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Cena Gets Political: Closer Look On His Montreal Promo

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If you are from America and follow the current race for president, you HAD to have seen the clues from John Cena's promo last Monday night. If you could get the hints, John Cena was indirectly blasting Barack Obama.

In this blog, i will break down exactly what John Cena said about our current president.

John Cena: (to CM Punk) "For 300 days, you have been champion. For 300 days, that championship has been irrelevant."

What John is saying is that Barack Obama has been president all this time and he has done nothing but irrelevant things. It gets better.

John Cena: (to CM Punk) "You have been here for many years and the night you make the most noise is ironically turned silent. Ah, i remember those days, talk about change! Passionate, convicting talk of change and then one triumphant night in Chicago you were the victor. And the Universe finally said 'We get change!'. And they were lied to. They were fooled into a false claim, because change was not ice cream bars, change was not edgy television, change wasn't even new talent, all you said by 'We want change' is make CM Punk a star. You don't even know who CM Punk is."

This is where i literally said to myself "this is getting political." Barack's motto during his 2008 campaign for president was the word "Change." Cena's blasting of change is also a blasting of Obama. He then compares indirectly CM Punk's championship win last year at Money in the Bank to Obama's win in November of 2008. When Obama won, most of us thought we would get change. Cena tells us that Punk (Obama) lied to us, and did not give us what we wanted. He compares the political promises by Obama to promises by CM Punk in the WWE world. He ends it by saying "you don't even know who CM Punk is", going with the Republican view of "you don't even know who your president is."

John Cena: (to Punk) "You have changed your ideology numerous times, you have stabbed your friends in their backs, you borrow colors from Hall of Famers, you steal the elbow from the late Randy Savage."

Cena alludes to Obama changing his ideology numerous times, basically accusing him changing his ideas (IE healthcare) and the rest of the above. Just replace Randy Savage's Elbow with money and political terms and you will understand what i mean.

John Cena: (to Punk) "I am not saying you're not tough, I've been in the ring with you. And I'm not saying you are not accomplished. But your latest phase of development revolves around this. (points to WWE championship.) You think because you have this (the championship) you think are justified respect. No the reason you have kept it is by any means necessary, and that does not define a champion in my eyes."

Cena says Punk (Obama) is definitely tough and accomplished (referring back to Obama's credentials), but Obama only wanted to get to the presidential seat. He wasn't going to do anything with it, much like punk. The rest is more to Obama attempting to remain president by any means necessary.

John Cena: (to Punk) "You have been loud these past couple of weeks because you realize at Night Of Champions, you are in serious jeopardy of losing this (championship)."

Besides the death of Osama Bin Laden, when has Barrack Obama been as loud as he has been now? I don't really remember, but Cena alludes to this. The serious "Jeopardy" is Obama losing his presidency at the 2012 elections (Night of Champions).

The McMahons have been known Republicans, which is why they are blasting Obama's campaign using John Cena (Romney) and CM Punk (Obama). This Blog was NOT meant to be biased, as I am 16 years old and cannot vote anyways. But these are some things i noticed about the promo last night, and i just felt like sharing these thoughts.

Anyways, is there anyone who would like to disprove me as i say that the John Cena/CM Punk/Bret Hart promo at the end of Raw was phenomenal? Brilliant WWE, really brilliant.

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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Speezy88
    This was a very interesting read, and I appreciate the fact that you use context clues within Cena’s promo to make your points. I can definitely say you have a certain level of intellect that is somewhat lacking in the world.

    With that being said, I must politely disagree with you about this being a politically-fueled promo because I believe it’s too soon and too close to the other political ties that WWE has invested let alone it would alienate a substantial amount of WWE fans.

