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Rick Starr

The Splash: Who Should Defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania

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Who should Defeat The Undertaker

In my last blog, I talked about the possibility of Brock Lesnar facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. I also stated that IF that match happened, I could not see the Undertaker defeating Lesnar, for the simple fact it would not be believable. I also stated that Lesnar was not worthy of defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania at WrestleMania, for the simple fact, that he has been gone from the business for so long, and has done so little since he has been back.

So who do I think should defeat the Undertaker? Well the answer is not that hard. It has to be someone who has already started to make a name for him, and will be a major player in years to come. People like CM Punk, and John Cena are already major players, thus do not need this feather in their caps. Don’t get wrong, to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania, is a huge honor and it should not be taken lightly! I made a list of 5 WWE superstars of who I think are at a crossroads from superstar to megastar.

5. Cody Rhodes
It’s been a rocky year for Cody Rhodes. I still believe that if he can pull it together, he could very well be one of the leaders of the WWE in several years to come. At this stage of the game, I really don’t see Cody taking on or even defeating the Undertaker. If Cody got pushed for another year, he MIGHT be ready for WrestleMania30…but I really hope Taker is retired by then.

Don’t get me wrong, if Cody didn’t miss 2+ months of action this spring, and continued with the huge push, He just might have given The Taker a good match!

4. Alberto Del Rio
While some people do not care for his JBL/Eddie Guerrero type gimmick, I think it’s doing just fine for the moment. He has already gotten one WWE Title reign, and there’s no doubt he could pick one up in the near future.
But could he be the one to knock off the Dead Man? I certainly don’t think he has it in him to make the Undertaker tap out at this point in his career. I could definitely see a cheap distraction, from his ring announcer, followed up by quick rollup to get the 3 count.

Surely this is not something none of us want to see. But ask yourselves: Would you prefer The Undertaker to lose cleanly, or even a tap out after 20 victories at WrestleMania? Keep this in mind as I will be bringing this subject up again later...

3. Daniel Bryan
While Bryan is one of the smaller guys in the WWE, he is also one of the more technical sound wrestlers in the business today. He has also proven that he is not to be underestimated, as he has defended his World Title in a Triple Threat Cage Match against Mark Henry and The Big Show. Bryan is the first man on my list, has what it takes to defeat the Undertaker straight up at WrestleMania.

Do I think Bryan will make Taker tap out? Highly unlikely….More so I think the chances of me hitting Megabucks is more likely. Bryan is on a huge push right now, and someone like Bryan could use that Accolade for years to come. It would help his career the way it would help Chris Jericho’s Career when he defeated Steve Austin and The Rock to become the Undisputed WWF Champion at Vengeance in 2001.

2. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has impressed me over the past year and a half. In 2011 Ziggler not only appeared at most of the Raw & SmackDown shows, he worked at every PPV…Some of them he worked double matches. Ziggler didn’t stop there. Despite taking several loses, he has been known to take some of the bigger bumps in the WWE.

Now I’ll be honest, despite how much Ziggler has come along, I don’t the WWE actually giving him a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, never mind an actual victory over The Dead Man. Do I think he is worthy of the victory? Absolutely! Ziggler has what it takes to be a top named wrestler. All he needs is more time, and the right feud for fans to get behind him.

1. Sheamus

If there is anyone on this list that I think The Undertaker could pass the torch to with little or no regret, its Sheamus. Sheamus has the size, the strength, and a big enough fan base to make a solid match at WrestleMania 29!

However when you get down to it, I don’t think The Undertaker’s ego, is big enough to handle being defeated by any of the names mentioned. His character has always been larger than life, and now he has to look deep inside himself to let go of that character.

Final Thoughts
There were just two other WWE names that crossed my mind, but I felt for one reason or another was just too green for the opportunity. Ryback has impressed me, but the guy really needs to step it up and start facing some stiffer competition. Wade Barrett was one of my top contenders earlier this year, until he was injured.

At this point of the Splash, I would usually ask you who you would like to see defeat the Undertaker. However I have a different question for all of you. HOW do you think the Undertaker should be defeated at WrestleMania? A: A heel gets a cheap 3 count victory.(doesn’t matter how) B: A Straight up 3 count. C: The Undertaker Taps out. It doesn’t matter who he is facing. Let me know in your comments. Until next time Splashers…See you when I see you.-Rick Starr
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  1. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Did Kurt Angle hack DK Wrestling Savior's profile for revenge?
  2. vikingsman18's Avatar
    No one will beat the Streak. If some of the greatest superstars of all-time like Shawn Michaels, triple H and Kane can't beat the Streak, i'm supposed to believe somone like Rhodes or Sheamus will beat it? No way that would ever happen. When it comes to Lesnar, I don't want him anywhere near the Undertaker at WM.
  3. vikingsman18's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TRICK1042
    Sorry but if HBK didn't do it, no one should!
    Amen to that.
  4. BigMich1's Avatar
    The only way to end the streak would be a career vs career type of match with another hall of fame caliber wrestler getting a clean 3-count. That should be the ONLY way it's even considered, not to push a younger talent as has been suggested. I think Kane would be a great option for this, or the Rock since they have never faced off at 'Mania.
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