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WWE RAW 9/10 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

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Welcome to the Deluxe Lounge. We are back once again to -- FEED! YOU! MORE! -- numbers and discuss which segments did good or bad for this week's WWE RAW. So let's get right into it.

The September 10th WWE RAW did a 2.89 cable rating with 4.15 million viewers. Uh-oh. For the second week in the row, WWE RAW is below average. Now the thing is, last week SOMEWHAT had an excuse since it was memorial day. This week is just a regular monday night in the middle of september and, most of all, it is the go-home show to WWE Night of Champions 2012. So what hurt the ratings most? Well, let's find out.

Again, no number on the opening segment. I am a bit disappointed since I was curious about how many people tuned in to see Bret Hart's return to Montreal since the infamous ScrewJob in 1997. The segment with him and CM Punk was quite entertaining to say the least. Not only did Hart hold his ground, but he got CM Punk the necessary heel heat he has been missing since he made the turn. Up to this segment, CM Punk had the aura of a anti-hero instead of a heel. Anyways, from this segment, the following happened ....

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Miz and Antonio Cesaro lost 426,000 viewers. Oh dear .... almost half a million viewers lost at the beginning of the first hour. That is not good. It might be time to drop those belts from Kingston and R-Truth. They don't feel like tag team, at all. I personally hope Bryan and Kane beat them this sunday.

The deposition video with Sheamus and David Otunga gained 403,000 viewers. I'm not a big fan of this video, personally, but the numbers it gained is pretty damn good. So putting my personally feelings aside, I'm going to give my props to Sheamus and David Otunga.

Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and Layla vs. Alicia Fox, Natalya and Beth Phoenix lost 145,000 viewers. Pointless match that did nothing for the diva's match at Night of Champions and nothing for the divas in this contest. Well, no one except Eve Torres -- who is NOT even in the match at Night of Champions. I don't blame peope for tuning out.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton gained 555,000 viewers at 9pm. The tag match with Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. Orton and Jerry Lawler gained 7,000 viewers. Good number for the top of the first hour, which is the point of the show most fans tune in anyways. Match was good and so was the tag team match. I laughed hard when I saw CM Punk duck out of the match when Paul Heyman came out to talk with him. The Paul Heyman is what is ultimately going to determine if Punk keeps the belt or not at Night of Champions. Who knows what the evil genius of wrestling has up his sleeve?

Ryback vs. Heath Slater lost 247,000 viewers. It might be time for WWE to start getting Ryback some storylines or feuds to work with. This whole goldberg booking is starting to run its course, big time.

Kane and Daniel Bryan with AJ Lee and Dr. Shelby backstage, plus the Kane and Bryan vs. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young tag match gained 164,000 viewers for a 3.08 quarter rating. Granted, this is a pretty low gain for the top of the second hour, but it is a gain regardless. I believe it was etched in stone weeks prior that Bryan and Kane were going to replace PTP at Night of Champions, as a result of how awesome the anger segments were. And honestly, with the role they are on, I would not be surprised if the actually WON the belts. You know I will be pulling for them. YES! YES! YES!

Tyson Kidd vs. Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga vs. Sheamus gained 38,000 viewers. Well, aside from usual RAWs where the third hour is LOSING viewers, it is nice to see the new faces helping to bring eyes back to the show. A small gain, unfortunately, but a gain regardless.

Booker T and AJ Lee on stage plus backstage segments and Michael Cole updating us on Jerry Lawler lost 342,000 viewers. Alright, let's be honest .... is anyone really surprised by this? This was around the point the announcement was made that Jerry The King Lawler had a heart attack and had to be stretchered out. Even for a die-hard wrestling fan like me, it was extremely uncomfortable watching the show, knowing that Jerry Lawler was on his death bed. So how do you think it felt to casual viewers who just watch it for fun? I'm surprised I did not change the channel around this point. And yes, I know! This coming from the guy that called Jerry Lawler "The Buffoon" for weeks. I am not going to sit in front of this laptop and tell you I was always a fan of Lawler because I'd be lying to you. At the same time, I would NEVER wish death upon the man or anyone else inside the ring, no matter how much I despise their on-screen characters. But yeah, this the low point of the show. I will say it is at least good news hearing that Jerry Lawler is doing fine now.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes gained 33,000 viewers. Fine match with a nice twist at the end. Watching Cody Rhodes attack Miz after he interfered to help him immediately triggered an idea for a triple threat match involving the IC title. What we got on Smackdown instead is even better! Fatal four way. I'm down with that. Also, the low gain was probably a result of fans tuning in to hear updates on Jerry Lawler.

The final segment with Bret Hart, John Cena and CM Punk gained 407,000 viewers for a 3.11 overrun rating. When I tell you this was an awesome segment, THIS WAS AN AWESOME SEGMENT! Both Punk and John Cena, in the midst of turmoil over the possible death of Jerry Lawler, went out in the ring like true professionals and did what they do best. I was shocked at how good Cena's promo was. Other than the "you've been champion for 300 days and for 300 days that title has been irrelevant" spill which I thought missed the mark completely, his rant on Punk not knowing who he was created a lot of intrigue for their match. This feud can easily go down as the hottest feud in 2012 if this match delivers up to expectations. I can't wait for it. A nice number to close off the show. Too bad it could not save this RAW from being below average overall.

Well, there you have it. That is the numbers for this week. As always, I leave you with the video of the week, which is a PREVIEW for WWE Night of Champions 2012.

See you next week for the AFTERMATH of Night of Champions 2012.

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  1. #BITW's Avatar
    I am liking this blog series to be honest. It's great, the recent reports are missing this breakdown so its good to see whos drawing and whos not. and whos not? kofi & r truth and I haven't been buying their title run... it may be time to drop the belts to guys who are drawing like kane & d bryan. losing almost 500,000 viewers with 4 champions in the match is a big ouch.

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