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'The End Of The World As You Know It Has Arrived' - Chris Jericho

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‘The end of the world as you know it has arrived’

In this blog I'll be reviewing the whole of Chris Jericho's return from when the vignettes started to air to his match vs Dolph Ziggler. I'll explain what happened in that time and then give my opinion in bold below that.

In November 2011, WWE began airing vignettes entitled It Begins which said a familiar face shall return to reclaim what is his.

I loved these promos. It caused so much speculation on all wrestling websites and was a fun discussion. I think the majority of fans new it was Jericho but that didn’t stop various bloggers speculating whether they thought The Undertaker or even Shane McMahon would be returning. These videos were great and I’m very happy Wwe have started using them more prominently for returns and debuts.

On the 2nd of January Jericho returned as a face; hyping the crowd, hi-fiving the audience etc. After picking up the mic only to drop it without addressing the audience, Jericho left to a chorus of boos. Jericho repeated this the following week and on another episode walked out on a tag team match without stepping foot in the ring.

Many people were angry at this saying it was both boring and a waste of time but I enjoyed these segments. Not in watching them but I was impressed with Jericho’s control of the audience – changing from a face to a heel in the space of 10 minutes is impressive.

The following week Jericho spoke for the first time saying “This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it’ll be the end of the world as you know it”. He competed at the Royal Rumble only to be eliminated last by Sheamus

Not much to say here but he had a decent showing at the Rumble and I enjoyed the curveball at the end with Sheamus winning.

The following Raw, Jericho attacked Cm Punk in his match vs. WHC at the time Daniel Bryan. The Raw after Jericho cut a promo claiming that everyone on the Wwe Roster was a Jericho Wannabe and they were all cheap imitations of himself. He said Cm Punk was the worst offender for stealing Jericho’s ‘Best in the World’ catchphrase. Jericho qualified for the Elimination Chamber match and eliminated both Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston before being kicked out the chamber by Punk. This gave him a head injury so he was removed from the contest without actually being eliminated.

This period of time was only used to plant the seeds for the eventual Punk/Jericho feud. The promos’ Jericho cut were all good in my opinion despite most people on this site saying they thought his ‘wannabe’ gimmick was awful. He had a decent showing at Elimination Chamber although in my opinion the way he was eliminated was wrong as in my opinion it made him look weak.

Jericho then won a 10 men battle royal for the No.1 contenders spot for Cm Punk’s title. In the build up to their Wrestlemania match, Jericho revealed that Punk’s father was an alcoholic and his sister a drug addict which led Punk to his Straight Edge philosophy. Jericho also vowed that once he beat Punk at Wrestlemania he’d turn to alcohol. At Wrestlemania, Jericho lost by tapping out to the Anaconda Vice.

The build up to this match was amazing. Jericho was really good on the mic as usual. This feud is probably feud of the year thus as everything delivered and the story behind it was really good as well. The match itself was good as well, it was more technical than the rematch and the end in particular was great.

Leading up to Extreme Rules, Jericho continued his rivalry with Punk by dousing him with alcohol after his matches vs. Mark Henry. At Extreme Rules, Cm Punk once again defeated Jericho in an Extreme Rules match.

This was a good way to continue their rivalry. The match once again was good and was the perfect example of how to use weapons in the Pg era. They told a good story throughout the match and the actual match was amazing. In my opinion it should of headlined the pay per view as it was a much better match than Lesnar/Cena. It was a fitting end to one of the best feuds in a long time.

Leading up to Over the Limit, Jericho pinned Sheamus in a tag team match. After the match, he demanded a title match. Jericho was added to the fatal 4 way match along with Orton but was pinned by Sheamus.

At the time many people were complaining that Jericho wasn’t doing anything worthwhile but I think this must have been the quickest thing they could throw him into. The match was very good though. Very fast paced this was a nice chanmge from the rest of the pay per view.

On May 24, Wwe announced that Jericho was to be suspended for one month for kicking the Brazilian flag during a match Vs Cm Punk on Wwe’s Brazilian tour.

I don’t know why Jericho had to be suspended for this. Jericho as the villain kicked the flag to gain heat which unbeknownst to him was against the law. I don’t think he should have been suspended as he apologized and he only kicked the flag when playing a character.

Jericho returned after his suspension interrupting John Cena where he announced himself as a participant in the Wwe MITB ladder match. At MITB Jericho was unsuccessful as Cena won.

Jericho’s promo on Cena was good and he had a decent showing at MITB.

The following Raw, Jericho confronted Dolph Ziggler only for Ziggler to interrupt him, claiming that Jericho had lost his touch. This resulted in Jericho hitting the code breaker and thus turning face.

Their rivalry continued when Ziggler cost Jericho their 3 way tag match on Raw 1000. Jericho retaliated by attacking Ziggler on Smackdown whilst wearing his signature pink shirt. Ziggler attacked Jericho with his MITB briefcase after losing a tag team match against the team of Jericho and Christian. On another Raw Jericho cost Ziggler his match vs. Alex Riley.

The Smackdown after, Jericho hosted the highlight reel with Vickie Guerro as his guest, where he returned to his Y2J gimmick before being attacked from behind by Ziggler. At SummerSlam, Jericho defeated Ziggler in a singles match by making him tap out to the Walls of Jericho
The following night on Raw, Ziggler defeated Jericho in a rematch; as a result, Jericho’s Wwe contract was terminated. After the match, Jericho attacked Ziggler with the briefcase and hit him with the Codebreaker.

I really enjoyed Jericho’s return to his Y2J character and I though his segments with Vickie Guerro were hilarious. He delivered some really good promos during this time. I also enjoyed the episode of Piper Pit and the triple threat that came from it. Both matches were good, I’d say the second match was better though. Jericho getting the win in the first match was also a nice surprise and it was fun to finally see him ‘win the big one’.

Overall Opinion:

His return was great. He had some great rivalries vs. the likes of Cm Punk and Dolph Ziggler. He put people over, had some great matches and cut some good promos.

Thanks for reading and make sure to leave your thoughts on Jericho's return below. Was it worth him coming back or was it a waste? Did Wwe use him right? What was your favourite moment from his latest run? Make sure to leave a comment below and in the words of Mick Foley - 'Have a nice day!'.


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    Y2J™ is the second best ever to hold a microphone and was one of the very few who is excellent and entertaining as heel or face.

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