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10 best rivalrys in the last 5 years

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I'm going to go ahead and include 2007 since 2012 isn't over yet. What makes you want to see wrestling matches? Besides gimmick matches of course it is rivalry's. Rivalry's is why you want to see a tag team or 2 wrestlers go at it. Great rivalry to me is memorable. The promos leading up to their matches make it even more intriguing. The ones I have in my list is the ones I always looked forward to week in and week out. Not a rivalry where I said, I can't believe these two are facing again. Matches you can look back on and look forward to. Great TV weekly on Raw/SD when they were on. That is a great rivalry!! Here is my top 10 best rivalrys in the last 5 years:

10.MVP vs Matt Hardy-A midcard rivalry that doesn't get as much love as it should. MVP was one of my favorites on SD. I always looked forward to him on SD. Sometimes more so than top stars like Taker, Batista, or Kane. Matt/MVP rivalry began in the Summer of 07 and ended in April of 08 at Backlash. They were a tag team that won the tag titles. They competed every week in competitions to see who was the best of the 2. Some weeks MVP would cheat or find a way out of the competition. MVP/Matt eventually lost the tag titles and demanded a rematch. MVP attacked Matt after the match and wasn't seen again until WM 24 when he cost MVP the MITB. Backlash Matt won his first major singles title in years winning the US title. Matt eventually went to ECW while MVP went on to a losing streak in which he never recovered.
9.Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk-Punk began a group called the straight edge society claiming they say no to drugs. Punk was the leader obviously. He ended up interrupting a nice birthday celebration of Rey's daughter on SD. Got a ton of heat over it which led to a match between the two at WM26. Rey and Punk's final match had a stipulation in which Rey would have to join SES if he lost. However if he won, he would have his head shaved.
8.Undertaker vs Kane-People all across the net wants to see another Kane vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. That should be the way Taker ends his career. I personally don't believe that is true at all. I think Kane vs Undertaker fued should be left alone. The last series of matches was classic. I don't believe they could top it. That is why I don't want another fued between the two. Kane finally won the world title after winning MITB. He blamed Rey Mysterio for his brother being in a vegan state. Kane was the one however. That eventually faced at NOC for the world title. Paul Bearer returned and turned on the deadman at Hell in a Cell. Bragging rights, Taker was buried alive in part thanks to the Nexus which he never did get his revenge for. Let us forget it happen though. The series of promos along with Bearer returning. Kane winning in the fued made the fued for me. It didn't feel as if Kane won enough when they went to battle. Kane finally got that rub. This fued couldn't be topped!!
7.Jeff Hardy vs HHH-The series of promos these two had during 2008 was great because it brought realism to the story. Every Jeff Hardy fan had been waiting for him to claim the WWE title. However, he got suspended in which he was rumored to win the MITB @ Wrestlemania 24. Jeff always kept getting closer and closer, but he couldn't win the title. Rumble of 08 lost to Orton, No Way Out lose Chamber to HHH, WM 24 missed because drugs, Unforgiven 08 was WWE champion in scramble, but HHH found a way to pick up the victory before the time expired. It led to a match at No Mercy, that had a ton of good promos. One noticable one was where Jeff attacked HHH verbally. HHH said Jeff can never win the big one and Jeff responded he probably would have already had he had the family HHH has. HHH responded his activities outside the ring are the reason for him not winning the big one. Realism was there which made the fued great. Jeff lost again, but he did however win the big one at Armaggeddon of 08.
6.The Rock vs Cena-What hurt this particular fued was that it started off hot before WM 27 and we all waited almost a year before we saw the Rock/Cena really have any in ring promos again vs each other. Rock vs Cena was good start off, but I don't believe it had the same kind of hype it had going into WM 28 that it had in to WM 27. However it was probably the biggest match booked in the last 5 years. I'd certainly say so. This was personal as we all saw in the promos. Rock is loved by millions including me, but Cena is to. However, Cena gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Rock does a bit too, but not as noticable as Cena. Cena didn't like the Rock leaving WWE like he did. Acting as if WWE didn't exist even dropping the name of the Rock in his movies. Rock however said he wanted to make it on his own in the world of entertainment in the movie world. He always knew he would come back and he chose the top man to face and that was Cena. Rock/Cena has exchanged words in interviews and at the HOF. Rock/Cena rivalry intrigued us all because they took shots at one another that did make the other tick. You could tell by the promos.
5.Undertaker vs Edge-It began when Edge cashed in the MITB on Taker after he got beat up by Henry and had a cage match w/Batista. You knew somehow some way, Taker would get his revenge. It took almost a year to get that revenge at WM24 after Edge cost him world title on multiple occassions w/LA familia and disguising as a camera man at Survivor Series. Stripped him of the world title for using a submission hold that was banned. Faced at TLC in another memorable bout where La Familia helped Edge put an end to the Undertaker. However, Edge made the mistake by cheating on Vickie that got Taker reinstated. Edge's punishment was not only that, but to face him at Summerslam in a Hell in a Cell match. Taker sent him to hell like the announcers said through the ring off the ladder. When I talk great rivalry's I'm also talking about memorable bouts. Look at all the bouts that we all wanted to see, WM 24, Extreme Rules, Summerslam, and so forth. That is what makes a great rivalry.
