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Aaron Gratton

Gratton’s World of Wrestling: Underused Talent

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To kick off this new blog, I thought it would be appropriate to start with one of the IWC’s (Internet Wrestling Community) favourite subjects – underused talent.

Hands down, the absolute number one underused talent in the whole of wrestling right now is a Scotsman by the name of Andrew Galloway – more commonly known as Drew McIntyre. McIntyre has it all; the look, in-ring ability, mic skills, charisma, awesome entrance music and all the potential in the world.

It was just February 2011 when Drew McIntyre was a part of the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match, alongside the likes of Edge, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Kane and Big Show. Two months later, McIntyre was moved to Raw – via the supplemental draft (where all the wrestlers that aren’t deemed important enough to draft on the main show are switched around) and sightings of ‘The Chosen One’ on television have been few and far between. He’s not even been named on the WWE ’13 video game roster – the biggest roster ever on a WWE video game.

If you believe the dirt sheets (which are right more than Vince McMahon would care to admit) then you can put Drew’s fall from grace down to the break-up of his marriage with former WWE Dive Tiffany and what some believe was the wrong attitude. If the break-up of his marriage did have a part to play, then the WWE does have form – Tiffany was soon released, and look what happened to The Miz after Maryse (his real-life girlfriend) was released. Exactly.

Why Should McIntyre be Used More?

There are a ton of reasons why. Firstly, because the fans (or, as ‘they’ prefer to say, the ‘WWE Universe’) haven’t forgotten about him. You can regularly see fans on Twitter (including yours truly) pleading for creative to find something for the Scot. Secondly, because he’s that damn good. For a lot of the time, McIntyre has been used on Superstars where he has churned out high-quality matches. As recent as a few months ago, McIntyre faced veteran Christian – a solid 10-or-so minute match that saw Drew on the offensive for much of the match before eventually putting Christian over. You can view that match on YouTube here.

Guys that can ‘hang’ with top end players like Christian don’t come around very often – especially with the charisma (possibly the wrong word to use when describing a guy facing Christian) that McIntyre has. McIntyre has enough charisma to consistently evoke one of the biggest pops of the night at WWE live events despite not featuring on Raw or Smackdown – name anyone else on the current roster than can do that, I dare you.

Another reason, more from a business point-of-view, is that he’s Scottish. Dipping into the international market is something the WWE has always done (it’s also the only reason why Khali has a job!). British wrestlers have always been around – but there has only really been ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper from Scotland (The Highlanders don’t count), and there’s nothing quite like when a Brit comes home to his homeland. And for any non-British folk reading this, no, McIntyre making an appearance in London or Manchester is not him coming home. The Scottish come from Scotland (duh) and that is where Drew McIntyre could fly the flag for. Better yet, have Piper manage McIntyre for a while (there was rumours about this a while ago). It would instantly make McIntyre relevant again, even better if he was kept heel – then we could see Piper’s real magic on the mic.

There may be hope of McIntyre returning to prominence could be more likely to happen than one would first think, with the Scotsman taking to Twitter during his short lay-off (recently undergone wrist surgery) and tweeting:

“Sometimes in life, you got to step back and realize no matter what you have accomplished or you feel the world owes you. In reality, you’re damn lucky to even be involved in WWE. I know you’re all calling for a revolution… it’s not time yet”

A teaser for what’s to come? Hopefully!

So there is my reasoning for the return of Drew McIntyre to our television screens. Bring him back into my living room, put him back into the main event and give him a title, that’s an order!

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i fully agree with this great blog good job
  2. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Good read. I have always hoped that if McIntyre just puts the time in his situation would be treated like HHH after the curtain call. So here's hoping the 'revolution' is coming soon
  3. Cross's Avatar
    I do remember the matches he had with Christian on Smackdown and they were legit. Its sad to know a former IC champion is stuck with the low-carders. Also, just a thought, it would be nice if you could change the font as it was irritable to read. Thanks
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Excellent blog and completely agree.

    But The Highlanders don't count and Piper does even though they're Scottish and Piper isn't?
  5. Aaron Gratton's Avatar
    I'm going more so on the character, rather than real-life - but Piper (in real-life) does have Scottish heritage. And why don't The Highlanders count? Quite simply, because they were terrible in my opinion.

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