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A Brief insight of Wrestling in other cultures

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Wait. What's this? Lovable boy band enthusiast HolyJose writing a blog?! Well yeah. I've always wanted to write a blog for the forums and well here it goes you can tell me how much it sucks in the comments .

What I want to discuss is this. Is wrestling dead in the US or is just in a rut? Well let's take a look at other countries and how they view wrestling.

To the neighbors up north in Canada! Canada has some of the best wrestlers to come out from that frozen tundra. I kid it's a beautiful country but still QUICK NAME A CANADIAN WRESTLER NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE HARTS! and I'm sure you can make a huge list too. Edge and Cristian come to mind. Up there wrestling is viewed kind of like in the US but they have a slightly bigger following from what I've seen and are more technical based than showcase which isn't bad at all. I surely do love it when it's based on skill than flashy moves.

Speaking of flashy let's go down to Mexico. Lucha Libre is an essential part of Mexican culture. While it's more flashy and showoff it shows the talent and skill needed to make it in the business. It takes some 'cajones' to do some of the crazy high flying maneuvers done by them. Mexico loves their wrestling too. Their own masked wrestlers have movies and comic books. Let's not forget the dedication to the la mascara. It's a sacred symbol and viewed as the life and tradition of Lucha Libre. The masked isn't picked up but earned and that shows the love and respect those stars have for the business they're in and always go out of their way to entertain the fans.

Moving on across the pond to Europe. Wrestling is more of an indy scene over there but when a major promotion comes through you better believe those fans are vocal. I remember watching TNA go to England and those fans went crazy and that's the atmosphere you want. Now wrestling over there like in Canada and Japan (who I'll get too) is technical and brawling based. Some of the best brawlers in the WWE I've seen come from England. They're fans love wrestling and go to local shows to give their support. From what I've seen and read online.

Up next Japan. Japan is the mecca of wrestling in my eyes. You want to succeed in wrestling then Japan is the place to do it. WWE is the fame but Japan is the glory and respect for the business. No matter where in Japan wrestling is a sport and they treat it as such. Press conferences, tabloid magazines the works go into their promotions. NOAH, NJPW, Dragon Gate, Pro Wrestling Zero1 to name a few mix other martial arts and wrestling into not only a spectacle but also a true form of technical skill. The fans in Japan show their respect by being silent. Appreciating the art form that is Professional Wrestling. No fans love their wrestling more than the Japanese and rightfully so they treat it with dignity and respect. Sure they know the staged aspect but they understand who the hell cares. They see the art form that it is and respect it as such.

Now to the US. The quintessential phrase said from someone when you tell them you watch wrestling "You know that's fake right?" ah how annoying that is. I feel like this is partially the reason people in the US don't watch or don't admit to watching wrestling unless you're a kid in elementary school. There is a fine line between staged and faked. I mean I dare ANYBODY to go do a 20 foot drop from a ladder and fake it. It can't be done. These guys put their bodies on the line. Wrestling the US has always had it's ups and downs. Is wrestling in the US dead? No. Will it ever die? Again No. It's like the economy. It has it's ups and it's downs it's how you go through it and change it up that brings you out of the rut. Many media personalities are endorsing WWE and it's a good outlet but at the same time can anything be done? I don't think so. The WWE right now is marketing to the next generation with PG that generation will grow up just as we have with a love of wrestling. Look into other promotions and other countries and come back and watch The 'E and in it bringing a more stabilized WWE.

Well that's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed my view on wrestling in other cultures. I hope to write more blogs down the line. Varying in different topics. Leave a comment. Let me know what to do better in the future to better improve my next few blogs.

HolyJose is out!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -See I like this blog because it's not covering the same usual topics that other people seem persistent to bang on about.
    -Good blog man, I enjoyed this.
  2. HolyJose2391's Avatar
    Wow 323 views! And thanks Akbar
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Great blog 49 more and you can catch up to me.
  4. christianfan's Avatar
    great blog.
    IMO the best company in USA is PWG.
    And Japan has the best wrestlers and promotions.
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Almost at 1000 views! Go ninja, GO!

    I love the direction you took this. The major players outside the US base of Pro Wrestling were covered. I'd like to give mention to the Indian and Australian fans as well, but I give you props for highlighting the major 4 we (Americans) think of when we think of "outside the States". And I love the point you made about Japan and wrestling. I think they are by far some of the best fans who truly understand what Pro Wrestling is as an Art.

    Great first blog, regardless of the amount of views it has. I look forward to Vol. 2
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of blogging. 1500, and you're a star. Interesting topic and a great way to enlighten us. Props to you man. Good read.
  7. HolyJose2391's Avatar
    Holyshit over 1700! Thank you all

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