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MP.Brousers Night Of Champions 2012 Predictions

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Hi guys, MP.Brouser back here with a another prediction blog here on EWN.

(Haven't done one since Over The Limit)
In this blog I will give you my very detailed predictions, toughts and aftermath of NOC.
So lets get started:

Battle Royal for a United States Championship match later in the evening

Alex Riley vs Brodus Clay vs Curt Hawkins vs Damien Sandow vs David Otunga vs Drew McIntyre vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Heath Slater vs Hunico vs Jinder Mahal vs JTG vs Justin Gabriel vs Michael McGilligutty vs Santino vs Tensai vs Tyson Kidd vs Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder

I think this will be a 20 man battle royal with Brodus Clay winning it.
I don't see anyone else winning it, except if Christian will compete in it but I doubt he will.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Match 1: Intercontinental Championship - The Miz vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio

I think this is will be a great opener with fast paced action. However, I don't expect to see Sin Cara and Rey get physical with each other. I think in the middle of the match they will kinda like face off and tease but then Miz and Rhodes will both hit them from behind. I can see the match ending with a Cross Rhodes on Cara, Rey kicking Rhodes into the ropes from behind setting him up for the 619. Rey will try to hit the 619 but Rhodes will pull his mask off when he is in the ropes about to connect with 619 ( Rey falls down to the ground outside of the ring with his hand covering his face. Rhodes is laughing with Rey's mask in his hand, then Miz will strike with the Skull Crushing Finale from behind for the pin/win.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

This will be the beginning of Miz turning face and setup a Miz vs Rhodes feud over the IC Championship. Also this will be the start of Cara/Rey going on to feud over the Tag Team Championships but I will talk about that later on in this blog.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton

I expect this to be a good back and forward match. Towards the ending of the match, I can see Orton RKO Dolph out of nowhere. Orton will go for the pin but Vicky puts Dolph's leg on the bottom rope to stop the count. Then Orton is screaming at Vicky so it allows Ziggler to get up. Ziggler hits Orton from behind with the Zig-Zag but Orton kicks out. Ziggler gets up and is mad, he then wants to go for the fame asser but Orton counters it into the RKO but then Dolph STILL kicks out. Orton is shocked and now wants to go for his banned punt kick. Ziggler reverses it and gives Orton a Zig-Zag for the pin/win. When the match is over, Ziggler will attack Orton again and hit him a couple of times with his MITB briefcase to kayfabe injure Orton. This will give him time off to make The Marine 3.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

__________________________________________________ _

Match 3: Divas Championship - Layla vs Kaitlyn

Nothing special here. I Don't even care who wins but I think Kaitlyn will surprisingly win this one. Will set up a Triple Threat at HIAC. Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Eve.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Kaitlyn

__________________________________________________ _

Match 4: Tag Team Championships - Kofi & Truth vs Kane & DB

This will be a ok to good tag match. I think there won't happen anything special. When Kane wants to go for the Chokeslam DB tags himself in. However, Kane still delivers the Chokeslam to Truth. Then DB will lock him in the NO Lock. Kofi try's to get into the ring to safe Truth but he gets big booted out of the ring by Kane. Truth taps out to the No Lock and DB Kane pick up the victory.

Winners and NEW Tag Champs: Team Friendship (Kane and Daniel Bryan)

I can see DB and Kane have a feud with Sin Cara and Rey after NOC and let them have a match at HIAC where Rey and Cara win the belts.


Match 5: US Championship - Antonio Cesaro vs Brodus Clay

In think Cesaro will dominate the most of the match by attacking Clay's legs and maybe slam him here and there. Clay will comeback and later on hits his finishing splash. Aksana will distract the referee so that he doens't see the pin. Clay will get up and complains to the referee, Cesaro will then Roll him up from behind for the pin/win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

I can see a Clay and Cesaro feud till Christian comes back.

