!! These are the facts.
    No way is that statement remotely true.
  2. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ldbryant55
    Much of your argument seems to be based on number of PPV appearances, (geared heavily toward place on the card), and big wins, more specifically, title wins. This eliminates so many other facets, and is, for all intents, a "storyline" argument.

    It negates the fact that he is every bit as good, if not better, than either of the others in terms of mic work, technical wrestling ability and sheer talent for making an impact.

    What is also overlooked here is that people like Cena, Rock, Austin, Hogan, etc, could never have been in such a "league", had there not been a villain that everyone loved to hate, and people didn't pay to see them get their comeuppance. People like Piper, HHH, Jericho, Edge, often are dismissed as never being in this "league" when the reality is it wouldn't exist without them.

    If you're saying Jericho never drew as much money, then, OK, you got me there, but in every other way, not only is he in the same league, he's better.
    I completely agree. I've watched wrestling now for around 64 years now and there are alot of wrestlers whom Austin and Rock couldn't lace their shoes so to speak. Ask them yourself and they'll tell you it's true. I'm not trying to take anything away from what the Rock and SCSA have accomplished or done, and I'm not taking away from their promo skills either, I'm just saying that there is a league above them.
  3. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    No way is that statement remotely true.
    It's true in the fact that neither Rock nor Austin have put over as many young wrestlers as Jericho has for the future of the business. That's all I was trying to say, but as it sometimes happens I lost what I was trying to get at halfway through the sentence. Blame it on my age, my wife does.
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    Wow, never before reading your blogs have I ever thought that you're a tool -_- normally I respect your blogs, and you as a blogger, but wow, universe, much? Jericho is magnitudes better than Rock and Austin, maybe not selling, but as a wrestler, and a person.
  5. Lowki's Avatar
    I want to say that we didn't really need facts to support this as he really isn't in their league. He would be "upper-midcarder" to their "main event". You are comparing the two faces of a company with someone who wasn't. Jericho is a main event enhancement (similar to christian, big show and kane). They are usually involved in mid-level feuds until they want to freshen up the title scene for a few months. What he can do that those two can't is sell and make people look better. He was never one of those politic players like many - Austin, Rock, HHH. He reminds me a lot of the Undertaker in that he got his pull from respect. There's numerous stories about Austin refusing to put over talent (Highest profile was refusing to lose to Brock) but this is something The Rock did.
    He's a different type of wrestler though; he's more of the athletic lucha/grappler who can talk whilst Rock and Austin were bigger, stronger entertainers.
    Updated 09-16-2012 at 03:50 PM by Lowki
  6. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Jericho is main event material. He's main evented alot of PPVs and RAWs/SmackDown shows. So has Christian, Big Show, Kane etc... Rock and Austin are not the be all end all of pro wrestling nor are they the be all end all of wrestlers period. Did they draw big? Yes, but only because of that era in wrestling and the competition of two feuding promotions. Had they not debuted until today's times, they wouldn't be as big of stars that they are. Had they wrestled in the 1950's through the 1980's they wouldn't have been a big draw then either. Other wrestlers and people MADE Rock and SCSA who they are, they certainly didn't get to stardom on their own. In the wrestling business it takes a combined effort of all to make a superstar. I also wanted to point out that if facts are not needed here, then this whole blog, and comments/opinions are worthless as nothing (as in opinions, etc...) can be based off nothing. It takes facts to form an opinion (intelligent anyway) and a decent discussion.
  7. WeDominate99's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I'm really not sure what your point is, in regards to the blog. Are you saying that, because Jericho is 1-6 in this most recent return, that he's better than Rock and Austin?

    Now, I defend The Great One 100%.

    But everyone else who are trying to be detractors, you just don't understand. You didn't live it. Sorry but youtube and wikipedia don't make you knowledgeable of things back then. If you didn't grow up and dedicated and die-hard fan during the Monday Night Wars, then you are not a fan who can make comparisons. Stop acting like you can. There's so much more to it than watching clips. It was an environment. An environment that was created by Austin and The Rock. An environment Jericho could never have created. He's not in their league. Not even close.

    If you don't like what I wrote here. Too fucking bad. Go Tweet or Tout about it.

    Im saying that Y2J came back TO PUT... PEOPLE... OVER. Something that the Rock never did why ? he has a huge ego. I remember him saying that he came back home, you problably remember that. He was on 1 show after WM so your hero doesn't really like you I KNOW, cause if he did he would be here often to ELECTRIFY you wouldn't he ? DIE HARD fan ? Please STFU that comes from the guy that "I don't watch WWE anymore, TNA has gotten better, TNA is better." A DIE HARD FAN WOULD BE PART OF THE UNIVERSE FOR EVER not fuck it when it sucks.

    I don't know why the hell you're talking about that no one is on twitter anymore except you and nobody uses tout.

    GO FB that
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