    Here’s my take: Ok so like stated before by some of the responses, AW got fired because he stated in social media that he supported Linda even though everyone was told not to say anything related to her campaign in social media. This was like what a month ago? Now, a month later they are going to allow the most identifiable man in WWE not just by the fans, but those who are not fans of WWE John Cena, to make a political diatribe cleverly disguised as a rant against his opponent at Night of Champions? That’s a little too soon don’t you think? Also if this is the case and enough intelligent people like you see this as a political promo, but they are not of the Republican elk (aka Democrats), you would have to assume that they would take offense to it and spread the word that “WWE is making political jabs at Democrats”. This in-turn would create negative press for the WWE and then people would have opinions along the lines of, “Man WWE got politics involved in their stuff. I don’t know if I still want to watch it.”/”Man they don’t like Obama; I’m not watching them no more or supporting them”. Of course they would be people that would say “Yeah WWE and Yeah Republicans”, but the thing is the previous two opinions I described of people on the fence or those who no longer want to support the product equals loss of money for the WWE. This is not what Vinnie Mac wants.

    I just think there would be too much to lose if this really was a political promo as you put it, but it is a very interesting theory, and like I stated earlier, I can appreciate your intelligence to draw the parallels; this was tactfully done. Great Job.
    ^for anyone who disagrees with my views, please refer to this comment to create a response instead of blasting my blog. Thank you.

    And yes, finally someone says the t word... THEORY.
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin
    @alcrissam - The thing is that I don't see the tie in myself. Simply because he made a point to bring us back to the start of the program between Punk and Cena (remember, Punk was talking about "changing" the WWE and this was well after Obama's campaign that got him elected) in which Punk made his bold statements about Cena and how he'd be remembered by the fans as well as being the one to say what the fans were feeling. The content of his promo was geared completely towards bringing about the fans back to the rivalry that these two began with. How else would he have done this without bringing up the things that began their program? He had to use the words he used as a way to get the fact that for as much as his "pipebomb" was about the people, it truly was about Punk. This promo was gold in that his helped to give that push to Punk to bring him back to a complete heel when everyone wasn't buying it. The thing that is more interesting to me is that you hear the words that Cena says about how Punk is selfish and geared only towards self service, yet in your mind it ties into President Obama and how he's ran the country in his first term. Do you think this about Obama?

    Like I said before, you can look into it however you would like and pull whatever meaning from the promo you want because your mind is predetermined on finding it, therefore whatever helps you thesis is what stands out the most. I am not calling you childish or silly because you gave us a great piece of literature to entertain. However, I just do not agree with you on your conclusion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either, it's just that we see two different things in this promo.

    As pertaining to the AW situation, the answer is no; It had nothing to do with politics. The comment that he made was about a political campaign (in support for the Republican Party mind you) but the fact was that he had already been warned after the Kobe comment to be cautious of the words he chooses. The next thing he does is blatantly ignore management and do what he wanted to. What AW did to get fired has nothing to do with politics; what AW said involved politics. These are two different things.
    I have said before, you are most intelligent wrestling fan here. You prove it to me everytie you write a comment.

    The AW thing I now get, and we can mod on from that.

    Back to the cena promo. Look, this is just a theory. A look into the political side of things. While I could be right, I could be 100% wrong and everything could be coincidence. But, I noticed some things that I thought were evident to me, and I decided to formulate a theory about it. Who the fuck knows?
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DXCena#1fan
    Actually I'm 24, but I will be the first to admit I dont follow politics as much as I'd like. The point in my original comment was something like this. Say you went and saw Inception in theaters, and left there with ideas that the movies represented, that the director never intended for you to think of because they weren't the original thought for the movie. You are over reaching. You have a wild imagination if you think Cena's promo is a hidden message for the McMahon's politics. How about you stick to your conspiracy theories and Roswell, and leave wrestling to fans who don't over analyze it and look for hidden meaning below hidden meaning.
    Hidden messages are everywhere. The Beatles did it when Paul "died". Remember the Vickie Guerrero hidden message? Like I said. Theory. So I could be 100% right or 100% wrong.
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