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Top Ten Finishers and Why

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This is Mikey A and my first blog will be about what I look forward to the most: finishers. A finisher can make or break the superstar. IMO Santino was a good wretler up until the cobra. Christian before the frog splash. Sin cara before the Swanton Bomb. So without further ado, lets just jump right into it.

10. Ryback's Shock Drop-Ryback has shown that he can become the biggest powerhouse next to John Cena by execuing his finisher on two people at the same time. But let's be honest, he's fighting nobodies. I want to see him beat people like Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, or maybe even Albertio Del Rio.

9. Skull Crushing Finale-Even though The Miz has been on a losing streak lately and his career is slowly going downhill, I still get interested when he hits his finisher because it's a perfect attack to the head and more times than not, no one kicks out.

8. Attitude Adjustment- I hate John Cena beyond all belief but I cannot deny his strength. If someone tries a flying crossbody, he will power them into an AA and its over. That is all the credit I will give him.

7. Texas Cloverleaf- Sheamus is now using this in place of the Brogue Kick (which will not be on this list, maybe some other time) and IMO he makes it look horrible. It looked best with Dean Malenko. Maybe with Eddie Guerrero. But not with Sheamus, but I do look forward to a submission versus submission match with Alberto Del Rio.

6. GTS- I am a huge fan of CM Punk. I have been since ROH. I don't like the GTS as much as the Pepsi Plunge, or the Welcome to Chicago MFer but the GTS does look like it hurts and thats why it's here and not in top 5.

5. Twist of Fate- Matt Hardy has been using this finisher to its full extennt. but Jeff Hardy is the one making it popular. On Bully Ray at No Surrender, he hit two consecutive Twist of Fates. Jeff Hardy is the very reason why I love High Flyers.

4. Zig-Zag- Dolph Ziggler is a rising star right now and I can see Sheamus beating Del Rio this Sunday at NOC only to have David Otunga come out and beat him down. Then Dolph Ziggler follows with a beautiful Zig-Zag to win the title. Zig-Zag has a beautiful execution and I just get excited everytime Dolph Ziggler competes.

3. RKO- Let me be perfectly clear, I hate Randy Orton as a face. He needs to find a new job if he continues as a face. But I cannot dismiss the RKO. Previously used by DDP and now Bully Ray. Anyone can get RKO'ed out of nowhere. I mean, "Dolph picks up Randy Orton RKO! RKO! RKO!" See? He nailed it on Big Show recently. I love the RKO but hate Randy.

2. Cross Arm Breaker- I love this submission because its an MMA style move. Or is it maybe because I am a Submissionist? Del Rio recently made Randy Orton tap out to this move, what does this say?

1. La Belle/No Lock-I like Daniel Bryan's talent and now his character. I hated him when I first saw him but when he locked in the La Belle lock, I was amazed. I will not lie, Chris Benoit will biblically burn in hell now, but he had talent. And the La Belle lock reminded me of The Crippler Crossface.

Honorable Mentions: 619/West Coast Pop. Aries's Brainbuster submission. Edge Spear. R-Truth's Lil Jimmy. James Storm Superkick.

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  1. MikeyA's Avatar
    Hey I said the Cobra sucks. And if you read the other lists EVERYBODY has the Stunner as #1. It's either that or the Tombstone. I've seen the Brainnbustaaah, and honestly, I really thought it was a botch until I looked up some of his other vids. This listnis about current talent. Nothe the Wrestling greats. And I do agree Ryback's stomping is crap, but I like his shock Drop and how he has nailed two people at a time wih it.
  2. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Yeah if this list is missing the Rock Bottom™ or Stunner™ or any of Takers™ moves, then it is not a list. You're welcome.
  3. MikeyA's Avatar
    I like the Sandow reference, but why does no one understand CURRENT TALENT? I never saod 10 finishers of all time.
  4. Cross's Avatar
    I must agree with the Miz's skull curching finale as it does look very effective. But my main deal on this is Del Rio's armbreaker. What big stars besides Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton have tapped out to Del Rio? Cause I cannot really think of anybody. No one is even on the edge of their seat when he uses it either. Just saying.

    Ok list in my opinion. Not great but not really bad either cause I know you are talking about current finishers.
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