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The Way I See It - No Surrender

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Hey, guys. I've been trying to post my blog once a week. My reads and comments have declined sharply, so that must mean my blogs are starting to suck. I'm not fazed because I enjoy writing them. So, I'm back once again and this time, my topic remains TNA, but I'm going to touch on No Surrender, as well as a few other random tidbits. I'm going to start with my predictions for the event. I hope you enjoy:


RVD vs. MagnusIt appears TNA is going back and forth on Magnus. One moment, it looks like they want to push the guy, while other times they have nothing for him. I liked how they orchestrated this match. There's not much build behind it, but the way Magnus intruded when RVD was trying to give an interview was awesome. However, as much as I want Magnus to win, I think RVD is going to pull this one out. TNA, for some reason or another, cannot manage to pull the trigger on Magnus.


X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion © vs. Sonjay Dutt

I didn't catch the entire episode of Impact this week, but did they even touch on this match or was it randomly added to the card? Either way, I'm sure both of these guys are going to put on a great match with various high spots throughout. In the end, however, Zema Ion is going to retain. I think TNA is hoping Jesse Sorensen will be ready in time for a match against Ion at Bound for Glory, so they are definitely going to keep the belt on Ion.

WINNER: Zema Ion

Knockouts Title Match: Miss Tessmacher © vs. Tara

For the first time in a while, I'm intrigued by something TNA is doing with the Knockouts' division. It may just be me, but I'm tired of the same four or five women that are constantly showcased in the division. It's grown incredibly stale and while the wrestling is still a million times better than the women of WWE, something needs to happen or change to bring interest back to the division. I think Miss Tessmacher retains, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tara attacked her after the match or something, perhaps setting up another battle between the two at Bound for Glory.

Oh, and is just me, or does Miss Tessmacher remind anyone of the Crimson Chin from The Fairly OddParents?

WINNER: Miss Tessmacher

Tag Team Title Match: Daniels and Kazarian © vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

I am not interested in this match at all. The first reason is we've seen these two teams go at it multiple times over the past couple of months. The second reason is I don't like Kurt Angle and AJ Styles as a team. They should not win this match because there's no reason for them to do so. They were thrown together to give both men something to do at the show. I'm going with Daniels/Kaz, although Styles needs to get his pound of flesh in this match so their feud can end.

WINNER: Daniels and Kazarian

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

And now we get to some of the good matches! I missed the battle between these two men on Impact, but from what I hear, they were awesome. I think they are going to put on one hell of a match at the pay-per-view. And while I wouldn't mind either man winning this match, I'm going to go with Samoa Joe. TNA has done a good job re-establishing him as a real main-event caliber talent throughout the BFG Series. They need to capitalize on that and keep his momentum going forward.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal Match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray signed a new contract with TNA and that makes me a very, very happy man. He's the best heel in professional wrestling (stretch), but definitely the best heel in TNA. As for James Storm, I feel like he's lost a lot of momentum over the past month or so. When he first came back, TNA was pushing him like a mad man, but they've kind of dialed back on it a bit. Even with that said, I think James Storm is going to beat Bully Ray, thus moving on to the next match, challenging Samoa Joe for the number one contender's spot.

WINNER: James Storm

Bound For Glory Series Final Match
- Joe vs. Storm

I think Bobby Roode is going to return to TNA television and one way or another, he's going to cost Storm in this match. Why would he do it? Just to be an asshole. It'll set up a Roode vs. Storm match for BFG and even though the belt isn't on the line, it'll have a lot of meaning to it since Roode cost Storm another opportunity to regain the championship. Thus, Samoa Joe is going to win and will face Austin Aries for the title at BFG.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

Austin Aries vs. The Big Guy From Aces and Eights

God, TNA. Why? I was going to make another section of this blog to rant on the Aces and Eights storyline, but I'll just do it here. The storyline, in my opinion, is no longer believable. It's kind of like the Saw film series, where the creators kept dragging it on and on and on to the point where they had to keep making up backstory to make everything make sense. The Aces and Eights storyline should have taken a different turn weeks ago, by revealing the leader, him stating his reason for doing so, and revealing the members of the group. Now? They're just pulling at straws. They are having interrogation sequences that are just silly. And now Aries is facing a man that isn't in shape and truthfully, I doubt they're going to put on a good match.

I don't know what is going to happen. The outcome doesn't need a winner or a loser, I think it's going to end in chaos. Hopefully, TNA uses this platform for the reveal, ending the show with Aces and Eights standing tall. Thus, they can use the next few weeks to set up some sort of major team-oriented match for BFG.



Well, there ya go. I think it may be more wishful thinking on my part when I say Samoa Joe is going to win the BFG Series. It may be Jeff Hardy instead, but I really think something is going to happen with Storm. He's not going to win, whether it's because of Roode or otherwise.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read. I'll be back soon with another edition of my blog.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    I agree with most of your predictions asides from RVD and the main event. I see Magnus winning, and I see Aries winning. Good blog. Keep it up
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I think Joe will end up facing Magnus at BFG. I see Storm vs Aries at BFG unfortunately. Much rather see Joe or Bully.

    Aries wins obviously.
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Dang you were so close to being direct on
  4. Delirious's Avatar
    I'm not sure if I would have chosen Jeff Hardy to win in hindsight, but I will say I predicted Samoa Joe to win based on what I want to see. Wishful thinking, I guess.

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