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Top 10 Rivalries of the past 5 years (2008-2012)

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Welcome to another edition of my blogs, Nitro_99 here bringing you another countdown. Through the PG Era, there have been many complaints about certain things andpeople have been angry with the overall product. Even though the product changes, the wrestlers don't and they have the ability to make a feud escalate from good to amazing. In 2008, I officially started watching wwe so I never saw attitude era. I do believe though that I have been treated to many great feuds, as the ones I list here. Now remember, these are MY PICKS! You can talk about which ones you loved and all of the others, but please do not criticize me (even though it will probably happen)

10. Christian vs Randy Orton (2011)
We are starting off with a more recent one as I talk about a feud from last year. Now many of you might not think that this even deserves to be on the list, but there we two key factors that made me choose it. 1. Christian. This was about Christian's chase of the title and that even though he won the big one, he can't hold on to it. It hurt us when he lost it and it made the feud so much more. Also, the matches were all amazing. These two developed chemistry that was great and lovely to watch. What made this low was what happened to Christian after.......nothing, he became whiny and now, he is resting.

9. Batista vs John Cena (2010)
This one is a true pleasure to watch sometimes. Going back to 2008, Batista and John Cena had a match at Summerslam, which Batista won. This feud was more of Batista wanting to be where Cena was. Back in the day, Batista and John Cena were the same. They both won their first championship at Wrestlemania 21 and they faced each other in the final of the Royal Rumble. They were pretty alike, but John Cena was a bigger star. Batista, made jealous, became a great heel and pulling off amazing promos. It was leading up, but the only thing I didn't like was that Batista was seen as he couldn't beat cena.

8. John Cena vs The Rock (2012)
The big one this year was the focus of Wrestlemania. Two eras collided as John Cena would face The Rock. It started a year ago and continued throughout the back of people's minds, waiting for the match. People wanted John Cena to win, as to pass the torch. People wanted the rock to win, because he is way better than john cena. Both men stepped up their game in promos, but no in ring action caused boringness. The match was great and now, looking to the future, it seems we aren't done yet

7. Undertaker vs Triple H (2011,2012)
Only two matches happened, yet it felt like we were watching it for a long time. Last year, both men returned and signalled the match to start. It revolved around Triple H beating Undertaker which HBK saying he couldn't. HBK was right and taker won. Coming back this year, taker wanted revenge because he had to be stretchered out. He wanted to show people that he was stronger. This was focused around who was better: HBK or HHH. In the Cell, it finished what we thought was the end for all three, as a beautiful story was told inside the cell. Yet, Taker is coming back, HBK comes back and HHH hates lesnar.....sigh

6. CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio (2010
This was an amazing feud. During Wrestlemania to Over the Limit, CM Punk had an obsession with Mysterio. He wanted Mysterio to join the SES, but mysterio refused. Their feud escalated as CM Punk became a demon as he tormented mysterios daughter in the creepiest way ever. This feud lead on to three amazing matches and eventually, Punk became bald.....ha. This feud showed that you don't need a title to be the center of attention in wwe.

5. CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (2009)
I might get some heat for putting this two low, but this is as high as it goes. It all started when Hardy won the world championship....then had it stolen by Punk with money in the bank. This lead to a match at the bash where punk kind of stuck with the title. A couple of promos and matches later and we arrive at night of champions where Hardy finally won. After this, though, is the important part. Punk turns heel and we see a new side of everything where this feud went from meh to amazing. Punk and hardy's work showed as punk ruled as a heel and they went on to an amazing match at summerslam. It was sad for hardy to leave the wwe, but he went out on a great feud.

4. CM Punk vs John Cena (2011,2012)
This just seems to be me praising punk, huh? Anyways, flashback to last year when Punk said he would be leaving the company and floored everybody with his shoot promo. His new edgier character leading up to money in the bank made wwe important again. Cena and Punk's match at Money in the bank earned 5 stars. It has been a long time since a match got that rating. Punk left, came back and we had our second match at summerslam, where Punk won again. Now looking towards this year, it shows us that punk and cena have not lost their chemistry or rivalry. Punk thrives on being the best and getting respect, while cena focuses on earning respect and being the best champion. All of the promos they have done have been great and as well with the matches. Looking towards night of champions, who will win?

