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Worst Moments in TNA Bound For Glory

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For those who don't watch TNA, (BFG) Bound For Glory is the biggest event for TNA. Basically stating it is there Wrestlemania. Obviously not claiming it is better than Wrestlemania by any means, but to give it some hype leading up to the ppv that comes in October, I'll be making some blogs of the best and worst moments in the ppvs history. Obviously, every ppv including Wrestlemania and Bound For Glory has its share of good and bad moments. For this blog, I'll get the bad stuff out of the way. Here is in my opinion the top 10 worst moments in the history of TNA's Bound For Glory:

10.Orlando Jordan makes BFG debut 10-Jordan is probably the worst TNA acquistion in the history of TNA. One could argue if it was worse than the Nasty Boyz, but it is a close race here. Him just being on the ppv and part of the history of BFG using the gimmick he used that offended a lot of fans is shameful.
9.Reverse battle royal BFG 07-Do I need to explain why it is on this list?
8.Morgan gets push vs Angle BFG 09-Everyone began to talk about how good Morgan was going to be after his matches with Angle. Never ever lived up to that. What a waste of use for Kurt to face him at BFG. You'd think his mic skills would have improved, but obviously it hasn't. Talking about going to WWE, he won't have half the success he has had in TNA there. If not for his size, he wouldn't even have a job.
7.Bobby Lashley misuse BFG 09-Lashley comes in basically making 0 impact on TNA. There enough for a cup of coffee because he thought like Dixie he could do MMA and wrestling which they figured out wasn't possible. You have him face Joe rather than the guy we all wanted him to face aka Kurt Angle. Dream match we waited to see for years and never got to see it. Shame to misuse him like that. At the time, I shrugged and said they may be saving it for next year, but Lashley left basically the same time Hogan joined in January of 2010. Give us dream matches for the biggest show, not just throw ins so Joe can be on the ppv. I mean seriously, Lashley vs Angle or the two forgettable matches they had in 09?
6."they" are here BFG 10-Some liked it while others didn't. Obviously I didn't like the whole "they" storyline especially when they were revealed. "They" ended up being a bunch of old bums who ended up leading the group rather than continue to have Abyss do the job. I thought it would be a bunch of young guy with Abyss leading the way. Unfortunately Hogan needed that spotlight and even got a DVD for the faction. If any group in TNA needed a DVD, I'd say it was the MEM or any group besides "they"/Legacy.
5.Garrett Bischoff vs Eric Bischoff storyline begins BFG 11-A rematch of match everyone wanted to see in 97 on WCWs biggest show happened at BFG 11. Sting vs Hogan w/Garrett Bischoff as the ref with all the odds stacked against Sting. Sting still beat the odds and left with a victory with Hogan turning on Bischoff. All it took was a beating from Sting for Hogan to regain his sense. That night it began a storyline that I despised being tortured with Garrett Bischoff receiving praise believing us fans will get behind him. Good thing it was taped than because I heard they had to edit out the booing for goodness sake. They know better than to put him on Live TV.
4.AJ vs Daniels again BFG 11-I don't believe there is a wrestler who has ridden another wrestlers coattails as Daniels has done with AJ. Is that the only way he can keep a job? He is still fueding with him as we speak for goodness sake. It is torturous to me and Claire just made it worse. They did have a great Iron Man match in 05 for the X-Division championship. They did make a great tag team as well in 06. However, can Daniels work with anyone else. I'll be, as soon as AJ won the title in 09, he had to face Daniels in 2 straight ppv matches. Daniels needs to let go of 2005 and move on. Same goes for the stupid writers who have no idea how to use him. No more AJ vs Daniel fueds. Us fans have had enough of it.
3.Beginning of the downfall for Samoa Joe BFG 08-Some out there argue that Joe should have defeated Sting at BFG which was the night MEM formed. It seemed like just the beginning of the end. I don't even believe Joe got a rematch vs Sting for the title after that. AJ vs Sting was on the next ppv main event card while Joe faced Nash of all people. Yea I'd rather face Nash than get my rematch for the world title. When did the downfall get the icing on the cake? Slammiversary of 09 when he joined MEM which didn't make a lot of sense. He began fighting for the X-Division title and never recovered. Front Line was thin to begin with, losing Joe was a big mistake. He is still recovering 3-4 years later.
2.Roode loses BFG 11-Don't believe many can argue that was a mistake. Instead of crowning him champion on a big stage, how about just give it away on free TV. Shouldn't the big moments happen on the biggest ppv? Hogan's argument is that if he won he'd have no one to face. He could have a rematch with Angle on Impact or next ppv. Give his partner Storm a shot at the title and turn heel by cheating to keep the title. Roode didn't need to be a heel to win the championship to be a heel later on. Look at Punk for goodness sake. I'm sure the fans would have booed if he screwed over his partner to keep the title by using a beer bottle. Just like how they booed when he did it on Impact.
1.Nash doesn't make BFG 05-First BFG in the history of TNA w/main event hype surrounding Nash vs Jarrett. Instead, get Rhino vs Jarrett w/Rhino leaving as the world champion. Scratching your head after that one. You could argue Roode losing was the worst, but to start off TNA's biggest event without its advertised main event match was a bit of a blow to start it off. You can only make 1 first impression. Didn't start off that well even though still some regard it as the best BFG in the history of the ppv. Probably because the other matches on the card. For those wondering, Nash had chest pains the night before the event.

Get the worst out of the way to hype up TNA's biggest ppv which comes this October. The best will come next. Did I leave any bad moments out that should have made the list? Any moments from BFG I should consider in my top 10 best? Leave it in the comment section below. A reminder, this is my opinion. As I stated in this post, some liked "they" while I didn't. Same can be said for some of the other moments I've listed. Doubt my top 2 will be liked by many. In any case,thanks for reading.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. lewism173's Avatar
    I disagree with the roode one making storm win it then roode turn heel was great
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I'm with @lewism173, it started out a bad move, but as it progressed, it was genius. Credit to Hogan in an interview where he discussed it and said that this could be the start of something big.
  3. Michael Mcpherson's Avatar
    The Roode loss was absolute gold. That moment defined TNA's story for the entire year. He climbed the mountain did everything right and still came up short. I was at a loss for words after watching the match. The silence watching him sit there in shock made the heel turn perfect. It made you buy the heel turn that was to come and gave an inside look to his motivation that is seldom found in the sport. With the build up and his build up you wanted him to win he didn't just loose that match we all did.
  4. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Well I guess that makes 4 of us who disagree. I think having him win at BFG is what everyone was expecting. It set up for a perfect heel turn and he still ended up with a good title run.
  5. alcrissam's Avatar
    @Michael Cobb; 5 of us, and i think everyone disagrees, but hey its his view ill respect it.

    I read this list about 10 times, the stuff that happens at BFG is hilarious. Great list ahaha
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    I agree with ur list..except two things...

    1. AJ vs Daniels...I would love to see AJ vs Daniel even a thousandth time than Hogan/Flair bull shit they have shoved on us for past few years...n btw the match was a good one

    2. Roode's defeat..because it gave us a great heel later on... (btw, I'm the sixth ONE..:P)
  7. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I get why you have Roode losing at BFG as one of the worst moments because when you're building for the biggest PPV of the year usually that's when the big thing happens. It did come as a huge shock that Roode lost though so I give them credit for that and where they took his character after.

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