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Dubs review: TNA No Surrender 2012

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Since TNA's No Surrender PPV looks pretty promising and this is the final PPV before Bound For Glory 2012, I thought I'd give it a review. The card is pretty solid and I can't wait to see who will win the Bound For Glory series. I'm writing this as the show progresses so I'm gonna follow the action as much as possible and not miss anything. As always, I rate the matches differently than what you normally see. I'll rate the matches as Bad, Average, Good, Great, or Phonenomenal. Judging by the card, I'm epxected solid matches from this PPV. The PPV has started so here we go!

Match 1: Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe in the BFG semi-finals match

Match thoughts: Meh, the match was alright although I didn't like the finish that much. I thought the finish was pretty weak, especially for a big match like this. The match started off a little slow in the beginning but it then picked up from there. I'm a little pissed Samoa Joe didn't win as I wanted to see him go against Aries at Bound For Glory but that was wishful thinking on my part. Jeff Hardy winning is fine enough for me. At least we get to see a possible feud between Samoa Joe and Magnus which is good enough for me seeing as both are great workers who can benefit from a feud between one another at Bound For Glory. Outcome: Jeff Hardy wins via pinfall. Rating: Average.

Match 2: Bully Ray vs James Storm in the BFG semi-finals match

Match thoughts: I enjoyed this match here. James Storm and Bully Ray were freaking entertaining tonight but then again, that's to be expected with these two. I'm sure we all called Bobby Roode interfering in the match before it even happened and it was a nice touch on things. Now that we know that Bobby Roode vs James Storm is official, now it's time to see who will win the BFG series! I love that Bully Ray avanced to the finals to face Jeff Hardy. #BullyNation's road to glory is in full effect baby! Things are getting a lot interesting folks! Outcome: Bully Ray wins via pinafall. Rating: Good.

Match 3: Tara vs Brooke Tessmacher for the Knockouts title

Match thoughts: I honestly thought Tara was Maxine for a minute in that outfit there. lol Anyways, pretty good Knockouts match. I thought the ending was a good way to continue the feud between Tessmacher and Tara without making either look weak. I'm certainly this will probably lead to Tara turning heel which is great since she is awesome as playing a heel role. Good match and I'm glad Tessmacher retained. Outcome: Brooke Tessmacher wins via pinfall. Rating: Good.

Match 4: Austin Aries vs Armbreaker

Match thoughts: Good brawl between Aries and Armbreaker but I'm not going to rate this since it really wasn't a match. I didn't expect Aries to unmask Armbreaker and I was right once again. Moving on, Aces and Eights interferes in the brawl which the TNA lockerroom fights them off. Hulk Hogan comes out with a microphone and tells them to call the cops. Couldn't you do call them yourself you lazy bastard? Jeff Hardy is apparently hurt during the Aces and Eight/TNA brawl when one of the Aces and Eights members drove him into the ring post.

Match 5: Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion for the X-Division title

Match thoughts: Solid X-Division match. Man, I haven't seen an X-Division match in ages and it's good to see one tonight. The match was very fast-paced but it slowed down a little bit in certain times. The shoulder work was good story-telling and worked here. Zema Ion is a great heel and I can see his annoying heel character getting over if he gets more air-time. Sonjay Dutt is also someone who I want to see in matches more often on Impact Wrestling. I like how TNA are using him. They are using him as an X-Division veteran who is booked to make someone like Zema Ion look good which is a good thing. Good match and great that Zema Ion retains. Outcome: Zema Ion wins via pinfall and retains his X-Division title. Rating: Good.

Match 6: Magnus vs RVD

Match thoughts: I couldn't really get into this match as much as I wanted to. It was a little slow and dull. I'm not sure what the purpose of RVD picking up the victory though. I think Magnus scoring a win over RVD is something that would have elevated him a little more. Hopefully he'll score a big win to get some credibility. A win here for Magnus would have been a great way to get him over a little more but it is what it is. Outcome: RVD wins via pinfall. Rating: Average.

Match 7: Kaz & Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle for the TNA tag team titles

Match thoughts: Woo! So happy Kaz & Daniels retained. They are fantastic tag team champions and once they get more teams to feud with, the tag team division in TNA will be back on the map. As for the match itself, it was wonderful. It doesn't beat their match at Slammiversary but it was still an unpredictable match with some great action. I know people will complain about the ending but I thought it was funny and didn't mind it at all. Both teams know how to work well with one another. Now the thing is, I don't know where this puts Kurt Angle and AJ Styles but something tells me that they will be feuding with one another at Bound For Glory which I wouldn't mind. AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle matches are always something worth seeing. Outcome: Kaz pins AJ Styles to retain the tag team titles. Rating: Great.

Main event: Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy in the BFG Finals

Match thoughts: Holy shizz! I didn't expect that ending! This was a very good match with Bully Ray working Jeff Hardy's shoulder. I honestly didn't know who was going to win which is a great thing. I wasn't expecting him to win but I'm glad he did because Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries sounds like a wonderful match to be held at Bound For Glory. Outcome: Jeff Hardy wins via pinfall. Rating: Good.

Final rating:
I'm going to give this PPV a 8/10. There were solid matches tonight and this PPV got me even more excited for this year's Bound For Glory. The best match of the night was the tag team match between AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels & Kaz with Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy at a close second. Great filler PPV and we are now getting closer and closer to Bound For Glory! Take care guys!
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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Glad you liked it a lot of people last night on the site were upset at the PPV but it seemed like they were more upset at who won BFG rather than the quality of the matches themselves.

    Jeff Hardy was the least likely person I thought would win the series because it seemed all the momentum was behind James Storm, Bully Ray is getting the most heel heat, and Samoa Joe well is Samoa Joe. I can't blame them for giving it to Hardy he gets a huge reaction from the Impact zone and is #1 in merch sales in TNA plus Hardy vs. Aries could be a really great match.

    Only thing I am worried about is the build being a bit of a letdown in this match as right now they are both good guys and have no real beef with each other.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I really enjoyed the PPV. I'm one of the ones who complain about the end of the Tag Title match. Thought it was weak after such an awesome match. But the match was still awesome.

    But I agree with Johnny V. It seems everyone hated the outcome of BFG instead of the PPV itself. I think too many people get into "analyze" mode, rather than just viewing as just a fan. The PPV was good. I like your review.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I liked your fact, I liked the is more than a good ppv....

    I liked all matches, esp the tag team match is really good...X-Div match is also pretty good...n all BFG matches r entertaining....I was a bit dis-appointed with Joe/Hardy match..probably because I have expected more from them...

    Going into BFG series, Storm/Joe/Ray have heat behind them..n if any of them wins, it would be as expected by the they made the person who's least expected to win the series...

    I'm a bit disappointed because my boy Joe lost..but whether Jeff Hardy deserve that win?? YES YES YES!! he deserves it. He had a great come back, he fought his demons n has become a REAL MAN.....Jeff vs AA will be a great match...n from TNA's point of view, their best merch seller should be in the main event of their biggest PPV....One more point I have noticed is Jeff has improved as a performer...earlier he was a stuntman who does some incredible stuff...but, from his come back...he has improved even his ground wrestling n these days he's telling story pretty well..n when ever needed he can deliver some awesome spots...(probably he changed his game style to suit his new life style)....

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