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Break It Down: No Surrender, Wade Barrett, and a Farewell

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Ok guys, just going to get right into it this week!

1. What are your thoughts on the revelation of Paul Heyman as the driver for CM Punk on the end of Raw?

DK- I honestly don't know how I feel about Paul Heyman being involved with CM Punk. Maybe if there was some sort of build to it, but I just fail to see the motive here. Punk doesn't need him. What is Heyman's problem with Cena? etc. If this goes back to Extreme Rules and Cena winning over Lesnar, then that's just dumb. I'm just not sure what the point is and I'm not overwhelmed.

Bear-Unlike DK, I loved it. It made me go at the end of the night "holy shit! That's Paul Heyman!" And now has me questioning where this is going. I honestly can't tell, and it's in those moments that I love wrestling.

2. What did you think of Wade Barrett in his return to WWE on this past SD?

DK- In light of this question, I youtubed it, and honestly, I didn't think they made a big enough deal out of it. Hype videos and such, just to cut a bad guy promo and have a squash match with Yoshi? He's the kind of guy who can make an impact and WWE didn't capitalize on it in my opinion.

Bear- Happy and disappointed. I mean, I'm a Wade fan and glad to see him back, but in the same breath, I thought his return could have been handled more properly. With all of the videos they've played, I was expecting Wade to attack Orton or Sheamus or someone. Heck, even face one of them on his return, but instead, we get Yoshi Tatsu. Was it just me or did you think Tatsu was no selling big time? I loved Barrett's new finisher as it looked just brutal!

3. What are your thoughts on the fact that Aries isnt defending his title on this months PPV?

Dk- Well, they kept him involved in Aces & Eights, so there was no room to build an opponent. Besides, No Surrender isn't doing a whole lot except building up Bound For Glory, so I think the BFG Series is the main focal point. It's okay this time, but they shouldn't make a habit of it. A Double needs to main event, if he's the champ.

Bear- I'm disappointed by it. To me, Aries is a good/great champ. He successfully defend against Roode, and while the A & 8's angle is interesting, I would have rather seen someone face Aries for the title at No Surrender instead of facing "armbreaker".

4. Who do you see winning the BFG series

DK- Honestly, the BFG Series is so up in the air. Every time you think someone pretty much has it in the bag, something else happens that makes you second guess. I still think Bully Ray is behind Aces & Eights, and this is a good opportunity to reveal that. Maybe not the leader, but a big reveal. They help him win BFG.

Bear- I see one of two winning it. Either Samoa Joe or Bully Ray. With the fact Ray has renewed his contract with TNA, this may be Bully's time as champ. In the same notion though, we have seen Aries and Joe can put on a stellar match. I think the finals of the BFG will come to Joe and Ray, and either of these two will win in my book.

5. What are your thoughts on the fact that the X-Division seems to have fallen flat since Aries departure. This month, there was no build for the match between Zema and Dutt

DK- I hate that the X Division has flatlined. I liked the Destination X tournament, and they probably should have held on to many of those guys. They also should have build this match because of what happened at Destination X. Either way, I'd like to see some X Division undercard matches, number contender matches, etc. I'd like more backstage segments involving them. I feel TNA doesn't know how to spread the focus around enough. Aces & Eights is good, but it can't be the only thing and that's where they seem to be stuck right now.

Bear- So quickly little update. I got back into TNA big time probably around May. So at the time, Aries was the X-Division champ. I thought the X-Division was great. Then you get Zema Ion who becomes champ, and to me the guy is entertaining. Now I get that the main focus going into Bound For Glory is A & 8's, and the BFG series, but there has been no love for the X-Division. People moan about the WWE not building up matches, or throwing in last minute ones, here you have a match that has been booked for a while, and we haven't heard or seen from Dutt or Zema in a bit. Sad...just sad.

6. Winners and Losers for WWE and TNA

DK- WWE co-winners are Kane and Daniel Bryan. After seeing all the talk about the Anger Management, I watched the segments, and the Hug It Out, which led to the fight. Those two are awesome. Loser has to be Santino. However, it could be good. The Cobra thing could lead to a change for Santino. Or it could just continue to be lame. TNA winner is Magnus. He was making him presence known with both Joe and RVD (which leads to Sunday's match). Loser Joey Ryan. It pains me to say it but his second chance opportunity leads to him crying about suing? Please TNA, don't make him a whiner.

Bear- WWE winner for me is Daniel Bryan. The anger management segment and hug it out was golden. The loser had to be the fans for me. Here is why. We were suppose to get Punk vs Sheamus on Raw, and instead, we got Swagger vs Sheamus. Now i know they didn't announce this a week in advance or anything, but it would be like at the start of Raw, announcing we are going to have The Rock vs CM Punk, and instead, we get The Rock vs Heath Slater. I felt shorted in that instance with Sheamus/Swagger big time, and I'm sure others did too. For TNA, the winner has to be Jeff Hardy. The booking of Hardy beating Joe with a submission really surprised me, and I'm glad Hardy's in the semi finals at the PPV. The loser would be Austin Aries for another week for me. The backstage skits with Mike from NY just bored me, and I think there is better uses for the champ than torturing someone.

Ok guys, so here is some news. For the time being, this will be the last Break It Down. DK and I haven't gotten as much interaction on this blog from readers as we had hoped, and DK is busy with school. For those who read my Uncooked series, they will be back in 3 weeks, and i am also looking into starting a new series so keep an eye out! Until then....we've just got 1 question for ya....

Are you ready!?

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