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Feuds I would like to see in TNA

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I was thinking to myself today wouldn't it be cool to see this feud or that feud in TNA. I though of a whole load of feud I would like to see. So I am going to list then for you today on this blog. Tell me which ones you like and some you would like to see.

Tag teams

‚Äč OK so let's do this in divisions where better to start than the Tag Team division. I only thought of one for this division.

Chavo and Hernandez vs Kurt Angle and Aj styles

This is less of a feud than a series of matches between two face teams. This will only happen if AJ and Angle stay together which if there is nothing better to do with them is a good idea. Hernandez may be the odd one out but I can see him working well with Angle in the ring.

I though of two for the Knockouts Division, we know that it's not hard for them to be better than the Divas but I think the Knockouts need to be best in the world.

Gail Kim Vs Mickie James -
I know it's been done before but this is great for filling time Mickies heel turn was put off after Velvet left so I see the normal Heel Gail vs Mickie face putting on two or three good matches

Gail Kim Vs Tara -
These two are almost veterans now and I think they have good chemistry together.

X division
I though of 4 feuds for the x divisions all are based on the guys putting on good matches not promos. -

Zema Ion Vs Mark Haskins -

If TNA use this guy these guys could on some great matches lots of big spots and high flying with Zema as the heel.

RVD vs Zema Ion -

I think putting RVD in the X division is the best idea for him . Putting over talent is really the best idea for Rob now IMO. Again Zema would be used as heel. I see Zema really being a consistent heel in the X division in 2013.

Chris Sabin Vs Kaz -

There matches back in the day were so good I don't remember much of TNA until like 2007 but one of the things I really do remember is these matches. Of course Sabin has to come back first but hopefully he decides to stay in TNA so we can see these guys go at in now more mature and with more experience under there belts.

Kaz Vs Chris Sabin Vs Sonjay Dutt Vs Zema Ion -

Basically this Match would be worked over 6 months . First Sabin would feud with zema, then with kaz. After sabin puts kaz over Kaz would face dutt after he defeated Ion in a no 1 # match.

This will all climax in a ultimate x match with Kaz starting as champion.

None title matches
I have a lot of these so I will list the feuds I would like to see but unlike other feuds I won't describe why I think it would be good.

James Storm Vs Daniels

Aries Vs Styles

Angle Vs Aries

Samoa Joe Vs Storm

Hardy Vs Aries

Sabin Vs Anderson

Sabin Vs styles

Joe Vs Styles Vs Sabin Vs Aries

World title
So World title is the last one obviously. I have three feuds on this one and these would all be stretched out over like three months and the first one may or may not shock you.

Sabin Vs Joe -
So yeah you will be shocked by this one if you don't feel Sabin is good enough to main event. But Before he was in the guns he was a really good singles wrestler and now like 5-6 years later surely He is good enough to be in some matches. Maybe he doesn't need to win the title but winning it could really be what he deserves.

Joe Vs Aries - This one may stem from the BFG series and I just think it could produce some really good matches. remember there match from slammaversairy ? This would be like that but longer and more important.

Bully Ray Vs aries - Another that could stem from the BFG series and I believe except from Storm Vs Aries is the only other possibility (I don't see Hardy winning it ) . This wouldn't be the best of matches but If bully wins the title it would earned.

So thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed it . Sorry if I misspelled stuff or some stuff didn't make sense. Please leave your opinions below

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Alot of decent choices. I would really like to see RVD vs Zema, if RVD really puts himself into the match. Good blog!
  2. Rockstar83's Avatar
    Didnt Bully Ray almost comeclose to win the BFG Series last year with Roode aswell?
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Good feuds...I want to see kenny King vs Kaz or Daniels...that will elevate Kenny to good heights...

    then, Kenny vs Sonjay Dutt as well...

    I also want, Chavo Vs Daniels/Styles/Angle/Joe/Kaz/ least in a one of match....
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    The thing is they are treating Sonjay Dutt as X-Div veteran n are using him to put over Zema Ion....but, he's just 30yrs old n has never become X-Div champion himself..I want to see him in at least one decent reign...

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