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Top Ten Legendary Finishers

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Mikey A here again. My first blog was the top ten finishers in wrestling right now and some people did not understand what right now means so I will make a list of Legendary finishers.

10. Undertaker Chokeslam-To me the chokeslam is a fantastic move. Used by Kane, Big Show, Marcus CorVon, and sadly The Hurricane. But the best Chokeslam is The Undertaker's because he lifts him in the air with one hand only and slams him straight back down. Just pure awesomeness.

9. Eddie Guerrero's Frog Splash- I love RVD. I really do, and I like Christian. I also like D-Lo Brown and Chavo, but no one could bring the Frog splash into perfection like Eddie IMO. Eddie was a great wrestler and i personally got excited whenever he was wrestling.

8. The Pedigree- I am not a big fan of Triple H at all, but credit where it's due, his finisher is amazing. Everybody, literally everybody get's excited when somebody gets a pedigree. Perfect set-up, perfect execution, and perfect move, just not as perfect as others. speaking of HHH Brock lesnar is no legend to me, so no F-5 on this list.

7. Ron Simmon's Dominator-
I will get heat for listing this higher than the Pedigree, but it's okay. There is nothing like lifting somebody onto your shoulders about six feet high and then just dropping them straight on their face. I will admit, the set up for this move just sucks, but in AWA, not alot of people kicked out of this move as he became the very first African American World Champion.

6. Sweet Chin Music-I admire HBK alot. I loved his flying elbow. I loved his Manhatten drop. But what I love most is his SCM. When he starts stomping, I usually get yelled at by my downstairs neighbors for doing the same. And then when he nails the kick, it's a beautiful sight to see when someone gets layed out. Can be hit ALMOST out of nowhere but still can be reversed easily.

5. The People's Elbow- This move is a little meh to me, but it has a beautiful set up as well as execution. But it can be reversed extremely easy, just ask John Cena. Look at how it gets set up: "Mankind runs at The Rock only to eat a spinebuster! Wait! The People's elbow!" Excellent, but not the best.

4. Shane O'Mac's Coast to Coast-Might get heat but I don't care. I love it when Shane wrestles because it's like waiting for your favorite part in a movie. When he wrestles, I do not blink as I might miss him flying from one side of the ring to the next kicking his opponent's teeth straight down their throat.

3. The Rock Bottom-Once again, I am a huge fan of The Rock, been since he debuted. The Rock Bottom needs no set-up, just ask John Cena. At WM28, Cena tried to mock Rock's People's Elbow only to get a Rock Bottom out of nowhere. Honestly who really expected that? Not a single one.

2. Tombstone Piledriver- I really don't care for The Undertaker unless he's in a feud with a big name like HBK or HHH. At WM27, I was edgy about the feud, about the match. HHH kicked out of a Tombstone only to eat a new one like ten minutes later. WM28, I literally had chills running up my spine waiting for HHH to once again kick out of the Tombstone, but he didn't. I love the way Taker just drops him right on his head vertically.

1. Stone Cold Stunner-Originally from the Chairman, Stone Cold used it against him and made it his trademark. Hitting a Stunner on just about anyone who looked at him. I still remember whe Austin returned and there was like 20 men in the ring, all of them ate a stunner. No set-up, no expecting. THE BEST FINISHER TO DATE.

Give me heat, it will only make me better, but this list is honest and THIS LIST IS IN MY OPINION.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Why do people love the choke slam? It is beyond me. I always hated the choke slam because it was the set up for Taker's move the tombstone. When you talk legendary finishers, how can you leave out DDT or the leg drop by Hogan? Sharpshooter? Good moves, but I'd rather see some of these over the ones you have on here. Just my opinion, but I always liked RVD's better because he gets so much air. I love Eddie, but still thought RVD's was better when they both were around.
  2. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    Peoples Elbow.... Finisher??? Really??? Nup. Its just a move like RKOs 2nd rope ddt.
  3. Cynicism's Avatar
    Personally, though this is not my list, I couldn't do a top 10 without the DDT from Jake The Snake or The Diamond Cutter.

    I could easily do a list without The Peoples Elbow, as I don't think that it belongs in the ring any more than The Worm or The Five Knuckle Shuffle. Just personal opinion. With the time for set up I'd rather see a Macho Man Elbow or a Shooting Star Press, something with impact that makes those seconds wasted while someone is just lying there worthwhile. If someone lays still long enough for a Peoples Elbow to be hit you could pin them and be half way up the ramp before they move

    Edit: How did I forget The Perfectplex? How did you forget The Perfectplex
    Updated 09-19-2012 at 02:24 PM by Cynicism
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