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From Something to Nothing: Swagger, McIntyre, Morrison, More!

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In this blog, I will be talking about the superstars in WWE who were really something at one point and then just dropped to nothing. Superstars who won the Intercontinental title and now are rarely seen. Won the world heavyweight title and just lose week in and week out.

Jack Swagger- I remember watching the build up to Wrestlemania (I can't remember which one) but boy did it suck. Jack Swagger won a qualifying match the won the Money In The Bank ladder match. Then cashed it in against Chris Jericho. I will admit he did have a boring and terrible title reign, but he has great talent and it was wasted. He then lost it to Rey Mysterio. He went on to win the United States title a few years later, lost it to Santino Craperella, and now just has wasted talent once again. I think Swagger should be built to be the next Kurt Angle and stay within the World title range.

Drew McIntyre-People remember him against R-Truth. No, he was in WWE long before that. Anyway, he re-debuted with an amazing themesong and great talent. Along with a great gimmick. He won the Intercontinental title from JoMo and brought the title to a new level of prestige. He lost it, then won the tag titles with Cody Rhodes. I knew it wouldn't last because the team wasn't built. It was just mashed together by two randoms. After that, Drew is rarely seen on TV. This made me lose a huge amount of faith in the WWE because he could've been stuck to mid-card status and win numerous US and IC titles.

John Morrison- No one can deny that he is just amazing in the ring. I know he sucks on the mic, but when he enters the ring, do not blink or you will miss something amazing. Apparently WWE blinked. He had one of the greatest modern day matches with Rey Mysterio for the IC title. Then feuded with Sheamus eventually becoming the #1 contender to the WWE title. I was hoping he would win. But guess what? No promo. Raw opener. Soon after that, JoMo is released. WWE caused a fumble right there.

Tyler Reks-I usually don't care for someone who has always been nothing from the start, but man. When I saw him face Kaval for the Bragging Rights spot, I was amazed. And the promo he cut before he faced Kaval was awesome. I actually thought he would get a decent push because of his build, his name, his repretoir of moves. But instead right after that, he gets drowned and buried so far down. WWE tried to make a comeback with him and Curt Hawkins as strippers. No. Just no. Too little too late.

Joe Hennig (McGillicutty)- Hmm what can I say. He had some good talent but not good enough. He lost on NXT, came back and caused John Cena to join the Nexus. As soon as this happened, I knew somewhere down the line, he would shrink because when John Cena comes into contact with small names, the become no names, ask Alex Riley. Yeah he won the tag team titles once, but who cares about tag teams now? Certainely not WWE. What does this say?

That's it for now. Did I miss somebody deserving? Let me know in the comments and I will add them to part two of this blog. I know I missed alot, but these are the main guys in my eyes.

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