4.Jericho vs Shawn Michaels-This rivalry began when HBK faked a knee injury. Jericho said these fans let HBK get away with anything. If it were him or anyone else they couldn't get away with it. They still love HBK despite it. He claimed the fans and HBK are nothing more than hypocrites. Jericho put HBK head into the Jeritron 5000. His eye was damaged and not seen again until he cost Jericho the IC title at Night of Champions. A moment I have ranked as the top moment in the history of the ppv. HBK demanded a match between Jericho. Jericho targeted the eye while not going for the win at the Great American Bash. The match was stopped because HBK was unable to continue. Summerslam came, HBK had a big announcement to announce his retirement with his wife. However, Jericho came out wanting HBK to say that he wasn't retiring because of his decision. He wanted him to say because Jericho ended his career. HBK said Jericho will try like many others to be HBK, but there will only be one HBK. Jericho got mad enough to throw a punch in which HBK ducked and his wife was hit. HBK got an unsanctioned match at Unforgiven where no one would be responsible for either person involved in the match. HBK won and you thought it was over. Jericho replaced an injured Punk in the Scramble match and won the world title. HBK was than named the #1 contender in the match of his choice. That being a ladder match. Again, series of matches between the two we look back on and say they had a great series matches that we wanted to see.
3.John Cena vs Nexus-In June of 2010, Raw had Cena vs Punk as the main event. A group of rookies surrounded the ring and attacked everyone including Cena. Nexus wanted all their members to have contracts. In the coming weeks, Nexus would cost Cena WWE championship matches, attack WWE legends and current wrestlers. Cena however couldn't take much more it challenging them to a elimination tag match at Summerslam. His team of WWE vs Nexus and team WWE won. Was a mistake if you ask me. However, Cena fued w/Nexus didn't end there. Cena wanted the group out of WWE so he fought Barrett at Hell in a Cell. If he won Nexus would disband and if Barrett won he would join Nexus. Barrett won thanks to Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. He now he had to take orders from Barrett and the rest of the Nexus. Cena beat Orton on Raw via DQ which meant Barrett got to pick a special ref for his WWE title match at Survivor Series. Barrett chose Cena with stipulation being if Barrett left w/WWE title, Cena was free from the Nexus. However, if he lost....he would be fired. Another mistake here, in which Orton won and Cena was fired which only last a handful of weeks. However, great rivalry again that made Raw a must see week after week.
2.Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk-Jeff's last rivalry in the WWE was probably the most memorable one he has had in his career. Why? Again, realism to the rivalry where one man was straight edge while the other has a history of doing drugs. Punk won MITB for the 2nd time at WM 24 while Jeff won back the world title from Edge at Extreme Rules. Punk cashed it in on Hardy which started it all. Punk didn't understand the problem. He claimed he did the same on Edge last year and didn't understand why fans were against him for doing it against Jeff. Punk vs Jeff promos began to be about their lifestyle. I believe that was the true beginning of Punk becoming a star because he was getting a ton of heat for it. Why this rivalry was so interesting was, I disliked Punk and loved Hardy however, I agreed w/Punk more in the promos than Jeff. Punk was speaking the truth that some people didn't want to hear which began the start of me becoming a Punk fan. You thought Jeff wouldn't win the title because you wouldn't think Punk would have that short of reign. NOC Jeff won the title back. Kept it up til Summerslam in a TLC match between the two. Jeff was leaving because he was burnt out from the road which everyone knew at the time. He had a cage match on SD if he lost he would have to leave WWE and he did lose. Havn't seen Hardy since. Hardy was on the top of the world at the time. Shocking to see him leave on top like that.
1.Punk vs Cena-Every time these two go at it especially at this years NOC, you want to see it. You want to know who is going to win that match. Stakes are high for Punk/Cena because it is in Boston. In Cena's hometown, Punk has held the title for over 300 days. However, Cena claims it means nothing because he didn't main event ppvs. If he wants to make a statement, he better do it in his hometown at NOC. Punk vs Cena is a great rivalry and the best on in the past 5 years if you ask. Why? Look at the promos they just had on Raw Monday. Look at the promos they had in the past especially Punk's last year before MITB ppv. In his hometown w/contract expiring he leaves w/ WWE title blowing a kiss to Vince goodbye as he leaves in his homecrowd of Chicago. He leaves long enough to crown a new WWE champion and returns claiming he is the real WWE champion. They have a match at Summerslam to crown the undisputed WWE champion. First time ever we ever had 2 WWE champions face. Cena wins w/HHH as the special ref. However a mistake arose when they chose to have Del Rio cash in the MITB on Punk after Nash gives him a powerbomb. Nash never did have a match w/Punk after that and it took Punk months to get a rematch which he did at Survivor Series. People say it was Cena who ruined Punk's steam. It was Del Rio and Nash. Cena gets blamed for everything for goodness sake. He can put over anybody and make anyone a star. Very few can do that. Cena has done that w/Punk, RVD, Barrett, Miz, and the list goes on. Anybody who comes out claims to be anti-cena they get over with the crowd. Cena deserves some respect!!