__________________________________________________ _

Match 6: WHC - Sheamus vs ADR

Well, Sheamus vs Del rio again. I hope this match will be better then the last 2 they both had. I think towards the ending of the match, ADR will go for a clothesline but Sheamus ducks it and Del Rio hits the referee. Referee is down, Del Rio turns around and Sheamus hits him with White Noise. Then Sheamus is looking at the crowd and wants to do the Brogue Kick. When he is about to give it, Otunga runs down the ramp with a mic and says that he just wants to remind Sheamus that if he does use the Brogue Kick, he will be stripped of the title. Sheamus is distracted and from the crowd comes Barret, he hits Sheamus from behind with his new finisher. Then Del Rio try's to go for the pin/win and gets it. When the match is over and Del Rio is celebrating, both Otunga and Ricardo Rodriquez are jumping in the ring of joy and both their neck braces fall off. They don't even realise it and keep celebrating. Del Rio,Ricardo and Otunga leave the stage with Sheamus looking angry at them.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

This will lead to Booker T unbanning the Brogue Kick at the next SD and have one more Sheamus vs Del Rio Match in a HIAC (so that nobody can interfere) to end the feud. The loser of the match won't get another world title match as long as the winner of the match is champion. Also, in the build up to HIAC Barret want's a Word title match at HIAC but Booker T won't give him one. Barret will attack Booker and they will have a match at HIAC. If Barret wins he will get a title match at the next ppv (Survior Series) and if Booker wins he will personally fire Barret.


Main Event: WWE Championship - CM Punk vs John Cena

I expect this to be a awesome match. Alot of things can happen in this match. I think that towards the ending, Cena try's to hit the AA but Punk reverses and runs outside of the ring, gets his title belt and runs away with it. Cena wins via count out. Punk holds the title up high at the stage but then AJ comes out and says that the match needs to restart in a No Count Out/No DQ match. Punk complains to AJ while Cena runs to Punk and back suplexes him on the stage. They will brawl in the crowd and later on get back in the ring. When they are in the ring, CM Punk kicks Cena in the head and goes for the pin but Cena kicks out. Punk will go outside of the ring and gets the title belt again. He will try to hit Cena but instead he hits the referee with the belt. Punk turns around and receives a AA from Cena. Cena goes for the pin but the referee is down. A new referee will come down and counts for the pin but Punk kicks out. Cena will then lock Punk in the STF. Punk is about to give up but then Paul Heyman runs down the ramp and pulls the referee outside of the ring and hits the referee in the face. Then he gets up to the apron, Cena releases the STF from Punk and knocks Heyman off the apron. Cena turns around and gets a GTS from Punk. Punk goes for the cover, Heyman (who already got back up) pushes the referee (that's KO) in the ring and Heyman counts a quick 3 with the referee's hand.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

The next night on Raw, AJ will make a rematch between the two in a Hell In A Cell match at the HIAC PPV so that Paul Heyman can't interfere again.

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog!
Don't forget to comment and maybe put in your own predictions?
I hope you enjoyed it. And sorry for my bad english.

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  1. The_Socal_Guy's Avatar
    I'd like to see Damien Sandow win the battle royal. Not a huge fan of Clay, maybe because his gimmik is not strong and he would make a better badass then a disco dancer.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Certainly believe Clay will win because he is the only real top face that is used. They may however, use Ryder if not him since they really didn't build fued for Clay. Which would probably be the only reason why they may not have him win the battle royal.

    Agree w/Ziggler and Miz winning. Layla not so much since she really wasn't suppose to win that battle royal. That is why I feel Layla will win.

    Figure that is the way they will go with Kane and DB from there.Have PTP take the titles off them at some point.

    The way I think Del Rio fued will go to Hell in a Cell with obvious win to Del Rio. Sheamus gets rematch at Hell in a Cell.

    Cesaro obviously wins.

    Punk to make the reign valid and more meaningful.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Does Punk really need a win to make the reign more valid? I mean he's been champ for 300+ days and while with Heyman on his side it makes him much more likely to retain, even if he lost it will still have been a meaningful run.

    Has to be some sort of controversial finish to the match though because not only is it in Cena's hometown but they can't have Cena lose fairly to CM Punk AGAIN. That would be a big Attitude Adjustment....I mean...FU to Cena and being the golden boy will not lose clean.

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