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Why I want Samoa Joe to face Austin Aries at Bound For Glory

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Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries for the TNA World title is the match I really want to see at Bound For Glory this year. To some, this may be just another main event match for the TNA World title but to me, this can mean so much more and can be one of the best feuds they've produced aside from the Aces and Eights vs TNA angle. They have a lot of history with each other and both can easily work a fantastic match with each other. If this match doesn't happen at Bound For Glory, I'll still be okay but a feud between them at Bound For Glory will be amazing! There is an interesting reason behind them feuding which struck me earlier when watching tonight's Impact and here's why:

Think about this for a second. From 2010-2011, Samoa Joe had taken a backseat and was playing second fiddle even though he is one of the most top-notch wrestlers in professional wrestling today. In 2010, He failed to capture the TNA World title from AJ Styles at All Against The Odds, got beat cleanly by Orlando Jordan, and even got kidnapped by masked men. Nothing seemed to be going for him back in 2010. When he was in the 2011 Bound For Glory series, he had a disgusting win/loss record and thought TNA management had something against him so he would intentionally attack the other wrestlers involved in the Bound For Glory series to make his presence felt. Samoa Joe defeated Matt Morgan via submission to end his losing streak which wasn't really enough to save him from elimination but it looked like things were going to get better for Joe but he then loses in a Triple Threat match at Bound For Glory time against Crimson and Matt Morgan with Crimson being the winner. To say Samoa Joe was underutilized in 2010 and 2011 is an understatement.

But look at Samoa Joe's status in 2012. He gets put in a pretty solid tag team with Magnus, they go on the capture the TNA tag team titles, he puts on a solid X-Division match against Austin Aries even though he lost the match, and is now doing great in the 2012 Bound For Glory series than last year by far. Not to mention him and Magnus capturing the GHC tag team titles in Pro Wrestling Noah.

Altough Samoa Joe has been on a role so far, it isn't nearly as impressive as Austin Aries' run in TNA. From 2011 through 2012, Austin Aries became the breakout star in TNA when he captured the X-Division title and wasn't even defeated for it. He vacated the X-Division title to get a shot at the TNA World title at Destination X. Austin Aries would solify himself as a TNA main eventer when he beat Bobby Roode to capture the TNA World title and also beat Roode to retain his TNA World title at Hardcore Justice.

Doesn't that kinda resemble Samoa Joe's first run in TNA? Samoa Joe's first run in TNA was him being ruthless and dominant, capturing the TNA X-Division title while being undefeated in pinfall and submissions, and being one of the hottest commodities in TNA. Everyone deemed Samoa Joe as the next biggest thing in TNA. Austin Aries is something Samoa Joe was during 2005-2006 which was a rising X-Division star who would evenually get his big break in the main event scene.

Take a look at this video:
I see this video as planting the seeds between the two with pure fire and emotion put into this promo. This video was basically about Austin Aries being the face of the X-Division with Samoa Joe wanting to be the one to take away Aries' spotlight and capture the X-Division title so that Samoa Joe can go back to being the face of the X-Division like his first run with the X-Division title. Austin Aries beat Samoa Joe at Slammiversary 2012 to retain his X-Division title, proving that he was indeed the best X-Division wrestler at the time. Use that same format for their feud for the TNA World title with a little bit of tweaks to it and bam, you have a money feud right there.

That's what TNA can capitalize on with a possible feud between the two. This feud can be built around Samoa Joe trying to be what he used to be which was more dominant and hugnry and Austin Aries doing everything he can to keep his hot-streak as the current TNA World champion. It would be great if Samoa Joe cut a promo on Austin Aries, telling him that hes all hype and that at Bound For Glory, Samoa Joe will be the one to capture the TNA World title and go back to being undefeated while Austin Aries fades into mediocrity. It will also be great if Samoa Joe cut a promo talking about him needing to win against Austin Aries in order to make up for his struggles in 2010 and 2011 and a TNA World title win will get him back into the spotlight. It's similar to Austin's promo to The Rock before their Wrestlemania 17 match where Austin said he needed to win in order to be the top dog again after returning from neck surgery.