There you have it my top 10 rivalry list of the past 5 years. Of course this is my opinion. Hope you enjoyed the read. For those wondering as to why I didn't post best moments for BFG yet. I think I'll wait a little bit closer to the event. If he can't come up with something to blog about, I may end up posting them sooner. Did I miss any rivalry? Did I rank one to high or low? Leave your opinions below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Nitro_99's Avatar
    Ah, did you do this because I did one? Well I like the list as well. Good job
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99
    Ah, did you do this because I did one? Well I like the list as well. Good job
    I made mine a couple days ago, but didn't post it on the web. I already posted mine. Didn't see yours until yours was reviewed to be posted. Mine was still waiting to get reviewed. I liked yours as well. I got the idea from PG era one weeks ago.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Jericho-HBK is not #1?! I don't understand.
  4. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    i remember wen undertaker was in a vegan state... Daniel Bryan took after it
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    I agree with #1. Punk vs John Cena is today's Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan. Everything about their feud from the promos to the matches are amazing. These guys really know how to work with one another. It's a feud you can't get tired of seeing.

    Another great feud that should have made the list is John Cena vs Batista.
  6. SHW's Avatar
    good list, taking it 5 more than Nitro_99 did yesterday or whenever.

    hard to put punk v cena at 1 since the feud is just starting up again...and it looks like we will have a punk-cena-rocky love triangle up until WM...
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SHW
    good list, taking it 5 more than Nitro_99 did yesterday or whenever.

    hard to put punk v cena at 1 since the feud is just starting up again...and it looks like we will have a punk-cena-rocky love triangle up until WM...
    Punk/Cena had a great rivalry before it just started up again. Remember their matches last year at MITB and Summerslam. Anticipation of wanting to see the matches and the memories. Guys like Jericho/HBK had a good rivalry that was memorable with a lot of matches, but this one has more realism to it than the one they had. It started out really good calling him a hypocrite and the fans because he got rid of everything. Adding on his wife made it more about that. Cena is the man who WWE wants to be the poster boy. Punk doesn't look like a poster boy at all with tats, piercing, and so forth. That is what makes the rivalry great to me the realism.

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