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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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So i got the chance to watch last nights Raw live, and I wanted to take a moment to write one of my blogs. Now for those who read Break It Down, a blog that myself and DK Wrestling Savior write, where we discuss certain topics that come to mind, you'll know I said that my work was going to prevent me from writing this for a bit. While that is still true, this week was one of the weeks where I was still able to write it. So, let's get right into this weeks Raw!

The Bad
*Eve vs Kaitlyn
*Ryback vs Jinder
*Antonio Cesaro vs Santino
*AJ?Vickie vignette

Start off the night with Eve vs Kaitlyn in the bad section. Now, the one thing I did enjoy, but in the same breath I thought hurt this match, was the commentary. I mean, listening to Layla and Miz go back and forth was just funny and interesting, but I think it took the focus away from the match. In truth though, it didn't really matter as this match wasn't exciting or even that interesting. The one thing of note I took from this, I sense a Layla heel turn coming soon. Then we get Ryback vs Jinder. Now I know people are amazed by the Ryback power aspect of this, but let's look at it from this angle. If they are working Ryback to be the next big thing, then look at what would be his predecessor, John Cena. When Cena first came onto the scene, he had power, and was great on the mic. Ryback on the other hand, has just shown pure strength. Now i know, i know, it comes down to booking, but I just get this feeling he won't be stellar on the mic. Plus he has reached the point of needing a storyline. Now we get Antonio vs Santino. I know people were calling for the US title to mean more, and I'm sorry, but this feud isn't going to do it. I like Antonio, but he needs a meaningful feud. Book him against Kofi, or Christian, or Tyson Kidd even! Someone not comical! Finally would be the in ring segment between AJ and Vickie. Can anyone else say yawn? Maybe I'm the only one that thinks Vickie is to the point of needing a new star under her wing, something to freshen her up, and having her feud with AJ isn't going to do it.

The Indifferent
*Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes/Tensai
*Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
*Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater

First up would be Cara/Rey vs Rhodes/Tensai. Part of me thought this deserved to be in the bad, but, it was an interesting showing with Cara and Rey teaming up. My only problem is, Rhodes seems to be on a big time losing streak. When is the last time he actually won a match? Don't get me wrong, I like the feud with Sin Cara, but honestly, we all know it won't lead to Rhodes taking the mask off. Now we have Sheamus vs Swagger. What pissed me off is that I actually really want to see Sheamus vs Punk. The fact we got stuck with Swagger vs Sheamus was a shame. On the high note, hopefully the aftermath with Aj means Swagger is going somewhere storyline wise. Finally we get Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater. Am i the only one who thought "when did we circle into jobberville?" Don't get me wrong, Ryder is kind of interesting, and so is Slater, but this is the most random match up in recent times.

The Good
*Punk/Sheamus promo
*Ziggler vs Orton
*Anger Management/Kane/Bryan segment
*Cena vs ADR

First up is the Punk/Sheamus promo to kick Raw off. Now, first up I am glad that Lawler was not on commentary. It was refreshing seeing Miz. This promo with Punk and Sheamus to me, kick started Raw right. Then we get Ziggler vs Orton. Here is why i liked this match. We saw moves that we don't normally see from Orton, and before going to the first commercial break, I honestly believed the match was going to end by count out or something, with Orton ignoring the count, or Ziggler taking down Orton at the last second and then getting into the ring by 10. I'd give this match a 2.5/5 or 3/5. Then we get the Anger Management segments and Bryan/Kane in the ring. This is by far my favorite moments from Raw. I hope they do these anger management classes for a few more weeks, as I find it really funny, and the interaction with Kane and Bryan "hugging" it out on Raw as pure gold. Finally, we get ADR vs Cena. Now people may disagree with this being good. Hear me out. It wasn't a dull match, and had some interesting back and forth work. The ending to me was the best, add in Paul Heyman, and this was good easily!

I can't wait to see Raw next week, and see what happens. For a while I was starting to get bored with the WWE, but I don't know, last night kick started it for me again, so I am looking forward to where the WWE goes from here.

I look forward to any and all comments! Thanks for reading guys!

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  1. rhyno535's Avatar
    Just to give my thoughts. I myself actually watched the whole divas match. Sure i wanted to hear the Miz on commentary but it wasnt that bad but not good either, maybe average. Ryback and Jinder wasnt a match you could name good so i agree with you. Same with Cesaro vs Santino, remove Santino from any title picture and have guys that actually can wrestle. AJ and Vickie what can you say about it other than i myself agree with you.

    I dont know but i think Cole told us about why Slater vs Ryder was made as a match. Correct me if im wrong (i dont use twitter) but Slater and Ryder had a twitter feud that led to a match on Raw. To me its not that random. And as you said, Kane with Bryan is GOLD. The rest you listed as good was good and i hope we get this type of RAW in the upcoming weeks.

    I have started to watch attitude era from 2000 to 2001 and from what i have seen this weeks RAW was a little better than AE on the wrestling part but on promos AE where in another league.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Hey. It's good to see the One True Raw Review back. I have no idea why Break It Down hasn't posted yet. I'll try to find out. Anyway, my brother filled my phone with text messages last night, but for the first time since I denounced the WWE, I didn't tune in at any point. Between the text updates and your review, I get the idea and as it turns out, it seems I didn't miss much. But how bad is it when Raw was really not that great, but people are praising it up and down because there just hasn' t been anything good at all from WWE?

    Awesome Raw Review as always. I'll try to find out about Break It Down and we'll get working on this week's topics later in the week.

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