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WWE Promo's: Attitude Era

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What makes a good WWE promo video. Simple, 1. Drama by the bucketfull, 2. Music Selection, and 3. creative technique. Add in the secret ingredient, make even the non plussed fan completely excited to see the match.

I'm looking forward to my first blog. I like doing lists. I like them a lot. My favourite thing about WWE is definitely promo vid's, hell, I'm doing a film editing course and WWE vid's are the reason I'm pursuing it - I'm excited to get started.

So, if I'm doing my first blog, I couldn't think of a better subject to do it on. As I'm fonder of the attitude era than any other time in wrestling, I will dedicate this blog to that time. For the next I'm going to do best movies of the ruthless aggression era.

Just so you know, and you will see anyway, these are all vid's for big matches. If I was selecting from ad promo's, specific superstar promo's this would never get done.

Some of these are from feuds that were great (it was the attitude era) but not memorable in the grander scheme of things. So if I forget any let me know. You could easily make this a top 50 list. These are in no particular order so please send some suggestions.

Side note: I am just going to post the vid's, because the promo can tell the story of the feud better than I ever can. According to WWE, Attitude Era ended after WrestleMania X7, so that's the basis for this.



Stone Cold Steve Austin v Triple H - No Mercy 99

The Rock v Mankind - Royal Rumble 99 (My fave)

6 Man Hell In A Cell - Armageddon 2000

Stone Cold Steve Austin v Triple H - No Way Out 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin v Dude Love - Over the Edge 98

Undertaker v Kane - Wrestlemania XIV

Undertaker v Stone Cold Steve Austin - Fully Loaded 99

The Rock v Chris Benoit - Fully Loaded 2000

Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit - Judgment Day 2000

Stone Cold Steve Austin v The Rock - WrestleMania X7

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  1. ShaunieB's Avatar
    The Wrestlemania X7 promo is probably my favorite of all's just so good but every time I watch it I feel a need to watch the match!!
  2. Rob Stull's Avatar
    Very good blog. Short, sweet, and to the promos! One of my fav promos of all time will be Austin/Rock III

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