3. Edge vs Undertaker (2008)
Whooooo, man I loved this feud. At Wrestlemania, Undertaker challenged Edge for the world heavyweight championship and the HEADLINED wrestlemania....with the world heavyweight championship. They were a big deal as undertaker won. Next, Undertaker would defeat Edge in different ways yet he could never get his title back. In a one last chance match, Edge faced Undertaker in a TLC match which blew the house off. Undertaker then left wwe as Edge claimed victory. This was the end....or was it? Vickie told Edge after he failed to win the wwe championship that he would be in a hell in a cell...with taker. This lead to, I think, the best match out of all 5 (yes, 5!) This has been one of the best cells in the pg era and they showed that you don't need blood to put on an epic show.

2. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (2009,2010)
.....I still get shivers. This was the feud of two wrestlemania's and it doesn't surprise anyone. First, you had michaels win a tournament to face taker at the 25th anniversary. They focused on HBK being light and Taker being darkness. It was great to see the build-up and their entrances were grand. Their match, though, was ......awe-inspiring. Like HBK said, he made one mistake which cost him the match. Later in 2010, HBK's fascination with taker made him go crazy. He tried to win the rumble but failed. He tried to make it into the chamber, but failed with that too. Out of options, HBK snuck into the chamber, took out taker and made him lose his championship. This lead to HBK vs Taker II and it held up because if HBK lost.....he had to retire. We all kind of knew that it would happen, but the suspense wasn't gone. HBK and Taker put on another show and HBK retired. I loved this feud so much because so much emotion was poured out into it and I keep watching the promo videos because they tell a great story.

1. Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels (2008)
Need I say anymore? Many of you probably already guessed that this would be number 1, but I will still describe it for you. It all started with HBK retiring Ric Flair and Jericho being a referee during the HBK-Batista match. After HBK lied during the match to win, Jericho called him a hypocrite. HBK then had a makeout session with the Jeritron and the feud escalated more. HBK cost Jericho his Intercontinental title and they had a match at the bash. Jericho and HBK had a bloody brawl which jericho won and HBK was "considering" retirement. Jericho then punched his wife in the face at summerslam which lead to unforgiven. They had an unsanctioned match where HBK destroyed Jericho in another amazing match. Later in the evening, Jericho won the World Heavyweight Championship. This lead to a final battle that was a ladder match. This had to be one of the greatest matches ever as Jericho and HBK told a story with brutal encounters and hardship and passion. Jericho earned the final victory proving he is the best in the world at what he does. It also showed that these men are legends, putting some of the great work they have ever done. It doesn't matter if a feud stretches over 7 pay-per-views, if they were as entertaining as this feud, we wouldn't mind at all (you paying attention sheamus and del rio?)

Anywho, that is finally the end. I know some of you are probably wondering how you made it through that or hoping that I am not taking english, but I am glad you read it all the same. In the end, I hope we can look back and remember the amazing feuds WWE has given us and that we can learn that no matter what era we are in or what rules we have, we can still put on a clinic and tell a story.

God Bless

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  1. SHW's Avatar
    great top 5 would be exactly the same.

    as much as i wanted to move punk-hardy lower, the 4 feuds below were slightly better as everything, it seems, that taker has done the last 5 years, just seems more important to me...
  2. jackw9's Avatar
    michaels taker number one for me good blog
  3. Circa84's Avatar
    This list is exactly on point
  4. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Loved the blog. One correction: HBK didn't win a tournament to face Taker at WM 25; he faced JBL for who would have the right to challenge him after freeing himself from JBL's employ.
  5. Nitro_99's Avatar
    I kind of counted it as one. Vladmir was up and Jbl faced HBK to see who would face Kozlov. HBK won, beat kozlov and earned the right to the streak
  6. ewantu2's Avatar
    I would of had CM Punk vs John Cena and Taker vs HHH higher but good list.
  7. Cross's Avatar
    Honestly, I do not like alot of this list. I mean, you seem to be basing some of these rivarlies on one or two matches instead of a good length and paced rivarly. I mean, yes HBK vs Taker and Triple H vs Taker had really amazing matches but they were not good rivarlies due to they did not have as big of build ups like Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk or Rey vs Punk. They were just build up for a month, stop for a year, and build up where they picked off. Not much of a rivarly. The Christian/Orton feud (although producing 3 extremely well done matches) rivarly was just way too long. Batista and John Cena, although exciting matches and concepted well, just took away to much of the Animal. But these are just my opinions andI mean this in kindness.
    Jericho vs Rey Mysterio would be on my list. So much prestidge bestowed upon the IC Title. But yes, HBK and Y2J For The Win
    Updated 09-14-2012 at 05:31 PM by Cross

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