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WWE 13 tidbits: My thoughts

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Whelp, it's that time of the year again. With the upcoming WWE 13 being the talk of the town, I thought I talk about the latest news and tidbits of WWE 13. I'm going to give my thoughts on the confirmed roster, DLC, special guest referee being brought back, news about Create-An-Arena mode, THQ improving Community Creations, WWE Live + mid-air finishers, Predator Techology 2.0, and my thoughts on the Attitude Era mode. I will also touch briefly on the confired Universe Mode 3.0 and the things I want to be in it.

First, I will like to say that CM Punk being on this year's cover kicks major ass. Seriously, it's the best cover for a WWE game in YEARS!

WWE 13 roster thoughts
For those who haven't seen the confirmed roster or have been living under a rock (), click here. Honestly, I think the roster overall is amazing. The Attitude Era roster is great. No complaints about it really. Although I did want Rikishi and Too Cool to be in it but I can live with it. Especially since they gave us Ken Shamrock! As for the current roster, it's great as well. My only complaints is putting another Lita and JBL character model in the game when that spot could have easily gone to Tyson Kidd or Drew McIntyre but other than that, it's all good. Thuganomics John Cena being in the game is fucking awesome for me personally. I'm definitely going to have Thuganomics Cena feud with CM Punk in my storyline in Story Designer mode.

It's been confirmed that AJ Lee along with Damien Sandow will be a DLC. Plus, Cory Ledesma sent out a tweet saying that they plan on filling in the gaps in the roster through DLC so expect more current wrestlers and Attitude Era wrestlers to appear in the game. I'm assuming Ryback and Tensai will be apart of the DLC but I have no clue on what Attitude Era wrestlers will come with a DLC. Val Venis and Steve Blackman maybe? One can hope.

Special guest referee
Man, I've missed this special guest referee matches so much. I have no clue as to why they took it out in the first place. Cory has confirmed that special guest referee matches will be playable in exhibition and online. This is great and it also shows that Cory Ledesma is listening to the fans since this has been requested for a LONG time. Great to see this being brought back and hopefully it's not going anywhere.

Create-An-Arena news
Okay guys, so the news about the Create-An-Arena is that you can finally edit the stage of your created arena. You can take out parts and add selected parts to your stage setting which freaking rules. Oh no but it doesn't just stop there. You can also edit the crowd, choose the size of the arena, and either have the option to have your created arena either indoors or outdoors. They are giving us so much creativity with this feature that it's unreal. This alone makes me want the game.

THQ improving Community Creations
So THQ said that they will ensure that there are no issues with Community Creations on the upcoming WWE 13. Lets hope so, because the issues with Community Creations in WWE 12 ruined the game for me. Community Creations is a big part of these games and it would be a shame if it has the same issues as WWE 12. I'm certain it won't though.

WWE Live + mid-air finishers
The mid-air finishers feature is pretty cool and I always wanted that to be in the game. Looking at the features, it looks great. The mid-air Codebreaker looks amazing. As for the new WWE Live feature, it's something that adds that realistic dynamic with the crowd sounding realistic and also the Spectacular Moments you can pull off, which by the way, looks incredible.

Predator Techology 2.0
THQ promises to give us a more fliud and fun gamming experience with the new Predator Techology 2.0 feature. This sounds great and all but I'm really hoping the game doesn't feel a little stiff and the controls are a lot smooth because the controls in WWE 12 were pretty horrible. Judging by the previews, it does look a lot more smoother and the new pinning system sounds good so that's a plus.

Attitude Era mode
With the Attitude Era mode, you basically relieve a time where WWE was fighting for ratings supremacy during the Monday Night Wars. You get to collect bonus arenas and Attitude Era wrestlers along with historic photos. Now I'm really excited for this (being a Sone Cold and Rock mark) and I'm gonna love playing through great storylines like the DX storyline, the Austin vs Mcmahon storyline, The Brothers of Destruction storyline, The Rock's storyline, along with Mankind's storyline. I would have loved playing through Bret Hart's storyline leading to the Montreal Screwjob though. I do hope it's nothing like the Road to Wrestlemania mode from last year's WWE 12, that's for sure.

Universe Mode 3.0
Universe 3.0 is back for it's third year and to be honest, I'm not excited for this at all. I tried getting into this mode but I just can't. It's pretty boring to me and I'm sure there aren't going to be any changes or added features to it. Maybe it's too early to say and I may be wrong which I hope. I would have loved to see GM mode brought back but it looks like that isn't happening so I'll just give Universe 3.0 another go. What I want is more cutscene and not repetitive ones like a wrestler buying a ticket to the event for no reason. I want these cutscenes to make SENSE for the built-up feuds and not just random cutscenes that we've seen for the 1000th time. I would also like it if there was a title history feature where we can keep track of the past title holders. If we get this, than I wouldn't complain about Universe Mode 3.0 that much. One more thing, please let us change the participants in the Money in the Bank match in Universe 3.0. That really takes the fun out of things when you can't even change who you want to be in the Money in the Bank match and I hope they give us that chance to do so.

Thanks for reading guys! Take care!

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    great roster, great customizing, but I keep putting off pre-ordering the damn thing -_-
  2. tweedidldum's Avatar
    2 thumbs down for the roster...
  3. hystrix's Avatar
    Good reveiw. I disagree about the roster. I'd rather have more guys that are active wrestlers. I'd also rather not have 3 HHHs and 3 Mick Foleys. Why can't they have ONE wrestler with three outfits? Seems like they are trying to inflate the roster size doing it this way...
  4. tweedidldum's Avatar
    Tensai and Ryback along with several others shoud have been in the game already...THQ yet again looking to the fans to pay for superstars who have been on the roster for awhile now and give you 3 different versions of other superstars that take up those slots.

    Wow...I know THQ is having financial difficulties but to stoop this low and have us pay for superstars who should clearly be part of the roster when the game is released is very low in my opinion and anyone who agrees with this should have their head examined.
  5. tweedidldum's Avatar
    Not to mention the piss poor character models
  6. Rockstar83's Avatar
    Steve Blackman for President!
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