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Last Night's Raw: Thoughts and Prayers with Jerry Lawler

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Hey fans. Savior here. The tone of this blog is going to be a little down, for obvious reasons. I will start by saying that I think New Jack needs to get out of his mom's basement and grow the hell up. Jerry Lawler is a legendary figure in wrestling, a little respect is in order. I'm sure everyone is with me when I say our thoughts and prayers are with Jerry Lawler.

Now, I watched the opening segment of Raw because I heard Bret Hart was gonna be there. I figured he would open. I figured Punk would come out and disrespect him. Now, Bret Hart is the absolute best in my mind. Just not when it comes to cutting promos. He can't hang with Punk, but Punk is out of his mind with saying he's better than Bret. *I'm sure someone who I argued with on the forum last week is laughing to himself right now, as am I*. He drew nice heat with that.

I've also been captivated with this Daniel Bryan and Kane thing. It is funny So my brother alerted me to their segments. I watched their match where they won. Then the sad news came.

I watched from there on out, simply because I was worried that it may have been the last time I see Jerry Lawler. Then I thought to myself. That's why I tune in when the legends are around. Those guys who made me a wrestling fan to begin with. Guys like Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper. I love finding out when there's going to be segments with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sgt Slaughter, and Dusty Rhodes. Because we never know when we won't see them again, as was evident at last night's Raw, we may never hear Jerry Lawler again. Heart Surgery is not something you just come back from in two weeks. Retirement may be in order here. And it's sad that it had to be this way. Now if there are people who are going to comment and say things like, "well, maybe they can finally bring Regal in for color commentary", I implore you to keep your comments to yourself. Because I don't wanna hear that crap. If they do bring Regal in to replace him, fine. But I refuse to be happy about the circumstances. So keep that crap to yourself.

One more shout out. I have full admirmation for Michael Cole. He did a fantastic job keeping us updated. He was a pure professional in the situation. He had to break kayfabe and never went back to it for the rest of the night. I applaud him 100%...and this comes from someone who absolutely hates him.

Now the closing segment was something of beauty. I'm setting myself up for slaughter here, but I thought John Cena was brilliant in that final segment. I feel CM Punk is starting down the Bobby Roode route. He's whining, it's all about respect him, he has IT, blah blah blah. All the same crap we hear from everyone who thinks they should be champ. It's so played out, it's laughable. Cena killed it on the mic last night and there's no denying that. He laid into Punk, Punk tried to talk back just to have the mic slapped out of his hand, he was called an Ignorant Son of a Bitch, and he was gonna get his ass kicked.

Now, not sure what's gonna happen at Night of Champions. Everyone wants Punk to win because everyone hates Cena, but if it does happen, it'll be because of interference or some sort of screwjob or something. However, it unfortunately spells the beginning of the end of CM Punk's cred as champion. After clean wins in feuds over Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho to define his year as champ, he's now gonna be relegated to dirty, watered-down wins until he ultimately loses to The Rock at Royal Rumble, IF, he keeps the title that long. I say if, because everything John Cena said last night, was ultimately true. As champ, he's seen Main Event after Main Event pass him by. Why? Because WWE had Cena headlining. But there's more to that Why question. Cena headlines, because Cena draws. Punk obviously does not, or else he would be headlining. So I say IF, he holds the belt until Royal Rumble, because there's opportunity up and down. Cena can fued with ADR, (we all know how much WWE loves him, so we'll be forced to get him), Cena can feud with Daniel Bryan. (Okay, could be a good thing. Though Bryan won't hang and just be another Super Cena victim). But ultimately, because Cena vs Rock 2 will bring in more buys to the Royal Rumble, then Punk/Rock would. To the IWC who hates Cena, I know it sucks, but it IS reality.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw out some thoughts about the first Raw I actually watched more than 10 minutes of since I gave up on WWE back in July. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to comment below, love me or hate me, but keep any negativity about Lawler and the announcing situation out.

God Bless Jerry Lawler. We're all pulling for a safe recovery.

Take Care Everyone.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Savior. Wanted to thank you for writing yet another Raw review. This definitely wasn't "The Abdominal Stretch", yet it sure felt good reading it.

    Growing up a fan of The Hitman, Monday Night when I was there live, gave me chills when his music hit. Seeing Lawler first hand being carried out was tough to watch. I must say the medics were absolutely on their game, and made it look the utmost professional.

    Either way, I'm rambling. Awesome Blog bud!!!! Going to say I'm back full time in "the land of blogging"!!!
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