Also, think about this for a minute. Samoa Joe hasn't won a match at Bound For Glory since 2007. This gives us an interesting question which is "Can Samoa Joe break this losing cyle? Will Bound For Glory 2012 be his night in glory or will he lose at Bound For Glory for the 5th time?" It's a question that will make for a compelling and an emotional match.

There's no question that these guys will give us one of, scratch that, THE best match of the year. Both guys are phenomenal in the ring and if given the chance, they can easily top their match at Final Battle 2004. That's why I'm hoping Samoa Joe wins the rest of the Bound For Glory series at No Surrender and we finally get the match most people will want to see at Bound For Glory.

Whether who wins between Samoa Joe or Austin Aries, it doesn't necessarily matter because whoever wins will be a great outcome either way but I would go with Samoa Joe capturing the TNA World title and hitting Austin Aries with it afterward but that's just me personally. I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking, "Well isn't that the same finish as the Rock/Austin match at Wrestlemania 17?" While true, it can also work in a scenario like this. Especially since this gives us a chance to see a continuation of this feud and puts Samoa Joe in a top spot which is something he hasn't been in a very long time so it'll work in this case.

Like I said, if this match doesn't happen at Bound For Glory and they have other plans for Samoa Joe like a feud with Magnus, cool beans, but this match is something I've been waiting to see at Bound For Glory ever since Samoa Joe was dominating the Bound For Glory and right now, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks for reading guys. Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Hmm... So since Joe tapped and he's a Samoan Submission Machine means that the promotion is crap. So story continuity means nothing to you as a fan? The fact that it was an unexpected twist (which isn't that what the BFG series is about anyway?) that added to the mystery of how injured his arm is, means nothing. The fact that Joe was staying true to the story built with Magnus' attack and chair shot on the arm isn’t what a wrestler should do if they’re a submission wrestler? Hell he sold the injury before even stepping into the ring with the tape and guarding of the arm/elbow. For fuck sakes, they even sold the story further with Magnus attacking Joe post match...

    But because a guy tapped out to change the BFG standings around with a last ditch effort to get in, you are going to quit watching the show... Wow, I thought I was an overly critical wrestling fan, but never mind with that. Also, let me point something out, just in case no one has mentioned it - Anderson finished with 47 points and 12 matches. Had Jeff won via pinfall, his score would be 56 with 13 (complete schedule) matches. Hence, the argument could be made to get Anderson his extra match that he didn't get (due to Popes injury) and have another shot to be in the final four, eliminating Hardy; with a submission win, Hardy prevented that argument from being brought up by the IWC. Now say Hardy won via Swanton; with the PPV coming up, when would they have had this match? Also, with who because everyone else had 13 matches (including Robbie E) except Anderson and Pope. But I guess I just pay too much attention to detail, right? So I guess I should quit watching too since a High Flyer submitted an injured Submission wrestler.
    Can't put better than u bro..well said!!!

    You hit the nail on the head DRG. I actually liked Jeff Hardy winning via submission since it was something you wouldn't expect from him. Plus, it made sense since he needed more points to catch up in the series. I quite liked it.
    True...something which u won't expect from Jeff hardy..btw, in the previous match..even AJ (another phenominal hi flyer) also tried to make Joe tap out..because he wanted more points...that's what BFG is giving us...great excitement...
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Samoa Joe Vs Austin Aries for TNA Title. I would watch that. But since we are really talking about this...we allknow James Storm is FIXED to win this and some how win the World Title and feud with Aces & Eights. And plus they are going to put him with
    Initially even I thought Storm is going to win it..but, when Roode dropped the title...TNA had actually opened the scene...

    with A&E, it has opened a pandora box..n all of those semi finalists can win the series believably n can have a match with Aeries....n the rest of them will be involved with A&Es....
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