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The Deluxe Lounge: WWE RAW 9/3 Ratings Breakdown

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Time for your weekly dose of ratings and numbers. Brought to you in a way only The Deluxe Lounge can give you. Enjoy.

The September 3rd Labor Day edition of WWE RAW did a 2.83 cable rating with 4.19 million viewers. Compared to previous Labor Day shows, the 2011 show did a 2.99 rating, 2010 did a 3.00 rating, 2009 did a 3.83 rating with Bob Barker as guest host, 2008 did a 2.93 rating and 2007 did a 3.64 rating. Yikes! Okay, when I first read that, I won't lie. I was not surprised at the rating, knowing how subpar the show was overall and the fact that it was labor day, but it was still depressing to read. Let's take a look at what segments hurt the ratings the most.

CM Punk and Jerry Lawler brawling, and the conflict between Sheamus and CM Punk opened strong with a 2.90 quarter rating.
The hometown boy kicks the show off, as expected, and got a lot of eyes on the show early. Personally, the fact that the brawl took Jerry The Buffoon Lawler off commentary made me a happy kid. What made me even happier was seeing CM Punk put Sheamus in his place on the microphone. Did Sheamus really think he could out-promo CM Punk -- in his OWN HOME TOWN? Well, if he did, he realized quickly that exchanging words with the master of the PIPEPOMB was idiotic, if not, career suicidal.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton gained 25,000 viewers while the tag match with Tensai and Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara lost 175,000 viewers. Ziggler vs. Randy Orton was a pretty damn good match. Ziggler winning, yes by use of a dirty tactic, was a nice surprise and a much needed victory for Mr. Money In The Bank. Hook or crook, a victory is a victory. Hopefully they get one last match to blow things off. On the other hand, seeing the newly formed team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio lose views does kind of suck to read. Then again, the match really was not all that special. So can I really blame viewers for tuning out? Nope.

The second anger management skit and the other segment with Punk and Sheamus gained 370,000 viewers at the 9pm timeslot. I love the anger management skits. They are by far some of the most hilarious, attitude-esque, segments we have gotten in a while. Both Daniel Bryan and Kane killed, especially on the "trust" activity when they both DROPPED Harold. I hope this leads to them having a tag team in the future.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger and Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres lost 85,000 viewers. Sheamus, once again, losing viewers. Just goes to show you how lacking he is as a champion. Granted, he faced Jack Swagger and they did impede on the entertainment value, but that is no excuse for drawing power. Why even put Sheamus against Swagger to begin with? What's Drew McIntyre doing? What's Michael McGillicutty doing? Someone explain that one to me. Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres was not really all that great of a match either, but it was still decent. Viewers tuning out is no surprise.

The final anger management skit with Kane and Daniel Bryan arguing lost 310,000 viewers. Whoa! Now THIS is a surprise. I saw nothing wrong with the segment itself; in fact, I thought it was funny seeing the anger management instructor lose his cool because of the bickering between Bryan and Kane. Maybe fans started to get tired of the storyline. Or maybe fans lost interest from sitting through a three hour show. So many factors could be the result of this.

Jinder Mahal vs. Ryback gained 243,000 viewers.
THE RYBACK gets unleashed and he brings eyes back to the product. A nice gain in views for Mr. Feed Me More.

Kane and Bryan hugging at the top of the 10pm hour lost 55,000 viewers for a 3.02 quarter rating. Hahahaha! I'm not at all surprised that people tuned out. Honestly, I'm shocked that they didn't lose more. I expected wrestling purest from all over to be shitting on this segment. Lance Storm was not ashamed of vocalizing his thoughts on twitter. Now, to be frank, I liked the segment. Why? Because it was FUN! Not everything has to be so serious in wrestling all the time. I'm happy the fans chose this and I'm happy we ACTUALLY got it. I even liked the brawl afterwards. But anyways, I whole-heartedly understand why people lost interest.

Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title and Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder lost 591,000 viewers and did a 2.53 quarter rating.
Geeeez. Well, now we know why RAW did so badly. That is the lowest rating we have gotten ALL year and, sadly, the show never recovered from it until the very end. In case you guys have not picked it up, the third hour seems to have a recurring theme of losing HUGE chunks of viewers. Its obvious to see fans get exausted mentally by the third hour, and can you blame them? When all you're getting is random, pointless, matches involving wrestlers who BARELY get showcased with hardly any storylines or TV time to make themselves relevant, what would you do? Not a good number, at all. Hopefully, WWE does what is necessary to change that.

The segment with Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee gained 238,000 viewers while the Falls Count Anywhere Match with John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio gained 442,000 viewers for a 2.99 overrun rating.
AJ Lee continues to reign in consistent draws when it comes to viewers. Her mental breakdown was one of the highlights of the show, I'll admit, and the storyline is interesting as well. The match between Cena and Del Rio was decent enough, and it did get a lot of viewers back. And then, of course, the shocking end where CM Punk attacks Cena and he drives off in his car -- with Paul Heyman at the wheel. For a show that had a horrible third hour, the shocking revelation of Punk and Heyman joining forces created an amazing cliffhanger that salvaged the last hour. I know I'm excited about next week. Are you?

Well, there you have it. Certainly, not one of WWE's best 3-hour shows. Entertainment value was a lot higher than last week's for sure, I'll say that. Its a shame that does not always come out in the numbers. Anyways, thank you for reading. Here is the video out of the week:

See you next week for the RAW Go-Home Show to Night of champions 2012.

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  1. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    love this! keep it up
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I get tried on the 3 hour to i'm like "holy shit just fucking end" and Sheamus vs Jack come on there's not much people who could of made people stay to watch Jack.
  3. JoeyClay's Avatar
    I would give them till, the end of the year to give up on the three hour thing.

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